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China Reports Incursions by North Korean Nerve Gas

Not something the neighbors would approve of...

No casualties reported (yet) by the Chinese, while the North Korean's simply don't report on such "industrial accidents."

North Korean Nerve Gas Enters China


October 19, 2009: Anonymous Chinese military sources revealed that, a year ago, nerve gas detectors on the North Korean border went off. Further investigation revealed small amounts of Sarin nerve gas. There were no casualties, but the detectors went off again three months later. The Chinese don't have nerve gas detectors deployed on the North Korean border, but they do periodically send special operations troops to the border to check security, and these units carry the detectors with them.

When one considers the close relations between North Korea, Syria, and Iran, the implications are grim.


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Comments (7)

Doubt the Chinese would giv... (Below threshold)

Doubt the Chinese would give more specifics, but those "chemical detectors" go off frequently for reasons other than nerve gas.

Indeed, not to poopoo the p... (Below threshold)

Indeed, not to poopoo the possible implications, but when I was in the Gulf stationed on ship a few miles off the Iraqi coastline we really hated the guy who decided to clean the detectors with the Navy version of windex. 3am, noon, midnight, other random times the alarm would go off and we would all jump out of bed, get dressed and throw on our gas masks, then head up to our spaces for muster.

Turns out they were cleaning. We were not amused.

Another time a sandstorm set them off so they are not the most reliable, at best they are a warning just in case, but cannot be relied upon to actually detect or record nerve agents or other biological hazards.

I don't wish to poopoo the ... (Below threshold)

I don't wish to poopoo the poopooers, but the article does mention "further investigation" confirmed sarin. So these alarms cannot be passed off as just an oversensitive/faulty detector.

Not to worry, the U.N will ... (Below threshold)

Not to worry, the U.N will blame the DPRK for excessive flatulence due to Kimchi consumption.

It all depends upon what "f... (Below threshold)

It all depends upon what "further investigation" entailed. No specifics, not impressed. Now couple this with a satellite picture showing fields of dead farm animals or peasants, then I'll be impressed.

Well, IMO, it's just a matt... (Below threshold)

Well, IMO, it's just a matter of time until the Norks start selling Nerve Agents. Boy Howdy, that'll be a nightmare. Now before U go all weapons of mass destruction on me, Obama ain't Bush. The Norks know he is weak, so they'll ignore him. Remember here a while back that they were testing nervw agents on prisoners? It's coming, and when it does, it'll be horrible.

Not to worry, Barrys got ou... (Below threshold)

Not to worry, Barrys got our back..






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