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White House escalates war with FOX News

In an astonishingly ill-conceived move, several key members of the Obama administration advanced the ongoing war of words with the FOX News Channel on Sunday.

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel told CNN that President Obama does not want "the CNNs and the others in the world [to] basically be led in following FOX."

Obama senior adviser David Axelrod went further by calling on media outlets to join the administration in declaring that FOX is "not a news organization."

"Other news organizations like yours ought not to treat them that way," Axelrod counseled ABC's George Stephanopoulos. "We're not going to treat them that way."

I cannot fathom what the reaction from the mainstream media would have been had George W. Bush directed a temper tantrum like this toward MSNBC. His administration endured a vile and brutal campaign against them by several news organizations and handled it with dignity befitting the Office of the Presidency.

The Obama White House had a chance to let their little dust-up with FNC die down. That would have been most prudent. After all, the FOX News prime-time audience is twice as large than all other cable news outlets combined. But in a stunning display of immaturity and lack of foresight, the administration's big guns go after the news organization they desperately need to enfold into their objectives. This is bound to have serious repercussions as they have simply directed a lot more otherwise disinterested folks over to FOX News.

Media columnist David Carr of the New York Times warned that the White House war on FOX "may present a genuine problem for Mr. Obama, who took great pains during the campaign to depict himself as being above the fray of over-heated partisan squabbling."

"While there is undoubtedly a visceral thrill in finally setting out after your antagonists, the history of administrations that have successfully taken on the media and won is shorter than this sentence," Carr wrote over the weekend. "So far, the only winner in this latest dispute seems to be FOX News. Ratings are up 20 percent this year."


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Comments (28)

Nixon appeared on televisio... (Below threshold)

Nixon appeared on television and said, "I am not a crook".

When you are a want to be d... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

When you are a want to be dictator you need all the media on your side. His director of communications stated they control the media. All except Fox. For Obama to Chavez America he must have the cooperation of information outlets or outright control. He must be removed from office.

The Odumbo regime is follow... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

The Odumbo regime is following the Hugo Chavez blueprint to the letter:Demonize any opponents in the media ,intimidate and eventually , shut down. We knew who these people were in the 2008 campaign.

Fox isn't a real news organ... (Below threshold)
wolf terner:

Fox isn't a real news organization and Obama isn't real presidential material.Next.

Thin skinned, no leadership... (Below threshold)

Thin skinned, no leadership skills and lack self confidence.
This administration going to need a diaper Czar.

ONE news organization cover... (Below threshold)

ONE news organization covers the stories the others ingore in lock-step.

ONE news oragnization gives opposing views a voice.

ONE news organization refuses to worship the devine presence that is our Dear Leader.

Thus that ONE new organization must be isolated, denigrated and destroyed. FoxNews IS a Center-Right organization. EVERY other organization is anywhere from Center-Left (CNN) to MOONBAT-Left (MSNBC). With NPR, PBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC somewhere in-between.

ONE. But that one vexes his highness sorely.

"So far, the only ... (Below threshold)
"So far, the only winner in this latest dispute seems to be FOX News. Ratings are up 20 percent this year."

So why is Obama, whom the liberal-left keeps telling us is the Smartest President Ever, taking this obviously self-defeating course?

My guess is that Obama is used to the politics of Chicago, where he was a corrupt thug in the corrupt thug Daley machine. All they had to do was snap their fingers and stuff would get done, and the local GOP was a complete joke. But in DC, the game is different. Despite the overwhelming Democratic majorities, the power structures are a lot different than Chicago, and players who do not necessarily share his views, even those in his own party, can oppose him more effectively. He just can't dictate how things are going to be from the Oval Office.

So this war on Fox is just an outlet for Obama's frustration.

Richard Nixon tried to wage a similar war against the Washington Post. That didn't work out so well for him. Obama needs to study a little history.

Obama needs to resign and s... (Below threshold)

Obama needs to resign and save the country further embarrassment.

Are we still a democratic n... (Below threshold)
what the???:

Are we still a democratic nation or not? Are we all suppose to have a polarized political view as the White House or else> Are they freaking serious??? how can they be so stupid and arrogant?!

Ah, the upcoming media refo... (Below threshold)

Ah, the upcoming media reforms should take care of that nasty FOX in the henhouse. All media outlets, and each on-air employee will require a license. Only licensed members of the media will be allowed on-air.

So those who violate the Guidelines for Free Speech will simply have their media license revoked; they are no longer a member of "the press," so the 1st Amendment won't apply to them.

(Definition is the left hand of corruption. Allow them to define the term, and we've already lost.)

Okay, if you are interested... (Below threshold)

Okay, if you are interested in this piece, be sure to see how White House Communications Director describes the "controlled media" in this LIVE INTERVIEW. It is really amazing. http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=113347

My guess is that Obama i... (Below threshold)

My guess is that Obama is used to the politics of Chicago, where...the local GOP was a complete joke.

Well, at least he still has that going for him.

I've seen a number of studi... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

I've seen a number of studies over the years and by any relevant and objective measure, the hard news on Fox is the most fair and balanced as compared to other news organizations. Obama's war on Fox is going to draw lots more attention to all the news organizations from individuals and organizations wanting to document and measure fairness. In the end liberals will have to gulp down a lot more kool-aid to avoid the truth that Fox news is as they say fair and balanced.

The question for other news organizations is, does the president get to decide what is or is not a news organization? If they go along with the Obama administration in ostracizing Fox they are implicitly answering yes to that question and setting themselves up for the same treatment when this or the next president takes exception to their coverage. I'm surprised George Stephanopoulos didn't throw that in Axelrod's face. Could it be that Stephanopoulos is afraid he'll be next on the Whitehouse enemy list? Maybe that's why they end the news on Fox with the statement fair, balanced and still unafraid.

One measure of the wackines... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

One measure of the wackiness at Fox News is the lies that they tell and are believed by the Fox News audience. For example:

According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, "72 percent of self-identified FOX News viewers believe the health-care plan will give coverage to illegal immigrants, 79 percent of them say it will lead to a government takeover, 69 percent think that it will use taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions, and 75 percent believe that it will allow the government to make decisions about when to stop providing care for the elderly."

Almost needless to say, all of these things are categorically false. The "death panels" falsehood, for example, was invented by serial misinformer Betsy McCaughey (financed by the right-wing Manhattan Institute with money from tobacco giant Philip Morris), amplified by Sarah Palin, and then broadcast day and night by Fox News. And so it goes, day after day.

Lies and propaganda at levels unseen since Nazi Germany.

Welcome to the "fair and Balanced" world of Fox News.


Guess that settles it. A po... (Below threshold)

Guess that settles it. A poll by a rival media outlet under WH influence destroys Fox News by pointing out that most Fox views won't drink the Obama koolaide. Everyone crawl back in your holes. We are completely undone.

Until a Republican t... (Below threshold)

Until a Republican took a stand and called Obama a Liar, shedding light on the subject, there was no enforcement provision in the bill which meant you might as well say "There will not be anyone crossing the border and getting jobs in the US because the law says so." Which you must agree is categorically false even though the law states that it shall not be so. Enforcement provisions needed to be put in place to prevent this.

You cannot be naive enough to believe they actually want to fix Health Insurance with these bills. What they want is for the Health Insurance industry to fail because of non-funded Government mandates which will slowly force them out of business or force employers to drop private insurance in favor of a "public option". The President and his top people have all stated more than once that they want Single Payer. Except when they denied it even when faced with video or audio evidence.

The bill as written DOES allow tax money to be used to purchase plans that include abortion provisions. They nuance it by saying that all the money has to be kept seperate on the books but they are enabling abortion with tax payer dollars even if they do not directly pay for it. But you liberals and progressives love nuance.

Your last point is the only one that can be argued effectively. There are in fact no provisions for deciding when to end the life of elderly persons. However the only way to make the proposed systems work is to ration care based on some factor and age WILL be one of them. They will have to decide if your life is "worth" the money that could instead be spent on vaccinations for younger, healthier, productive people.

Nuance and half-truths are the same as lies Vic.

<a href="http://www.opencon... (Below threshold)


This is the Local Community Radio Act of 2009 which will allow 3,000 or so new radio stations to form on the fringes of "incumbent radio" stations which have dominated the radio spectrum for years.

In theory this is a good thing leading to low powered community radio where local news and other topics can be heard in areas where they don't have much in the way of other stations.

However the new buzzword for the "fairness doctrine" is localization. They want to restrict syndicated talk and instead restrict radio stations to local programs that may or may not talk about national issues.

The conspiracy nut in me sees this legislation as a first step toward localization and a shut down of conservative talk radio. I hope I am wrong because I find nothing wrong with allowing local stations to exist where there is a vacuum and a need on existing airwaves.

This same approach worked o... (Below threshold)

This same approach worked out so well for the Nixon administration, too.

Silence, fools! Vic has spo... (Below threshold)

Silence, fools! Vic has spoke.

"Lies and propaganda at levels unseen since Nazi Germany."

I agreed with you completely, Vic, until I realized you were talking about Fox News. I thought you were talking about the White House.

About the birthers: when I ... (Below threshold)

About the birthers: when I type into the Google keyword search field the word "birther", then a space and then the letter "f"
Google auto-completes the word combo with "birther fox news". Even Google knows the relationship between the two. Fox News is owned by Keith Rupert Murdoch who became a naturalized US citizen(1985) in order to satisfy the legal requirement that only US citizens were permitted to own American television stations,ie. Fox Cable network.
Given how distructive to our democratic system Fox News & Rupert Murdoch have been over the last 8 years and watched them hound Obama about his birthplace, I have some questions:
Where was Rupert born? What flag did he salute as a child in school? and finally - Where is Rupert Murdoch's birth certificate?

VIC,One m... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


One measure of the wackiness at Fox News is the lies that they tell and are believed by the Fox News audience. For example

The quote you linked to from the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll doesn't support your contention that Fox News inaccurately reported any of these issues. All it reports are the opinions or beliefs of people who watch Fox News and you could find similar results for any other news organization.

Also the emphatic statement that "all of these things are categorically false" is itself categorically false given there is no final bill. There yet may be coverage for illegal immigrants through one of the many back doors built in the house bill. Same for coverage of abortions in that a person's health insurance will likely cover abortions and if insurance premiums are subsidized for low income people then taxpayer dollars will in fact be used for abortions.

The poll is itself little more than propaganda.

Wow. The worst of Carter c... (Below threshold)

Wow. The worst of Carter combined with the worst of Nixon. I hadn't thought that was even possible.

Fox: "Not a real President.... (Below threshold)

Fox: "Not a real President. More like an arm of the People's Liberation Army."

Andy,Wher... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


Where was Rupert born? What flag did he salute as a child in school? and finally - Where is Rupert Murdoch's birth certificate?

Good questions, but not relevant unless Murdoch runs for president. Did you know the democratic controlled house did a formal investigation of McCain's birth status, but not Obama's? Does that make the democrats birthers?

As for your Google search I tried it and I have to type "birther fox" before Google suggests "obama birth fox news". Of course, Google remembers your prior searches, which shows you have been trying to find links between birthers and fox news. Thanks for the insight into your motives.

Where are the WH priorities... (Below threshold)
billy c:

Where are the WH priorities?
I'll tell you. They are foaming at the mouth incensed that a network has journalists and investigators who are skilled and capable of reporting on issues and agendas that this "transparent" administration doesn't want revealed.

They are enraged that FOX opens the doors and windows for the world to get a glimpse of the administration's ties to ACORN and political boiler room dealings that are the exact opposite of what the kool-aid train promised. So they waste taxpayer dollars strong arming FOX and attempting to sway advertisers and consumers away from this venue by smearing them.

They preach tolerance out of one side of their mouths but use every in-the-bag media tool available to muzzle any view that credibly opposes theirs.

If they could rewrite the US constitution - which they now call a "living" document - they would tweak in a well crafted clause that would bookend freedom of the press to "acceptable" opposition. Who knows, the new SCOTUS might just hammer that out.

History, unless we ignore it (Iran) or rewrite it, teaches us that controlling or socializing the media ends badly for the citizens.

Ask the journalists, reporters and anchors in the MSM to recite the Journalist's Creed. Their eyes will glaze over - because they've never even read it. Or they will immediately attack you like the White House is doing to FOX- a sign that they fear exposure.

Need proof?!?

TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- President Obama's presidential campaign focused on "making" the news media cover certain issues while rarely communicating anything to the press unless it was "controlled," White House Communications Director Anita Dunn disclosed to the Dominican government at a videotaped conference. The story, recently reported by Aaron Klein of WND.com, has also been linked to the Drudge Report.

"Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn't absolutely control," said Dunn.

"One of the reasons we did so many of the David Plouffe videos was not just for our supporters, but also because it was a way for us to get our message out without having to actually talk to reporters," said Dunn, referring to Plouffe, who was Obama's chief campaign manager.

"We just put that out there and made them write what Plouffe had said as opposed to Plouffe doing an interview with a reporter. So it was very much we controlled it as opposed to the press controlled it," Dunn said.

My, my...Uncle Joe would be proud!

WHAT A SHAME.GLEN BECK IS A... (Below threshold)


Anita Dunn quoted Chairman ... (Below threshold)
John Parker:

Anita Dunn quoted Chairman Mao as, basically, a hero of hers. Imagine if any Republican quoted Hitler in a similar way. It amazes me that people on the left continue to defend the indefensible and keep a straight face while they do so. What is even more alarming is the fact that we would not know about this if it were not for FOX. What does that say about the rest of the media? No wonder Obama hates FOX.

Many of Obama's white house... (Below threshold)

Many of Obama's white house staff are not fit to speak to children Mao? Obviously we need a fox to watch what is being said to the children of the USA.






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