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D-U-M Spells Dumb

ConWebBlog, the "official blog" of "ConWebWatch," a bunch of idiot leftists committed to "exposing" the right side of the blogosphere, has a great scoop on their hands: they caught World Net Daily with a real howler in a headline:

A 3-Letter Word -- jobs!

What kind of a moron thinks "Jobs" has three letters?

Well, if you read the article in question, you have your answer: Vice President Joe Biden.

That's right, they were quoting then-candidate Biden from October 15, 2008, in Athens, Ohio.

Way to go, ConWebBlog. You discovered that our vice president -- Obama's personal choice to succeed him should the unthinkable happen -- is a blithering idiot.

A lot of us could have told you that a long time ago.

In fact, we did. Repeatedly.

(Hat tip to Media Matters shill Oliver Willis, who also bit hard on the stupid.)


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Obama's personal c... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Obama's personal choice to succeed him should the unthinkable happen -- is a blithering idiot.

Obama pick someone for his VP that greatly deters the unthinkable happen from happening (impeachment).

Oliver always bites hard on... (Below threshold)

Oliver always bites hard on teh stoopid...it's a staple of his diet, like doughnuts and Oreos.

Here's another 3 letter wor... (Below threshold)

Here's another 3 letter word: Pwnd!

Hilarious Jay! Not only di... (Below threshold)

Hilarious Jay! Not only did they not read far enough into the article to realize they were making fun of their own guy, but they were too "d-u-m" or uninformed to know about the Biden quote which was actually pretty heavily reported, and ridiculed, at the time.

This reminds me of something my sister said once when we are arguing, "Lorie, you are dumb, D-O-M-B." Of course, she was about five years old at the time. I have a feeling those at Media Matters and ConWebWatch are a bit older than that, although you wouldn't know it from the stuff that I've read from them.

What you talking about Will... (Below threshold)

What you talking about Willis?

OH that is so typical.....I... (Below threshold)

OH that is so typical.....I think a major part of the liberal diet must be shoe leather.

"Joe Biden, you are no Dan ... (Below threshold)

"Joe Biden, you are no Dan Quayle."

"Why, thank you. I -- "

"That's not a compliment."

A line from Body Heat comes... (Below threshold)

A line from Body Heat comes to mind, slightly paraphrased: "You're kind of stupid, aren't you...I like that in a liberal."

"What kind of a moron think... (Below threshold)

"What kind of a moron thinks "Jobs" has three letters?"

Its the Obamba "new math", silly. Jobz translates so easily to KGB

"You're kind of stupid, are... (Below threshold)

"You're kind of stupid, aren't you...I like that in a liberal."

What else is there?

Well, there's kinda stupid,... (Below threshold)

Well, there's kinda stupid, and that's like Tall.

Next you have very stupid, which at Starbusck would be Grande.

Then there's extrordinarily stupid, which is like a Venti.

And finally, there's the 5 gallon bucket of stupid, which is fafaroo.






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