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Republican Senator: 'Obama Showing Signs of Nixon'

Is Obama a crook? According to Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, who worked with the Nixon Administration, the "symptoms" are there. This comes at a time where the President and his advisers are having a strange fight with Fox News and after the famous call from President Obama to tattle on people who disagree with his Health Care Plan.

From the Associated Press:

Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, who once worked in President Nixon's administration, warned the White House that such a "street brawl" approach of attacking political opponents "can get you in a lot of trouble."

Alexander offered no evidence that Obama is developing an actual list, as Nixon famously created for his opponents. But, he said, "I have an uneasy feeling only 10 months into this new administration that we're beginning to see the symptoms of this same kind of animus developing."

"It's a mistake for the president of the United States," he said. "Let's not start calling people out and compiling an enemies list."

I'm not quite sure that the President is going to actually make an enemies list, but I have to admit that this squabble with Fox News is very weird. Why is the Administration calling out Fox? Don't they realize that this is just making their ratings go through the roof? The only thing I can think of is that the Administration is trying to shore up its base.

But in the same vein, Fox News has officially become an enemy of President Obama. I mean, press conferences, interviews, and commercials being made to take down a news corporation? If this sort of thing continues, maybe there will be an enemies list.

An Obama spokes woman responded:

The president "remains committed to working with Republicans to include their best ideas, even if he doesn't get their support."

I don't think so.


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The president "remains comm... (Below threshold)

The president "remains committed to working with Republicans to include their best ideas, even if he doesn't get their support."


Oddly enough, in the last 9 months the Republicans have had "no good ideas". Ain't that something?

Yes, I was around for Nixon... (Below threshold)
Okpulot Taha:

Yes, I was around for Nixon and Agnew, but if you ask of my age I will deny this; woman's prerogative.

Obama ordering health insurance companies, such as Humana, to not comment on his health care plan is much like Nixon using the IRS to punish his political enemies. Obama threatening to use anti-trust laws against health insurance companies is very much Nixonian. Then there is Obama's "snitch list" which is disturbing.

Obama is escalating his Chicago thuggery ways to a significantly higher level. This, to me, is direct evidence Obama is more than willing to violate our constitutional guarantees and equally willing to violate our laws.

Personally, I believe Obama will be noted in history books as the worst American president, much worse than Nixon and Carter. There is no doubt in my mind the Obama presidency will be noted as a failed presidency and will be a one term presidency.

Much of this has nothing to do with partisan politics rather has to do with a lack of acceptable presidential behavior and Obama's callused disregard for our American way of life; he is exhibiting an anti-America attitude.

Okpulot Taha
Choctaw Nation
Puma Politics

Okay, what is with meeting ... (Below threshold)

Okay, what is with meeting with the MSNBC Partisans like Maddow and Olbermann, when you are telling everyone you won't recognize Fox?

Fox is to be ignored?

Democratic Partisans are so vapidly hypocritical and dishonest, and this might be as unethical an Administration as the Clinton Negligence.

It is truly regretful, but rather a typical DNC disaster.

Is Obama a crook? Accord... (Below threshold)

Is Obama a crook? According to Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, who worked with the Nixon Administration, the "symptoms" are there.

Huh? He said that? How'd you make THAT leap?!

Alexander opined that Obama is developing "the symptoms of this same kind of animus" with the press as Nixon. Not symptoms of being a crook. That part you just made up out of nothing.

Evel Knievel would be impressed with your leap.

John, maybe you missed out ... (Below threshold)

John, maybe you missed out on what and how a crook Nixon was. That's no leap. Not even an inference.

Go back to your Wii and Myspace.

Epador, I'm not sure what s... (Below threshold)

Epador, I'm not sure what substance you're consuming tonight, but it's affected your reading comprehension on not one, but two threads tonight.

I did not say that Nixon wasn't a crook. I said that Alexander didn't say that. He made a comparison to Nixon on one particular issue. You can't arbitrarily extend that to include all of Nixon's qualities and still attribute it to Alexander. Otherwise you'd conclude that Alexander was implying that Obama would negotiate historic treaties with the Soviet Union, or that he had a dog named Checkers.

Really, get a grip on yourself.

LOL, neither did Alexander,... (Below threshold)

LOL, neither did Alexander, though it is reasonable to state he did say the symptoms are there. Which you stated Michael "leaped" to. Now accuse me of ending a sentence with a preposition, but not of being addled, as you obviously are.

John is evidently having a ... (Below threshold)

John is evidently having a hard time understanding what led to Nixon's downfall. The cover-up was worse than the crime. And the crime began with the establishment of "an enemies list".

The main difference between... (Below threshold)

The main difference between Nixon and Obama may be that Obama just hasn't been caught yet, mainly because the formerly major media is avoiding the obvious. It's hard to miss Obama's undercover bullying of his political enemies, with propaganda scams like the NEA arts campaign, the television-as-public-service scheme from last week, the tarring and feathering of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and Fox News. If you don't see Obama, Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod behind the
curtains, you ain't looking.

I find myself wondering if the Rush Limbaugh-NFL fiasco won't eventually be tracked back to the White House and George Soros.

Ah, I can see that your lac... (Below threshold)

Ah, I can see that your lack of reading comprehension is in fact not due to a temporary influence, but is instead apparently part of your character.

At least you have a fan in this Garand character, who seems to agree that a comparison on one dimension equals a comparison on all dimensions. Here's an exercise for you... Glenn Beck and Michael Moore both have 10 fingers. That should be basis enough for you to equate all other kinds of things about them. Have a party with it.






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