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Another ACORN Prostitution Scandal

James O'Keefe at Big Government is announcing another ACORN prostitution scandal--this time in Philadelphia.

This post will be updated as details emerge.

Update 1: The currently posted video is only a partial video. The full video is over 30 minutes long is promised for later. I had a number of audio dropouts while watching the video that was posted--I hoping the complete one is more intact.

Overall what is shown is quite...well I was going to say shocking but is anyone even remotely surprised by ACORN officials lying? The video shows clips of ACORN officials on CNN and the like saying "Breitbart and his companion where shown the door" and then the video shows long conversations in the office. They show an ACORN claim that no one was dressed in a flashy manner and then show the outfits so ridiculous that they would be overdone for a pimp and prostitute in a bad 80's melodrama cop show.

Breitbart asks if there will be retractions from the media outlets that obviously quoted ACORN statements as fact without any checking. Stay tuned...

Update 2: The audio dropouts are explained by Breitbart.

We muted the audio of the ACORN employees on the video released today due to ACORN's legal attack upon us. We call upon ACORN to state publicly now that it has no objection to the public release of any its employees oral statements to us. If they are interested in the truth, why wouldn't they do so?

For a good read, check out the previous parroting of ACORN statements by Media Matters masquerading as debunking of the sting videos. Almost every claim made is directly refuted by the new video.

Update 3: Breitbart TV has video from the FOXNews coverage of the story.

If FOXNews keeps covering this story they definitely won't be invited to the next private media briefing held by Obama.


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Comments (25)

"Breitbart asks if there wi... (Below threshold)

"Breitbart asks if there will be retractions from the media outlets that obviously quoted ACORN statements as fact without any checking."

Hahahahahaha!!!! In a word, NO!

Retractions and apologies i... (Below threshold)

Retractions and apologies in 3, 2, 1.....

Let Me see??... Yep, I died... (Below threshold)

Let Me see??... Yep, I died 3 years ago and I voted for Barry. Yep, thats about right,.

As Fox News continues to be... (Below threshold)

As Fox News continues to be marginalized by the White House and the Popular Rule in the interest of promoting state-run media as well other more favorable outlets, a great disservice is being done to the institution that is the Press. Our Founding Fathers respected this institution enough to include the RIGHT that protects it in the same Amendment as religion. They fully understood the importance of a free press and its ability to prevent tyranny from ever coming to our shores.

I am not saying that the work of Giles and O'Keefe should be thought of as transcendent or even patriotic, but I am absolutely stating that they should be commended for their efforts in every way imaginable. If their work inspired one person to engage in similar behavior to expose corruption, fraud, or mismanagement of government resources - at either end of the political or ideological spectrum - then they have done this country and the institution of the press a great service and we owe them our thanks.


"Let Me see??... Yep, I die... (Below threshold)

"Let Me see??... Yep, I died 3 years ago and I voted for Barry. Yep, thats about right,."

Strike that!

I voted Present!!

Ok, Im dropping the God mon... (Below threshold)

Ok, Im dropping the God moniker. Its too tough a job to look at the miserable shape this world is in and continue. I resign.

Wish Barry had the same amount of wisdom. But than, I would'nt know Him from Joe the plumper cept for the stash.

ha ha

Did you hear about the Whit... (Below threshold)

Did you hear about the White House prostitution scandal?
Every aspect of Sonia Sotomayor's nomination procedure to become the newest Supreme Court justice was so controlled that she was even told what to wear at the acceptance ceremony. Sotomayor wanted to shop for new clothes for her acceptance, but was told to bring five suits for White House officials to choose from.

Wasn't there a DNC operativ... (Below threshold)

Wasn't there a DNC operative posting comments on here a while back referring to the duo as liars since they were thrown out of the Philly office? Didn't they cite the police report as evidence? And regarding the police report, when you brush out your tracks to keep from being followed it's pretty important to NOT make it look like you just brushed-out your tracks.

Maxi-pad Watters or Sheila ... (Below threshold)

Maxi-pad Watters or Sheila Jack$on Lae could not be reached for comment.

"Every aspect of Sonia Sotomayor's nomination procedure to become the newest Supreme Court justice was so controlled that she was even told what to wear at the acceptance ceremony"

Suck to the rear My darling!

"Every aspect of Sonia Soto... (Below threshold)

"Every aspect of Sonia Sotomayor's nomination procedure to become the newest Supreme Court justice was so controlled that she was even told what to wear at the acceptance ceremony"

everything about the current administration is about CONTROL.

"everything about the curre... (Below threshold)

"everything about the current administration is about CONTROL"

Yeah, pest control. And we as conserve's are the vermin that need to be anethed.

The audio is dropping out o... (Below threshold)

The audio is dropping out on purpose...Philly law states that you cannot record someone's voice without their permission, but doesn't say that about video. So, Briebert, et al, have chosen to "cut" her audio, at least in this version, to ensure they stay within the law.

Why is the audio dropped? ... (Below threshold)

Why is the audio dropped? These people are not being recorded as private citizens, they are being recorded as employees of a an organization that receives government support. Since we supposedly live in a country with a goivernment of and by the people I would like to know what my money is buying.

I still have a bad feeling ... (Below threshold)

I still have a bad feeling that the MSM will either ignore this or continue to mis-report the facts.

They seem quite reluctant to forfeit their access to Obama, Emmanuel and Axelrod.

MSM: "LIES! THEY WERE THROW... (Below threshold)


Breitbart: "We have the video..."


B: "Technically we cannot share the audio but the video speaks for itself, they were not thrown out at first mention as ACORN wants you to believe."

MSM: "... This is not PROOF! Without audio you cannot prove they werent calmly asking these people to leave! AUTOIGNORE"

B: "sigh"

Meanwhile the websites with the lie video are exploding from lack of bandwidth and Fox will run the story stealing the ratings from all the other networks.


SIDENOTE: When will Wizbang join the other conservative blogs and remove LFG from the blogroll? Or is it there to remind us to be vigilant?

Looking forward to the laws... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Looking forward to the lawsuits on this one. Breitbart ain't too bright.

Steve Green: "Breitbart ain... (Below threshold)

Steve Green: "Breitbart ain't too bright.

How bright does anyone have to be to get Acorn and their lefty pals on the run? Apparently Breitbart was easily bright enough to do that.

BTW Steve, it's "Ira-q" and "Ira-n". Remember, when the last letter changes it means it's a completely different country!

Thanks for playing.

Have a cookie.

Yeah, the way he's been pla... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the way he's been playing the left and MSM, real stupid...

The heavily edited video re... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

The heavily edited video released today doesn't prove anything Breitbart wants it to prove - since he muted the audio that would prove it one way or the other.

And Brietbart does nothing to counter ACORN's claim that they filed a police report.

So this proves nothing - except that Breitbart can't counter ACORN's account of the matters.

Which in itself proves Breitbart's a liar.

I agree with Green. This is a desperate move that will cost Breitbart deeply once this matter gets to court.

And rest assured, it will get to court... but not before Breitbart fleeces a few thousand conservatives of some "donations" to help his legal defenses.

Cue the sheep!

19.Your post is laug... (Below threshold)

Your post is laughable.

ACORN said O'Keefe and Giles were thrown out of the Phily office. Did you see them thrown out in the video? ACORN lied.

The police report contained James O'Keefe's full name. He didn't use his full name during the sting (would you? would anyone?) so the report was filled-out well after the fact. ACORN even offered to set them up with a second appointment.
The video backs up Breitbart quite well.

Vic, if you're right, I am ... (Below threshold)

Vic, if you're right, I am sure ACORN will give the OK to play the audio without objection. The truth will set them free...

Looks like some sheeple are... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

Looks like some sheeple are already on board with the Media Matters' talking points:


In "heavily edited" video rebuttal, O'Keefe does not dispute Philly police report filed after his visit to ACORN office -- Media Matters

If they are so sure the edited video hides the truth then they should encourage ACORN to respond to Breitbart's request to give permission to use the audio. I am sure he would play it as soon as he got permission. That would put the matter to rest. Anyone think Media Matters or ACORN are going to do that? If they have done so, I missed it. I guess it is much easier to claim they are right and say the audio would prove it, then refuse to release the audio. If the audio proves ACORN and Media Matters right they should be yelling for its release toot suite.

Police reports are given ca... (Below threshold)

Police reports are given case or tracking numbers at or about the time the report is taken. Do a little research and you'll find that reports on a particular day/time will fall into a specific range of 'case numbers'. It would be interesting to see what the case number of the ACORN police report is, as opposed to what the case number range was on the day of the sting. Bet you anything the report number will fall outside the range on the day of the sting.......because it was made several days or weeks later after the ACORN sting was made public......they wanted to cover their asses. So this would prove that they lied and did not call the cops when they say they did. If they lied once, how many other lies are they willing to tell?

Lorie - "I guess it is much... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Lorie - "I guess it is much easier to claim they are right and say the audio would prove it, then refuse to release the audio.

That sounds so familiar! Where have I heard of something like that before? Oh yes, John F(ing) Kerry and his commitment to release his complete service record. Seems to be a popular tactic by our friends on the other side of the aisle.

The MAFIA, and ACORN theres... (Below threshold)

The MAFIA, and ACORN theres little difference between these crinimal groups






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