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BBC Changes Humpty Dumpty Rhyme Because it is 'Too Offensive'

I can't believe the world I'm living in sometimes. You may remember the Humpty Dumpty's rhyme that goes "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall," etc, etc. And of course he falls off that very wall, breaks, and can't be put back together. Well, the BBC has something to say about that!

From the National Times:

In a revised version of the nursery rhyme that aired recently on the British Broadcasting Corporation's children's channel CBeebies, the tale - which first appeared in print in 1810 - no longer ends with "all the king's horses and all the king's men/Couldn't put Humpty together again". Now, a crack squadron of His Majesty's finest hard-boiled military personnel has found the recipe to "make Humpty happy again".

This stuff is unbelievable. Are you telling me that children are being traumatized by the image of an egg being broken? Political correctness has gone awry; children just can't be children in today's world it seems.


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I've been wondering how lon... (Below threshold)

I've been wondering how long this would take. And don't even think about reading Aesops fables. Unless someone is going to prune the grapes so the fox can get some.

What's been happening in th... (Below threshold)

What's been happening in the UK is tragic beyond words.

Sadly, we seem to be following their lead, albeit at a slower pace.

Hate-mongering is so preval... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Hate-mongering is so prevalent these days that it won't be surprising to see efforts (even mis-guided efforts) to push back against it.

Actually, they're changing ... (Below threshold)

Actually, they're changing it to say "and Humpty was made happy again, Allah be Praised"

Steve #3,What in t... (Below threshold)

Steve #3,

What in the hell are you trying to say?

Kids get all this coddling ... (Below threshold)

Kids get all this coddling in school, then get slammed in the real world...and promptly fall apart.

Wait til the BBC gets wind ... (Below threshold)

Wait til the BBC gets wind of the real story behind "Ring Around the Rosey".

Nursery rhymes generally ha... (Below threshold)

Nursery rhymes generally had a moral lesson/story to them. It starts a child at a young age to understand responsbility, goodness, rewards for good behavior, punishment for bad behavior and etc.
The three little pigs (about being responsbilible and not so carefree when troubles come at you, you are prepare.)

To change words around to have a "feel good" idea is dangerous. You grow up thinking nothing bad will come you way and then boom...something does and you can not handle it.

I find people who been thru some tough times, generally have more character, understanding and compassion than someone who lived in a ivory tower all their so to speak.

I know this is just a child's nursery rhyme, but it shows a scary trend of people in charge trying to dumb down and sissifed our youth. Dummies and Sissies don't fight back. I personally don't think good intentions are behind all this.

Just how rediculous are the... (Below threshold)

Just how rediculous are they getting in england these days Its this PC poppycock going wild Maybe they should change it to one i heard on LOST IN SPACE HUMPTY DUMTY SAT ON A WALL,HUMPTY DUMPTY WAS ONLY TWO INCHES TALL,HE FELL DOWN AND BROKE HIS SHELL,POOR LITTLE EGG I WISH HIM WELL

<a href="http://bit.ly/Su2k... (Below threshold)
Hopefully history will rewr... (Below threshold)

Hopefully history will rewrite it to read:

Barack Obama won the great hall.
Barack Obama had a great fall.
All of his press and all of his czars
couldn't put Barack back together again.

Let's pray America isn't permantly broken too.

The thought Nazi's need to ... (Below threshold)

The thought Nazi's need to be slammed hard!

Europe is so.. FemiMuslinized it's pathetic. Obama and the rest of You "Steve Green" types... Go to hell!

Yes alah be praised! I alwa... (Below threshold)

Yes alah be praised! I always wondered what good a horse would be in that situation anyway what with no hands and all.

At the very least I would expect them to make more of a mess of things...

That's etc. (et cetera)... (Below threshold)
Dave Lambers:

That's etc. (et cetera)

Phil apparently missed the ... (Below threshold)

Phil apparently missed the "satire" tag at the bottom of the post . . .

The really funny thing is t... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

The really funny thing is that the original Humpty Dumpty was a large cannon. Since the UK wants all guns to vanish, you'd think they'd love a rhyme about a cannon being irreparably broken...

People are missing the poin... (Below threshold)
Edward Sisson Author Profile Page:

People are missing the point here -- it isn't just to make a happy ending, it is to tell young children that the government can fix your problems and make you happy. "All the King's horses and all the King's men" can help you when you fall, and they will make you happy.

They are getting rid of the most prominent young-children's story of government failure and turning into the most prominent young-children's story of government success.

You are not going to see the same change with the Big Bad Wolf, etc., because the Three Little Pigs are individuals acting on their own. Now, you might see them add a handsome Prince who rides in to save them from the wolf, but otherwise, no change.

#11 Maddox:So you ... (Below threshold)

#11 Maddox:

So you actually want Obama to fail? You don't seem to be saying you think he will. You're hoping that history records his failure? Seems pretty unpatriotic (assuming you're American). I didn't want GWB to fail. I wanted him to be a good president. Shouldn't you want Obama to be a good resident so the nation is a better place?

Will:Sho... (Below threshold)


Shouldn't you want Obama to be a good resident [sic] so the nation is a better place?

'Good' and 'better' are value judgments. 'Good' or 'better' by what standard ?

Theres a old disney SILLY S... (Below threshold)

Theres a old disney SILLY SYMPHONY called GREEDY HUMPTY DUMPTY He is a king who is greedy for gold he see,s the sun like a hudge gold coin he ignores mother gooses warning about sitting too high he gets all the nursery rhime chartures to build up his wall he fall and gose kersplat

I want Obama to fail.... (Below threshold)

I want Obama to fail.

~Barak Obama sat on wall... (Below threshold)

~Barak Obama sat on wall

Hussein Obaama had a great fall

All the Troll forces and all the un-men

Could not put Alinski together again~

FOX Facing Nearly $30 Mi... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

FOX Facing Nearly $30 Million in Indecency Fines

Politcally correct enough?

An article from PuffHo...yeah, what a shocker there.

HEY!! It rhymed?... (Below threshold)

HEY!! It rhymed?

What's hilarious is that th... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

What's hilarious is that the original Humpty-Dumpty -- the one that inspired the rhyme -- was a cannon.

It was a short-barrelled cannon mounted atop a wall of a besieged Royalist city during the English Civil War. So long as it was up there, it was impossible for the Parlimentarians to advance their siege lines. So they shot away the portion of the wall on which it was mounted, until the wall collapsed and the gun came down.

Yup. You can find the full story in the March/April 2005 issue of Strategy & Tactics magazine, in an article titled "The Savage Truth About Humpty Dumpty"

Get a life! If you read all... (Below threshold)

Get a life! If you read all the facts of this beat up the BBC program was simply trying out variations on an old rhyme for the sake of it. No attempt to protect or be PC, and they have used the old version since. The reason the story got such a run is the fear and panic on the part of those who see government interference at every turn. A real enough issue (though we ignore the rule-by-insurance company at our peril) but one that isn't helped by such red herrings.

By the way - the Humpty Dum... (Below threshold)

By the way - the Humpty Dumpty as cannon story is false too. Do some basic research.






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