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Why does the left fear Sarah Palin so much?

On November 17th, Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue" will be available. On that same day a collection of hit pieces will be published under the title "Going Rouge". Gateway Pundit has a picture of the two covers.


Notice the tag line difference "An American Life" vs "An American Nightmare". How clever. Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit wonders if the covers are too similar and whether some sort of trademark infraction could be pursued.

But all that is honestly besides the point. Why does the left fear Sarah Palin so much? While she remains popular among conservatives, the cold hard fact remains that she has huge electability issues. Very few candidates can recover from being on a losing presidential ticket, regardless of how engaging a public speaker they may be. Despite the fact the Obama himself had paper thin experience before the campaign so did she. And it showed enough that some of the damage is irreparable. Finally, polls have shown that her resigning her governorship has resulted in a huge hit to her favorability index.

Why then the fear? I have contended for quite a while that the best way Palin can serve conservative issues is to just remain in the public eye. Her presence alone seems to drive those in the far left into a frenzy of panic and it is only a (short) matter of time before someone is suggesting she should be gang-raped by a bunch of black men. Such comments might be greeted with cheers by people so polarized by partisanship that they have lost all sense of decency (if they had any to begin with). But for most Americans the revulsion to hate of that magnitude can only serve to boost support for Palin and, in turn, the conservative agenda.


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Comments (51)

Because She is so beautifu... (Below threshold)

Because She is so beautiful...

She is one of politicians w... (Below threshold)

She is one of politicians with whom the people have much attractions.Her books are getting popularity in US.She soon become best-seller author.

Dan ???are you actua... (Below threshold)

Dan ???
are you actually comparing Palins resume to Obama's (pre election) and saying they were equally weak ?

If Palin had a paper thin resume then Obama had an invisible or even a negative resume ...

You are simply flat out wrong to make that comparison without any basis in real world facts ...

Palins negatives are the result of a coordinated effort on the left and in the media to demonize her ... yes, there really is a vast left wing conspiracy ...

And where will it stop? The... (Below threshold)

And where will it stop? The mainstream media ran out of interviewers who were willing to attack Sarah Palin, so they digitally edited her into the Marx Brothers movie "Monkey Business" (the Marx Brothers are stowaways on a ship). In this scene, Grouch barges in-between two reporters who are interviewing a socialite (Palin)., taking one of the reporter's pad and pencil he starts to make rude remarks to the socialite

(Sarah Palin): I'll report you to your paper.

(Groucho): I'll thank you to let me do the reporting. Is it true you're gonna get a divorce, as soon as your husband recovers his eyesight? Is it true that you wash your hair in clam broth? Is it true you use to dance in a flea circus?

(Sarah Palin): This is outrageous; if you don't stop I'll call the Captain.

(Groucho): Oh, so that's it infatuated with a pretty uniform, we don't count after we've given you the best years of our life. You have to have an Officer.

(Sarah Palin): I don't like this innuendo.

(Groucho): That's what I always say, love flies out the door when money comes in the window. Well, good bye, it's nice to have seen you, but I got nobody to blame but myself. Ta,ta.

Oh, where will it stop?<br ... (Below threshold)

Oh, where will it stop?


Details of Sarah Palin's daughter's baby's daddy's mother's drug bust are just emerging. Stopthepresses has learned that while the Police were serving a search warrant at Sarah Palin's daughter's baby's daddy's mother's house, Sarah Palin's daughter's baby's daddy's mother was observed by Police as Sarah Palin's daughter's baby's daddy's mother attempted to flush a large quantity of drugs down a toilet. Luckily for the Police, Sarah Palin's daughter's baby's daddy's mother is a backwater hick and Sarah Palin's daughter's baby's daddy's mother didn't have indoor plumbing. Sarah Palin's daughter's baby's daddy's mother's attempt to destroy evidence was thwarted when it was discovered that Sarah Palin's daughter's baby's daddy's mother was trying to flush the drugs down a Port-A-Potty.

Why does the right think th... (Below threshold)

Why does the right think the left fears Sarah Palin so much? Because we make fun of her? Because of this book? I think this book is really just an excuse to piss off Palin lovers -- because it's sooo fun.

The left might as well enjo... (Below threshold)

The left might as well enjoy this while they can.

A voter revolution is on the horizon and if they somehow cheat and lie their way to power, a real revolution will not be far behind.

As Obama takes everything, people with nothing left to take will become desperate.

"because it's sooo fun."... (Below threshold)

"because it's sooo fun."

And there's the problem. You have 'fun' with little to no thought of what'll happen long-term. It was 'fun' to work on electing Obama - but a trillion dollars of 'stimulus' later, states have LOST jobs, not gained them. You concerned about that? I doubt it - because you're having 'fun' elsewhere.

Someone always has to clean up after the 'fun' so-called 'progressives' have. That included burying tens of millions of bodies in the USSR after collectivization, and many millions more in China under Dunn's 'Favorite political philosopher' took control. But hey - it's all good fun, until someone hands YOU the broken pieces and whines about how it has to be fixed.

Or you go into the bathroom and find your binge-drinking buddy who was so FUNNY last night has splattered his pizza and shooters all over the sink, floor, toilet, AND tub, and is curled up in his own vomit snoring soundly.

So I'm glad you're having 'fun'. Just be willing to pay for the cleanup, 'k? Because the bill's already in the trillions and still climbing.

The left is wise to fear Sa... (Below threshold)

The left is wise to fear Sarah. They realize that had she been on a ticket with any one of the other serious GOP contenders (Guilliani, Romney, Huckabee, Thompson), she would be sitting in the Naval Observatory today. All the serious contenders dropped out easily because they realized they were running against the media. One of the bigwigs ( may have been Les Moonves) in media said in 2004 that a sympathetic press was worth 15 points in a presidential election. If you factor in George W's popularity and the relative dollar amounts spent on the two campaigns, there is no way for the GOP to have gotten more than 30 percent of the votes. But they did! And it was all thanks to Sarah. McCain was a joke from word "go". Actually, had the ticket been flipped with Sarah on top they would have stood a better chance.

I don't fear death. but it infuriates me to know that I will be voting Democrat afterwards.

Why do we think the left fe... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

Why do we think the left fears Sarah Palin?

Maybe because most of their reaction to her over the last year or so makes absolutely no rational sense otherwise. Well, let's be honest. Most of their reaction to her makes no rational sense even with that explanation. But without it, it's definitely a case of these folks' brains unlatching their skulls, leaping out and hopping around and hooting like Daffy Duck having a manic fit.

I think you might be mistak... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I think you might be mistaking "being an easy target" for "feared so much" but in the end it doesn't matter.

LOL, Adrieenne, no one fear... (Below threshold)

LOL, Adrieenne, no one fears you here, you ARE an easy target.

I have to agree that I am not so sure the Left FEARS Sarah (though they should). They do revile her, for what she is and what she represents. They find her a perfect example of all that contradicts their meme. Which is why she is so attractive to conservatives.

They fear her because she r... (Below threshold)

They fear her because she represents the baseball-hot dogs-apple pie-Chevrolet America that they love to hate. Jeremiah Wright and Michelle O. told us what they think of America and they and their followers see Sarah as the icon of the America they love to hate.

God Damn Sarah = Good Damn America

Hope she bring a copy of bo... (Below threshold)

Hope she bring a copy of both books on Oprah. And gives her signed copies of both.

The left 'fears' Palin? Th... (Below threshold)

The left 'fears' Palin? That's delusional, they'd love to see the GOP do something stupid like nominate her (for either President or Vice President). Yes, the hardcore right loves her, but the other 80% or so of voters aren't going to vote for her, she's damaged goods among them and there's nothing she can say or do that will change that impression (Quayle, part two).

My guess is that the left continues to ridicule her largely because they know how crazy that makes you all and how you'll respond by becoming even more determined to push her on a national ticket... and what better way to show the mushy middle (whose votes every Presidential candidate needs to win) that the right is deranged and not to be taken seriously than to have them keep pushing damaged goods?

What would happen to the US... (Below threshold)
cat007 Author Profile Page:

What would happen to the USA with Sarah Palin at the helm? Look at what George Bush did, and he was Ivy League educated. Sarah Palin is uninformed. She is incapable of accomplishing the smallest tasks. And you wonder why we would be worried? How can you seriously ask that? It would show the general decay of the country to even have her nominated. She is such a joke it is no wonder people are making money off of making fun of her. I don't like running people down, but you put the question out there in such a way I felt it demanded an answer. Don't ask what you don't want to know

"She is incapable of accomp... (Below threshold)

"She is incapable of accomplishing the smallest tasks."

You mean like Barry? With majorities in both the House and Senate? That guy? Who has "accomplished" nothing to date but sign a pork-laden bill when he said he wouldn't sign a pork-laden bill. Who got a Peace Prize for nothing? That guy?

Boy, even the mention of he... (Below threshold)

Boy, even the mention of her name here drives the lefties bonkers.

So did Ronald Reagan.

And you said she was incapable of even the simplest tasks. I can't think of anything simpler than driving the asshats crazy.

Go, Sarah, go.

Is Sarah Palin damaged good... (Below threshold)

Is Sarah Palin damaged goods? Regretfully, I have to agree. Does she deserve it? No. She was denigrated by the Left and the media with lies and falsehoods so completely that the metanarrative stuck. She didn't help herself with bad interviews, that only reinforced the narrative.

But make no mistake, A LOT of the narrative about Sarah Palin is outright false.

I fear anyone with an (R) a... (Below threshold)

I fear anyone with an (R) attached to their names. Especially if they have any say over peoples lives. (Less and less though, as your party is rapidly becoming a southern, white organization)

But her? I wish she was around more. She's hilarious.

"What would happen to the U... (Below threshold)

"What would happen to the USA with Sarah Palin at the helm? Look at what George Bush did, and he was Ivy League educated."

I guess somebody is an elitist snob here.

Only people with degrees from the right schools can know what is best for the rabble.

"I fear anyone with an (R) ... (Below threshold)

"I fear anyone with an (R) attached to their names. Especially if they have any say over peoples lives."

Wow, I guess besides the right degree, they can only be a democrat. Only correctly educated democrats know what is best for us.

Arrogant elitist snobs.

The left fears or reviles e... (Below threshold)

The left fears or reviles etc., Sarah Palin because she appeals to the average "Joe" american. She has great appeal to anybody that has worked up from nothing. She has a resume, even if it is laughed at. She held jobs, she made payroll, she raised a family as a working mother. Sarah Palin showed that at least in Alaska, the Glass Ceiling effect looks pretty false. She has a good sense of humor, and seems to be able to take her licks. Some are disappointed she resigned her govenorship, but to me it looks like she made the best choice for her state and family. Sometimes one has to sacrifice oneself for the greater good.

Maybe her greatest attraction is the fact that she is NOT "Ivy League" educated and is not seen as a beltway, or party insider. The entrencehed insiders have caused enough damage to both parties and the country, time to let someone else have a chance.

Well said, Matt (23).... (Below threshold)

Well said, Matt (23).

I am torn personally. I wou... (Below threshold)

I am torn personally. I would vote for her in a heartbeat, even if she ran as a Conservative Democrat. But I know that she does not currently have the votes to actually win an election, let alone a nomination.

I hate what was done to her by the McCain Campaign and the Liberal Media. She is exactly the type of politician we NEED in DC. People who are real Americans, not career politicians who MIGHT have been lawyers before being elected.

I wish her the best, and we all need to remember she has 2 years before she would need to actually start campaigning if she wanted to run. That is time to build up her resume, go overseas a bit and meet some world leaders, study the lay of the political landscape, come up with some solid ideas on how to fix the current problems.

She can do it, she could turn it around and win, especially if it was her vs Obama in a still failing economy. But if the election were today I think Obama would still win over her, unfortunately.

Speaking as liberal voter, ... (Below threshold)
jim x:

Speaking as liberal voter, PLEASE keep Sarah Palin in the public eye as much as possible.

I guess we will read Frank ... (Below threshold)

I guess we will read Frank Bailey's book and find out!
That will be a TELL ALL straight from Palin's HATCHET MAN.

I don't fear Palin, althoug... (Below threshold)

I don't fear Palin, although I pray that she never holds political office again. But she is fascinating to watch. I've never seen such a polarizing politian before. It seems people either worship her or despise her, with a few in the middle who are simply amused by her.

I would like to know how she keeps her "I'm just an average American like you" persona while living in a half million dollar home while building a similar home right next door, including a hangar for a private plane. She sure is good at bringing in the bucks, all while pleading poverty due to legal bills.

I can't remember a public f... (Below threshold)

I can't remember a public figure that attracted so much self-consciously defensive scorn, and it isn't explained by her background. In fact, strip away the venom, and she did a pretty good job as governor of Alaska, from what I can tell.

I can't explain why AP and other news outlets have spent so much time digging through her underwear drawer to come up with the pissy, emotion-based insults we've seen since last year. I can't explain the pointless lawsuits against her. I can't explain the disdain from the media or the hysterical hostility of the left, but it borders on neurosis.

We'll see. My guess is she's a lot smarter than people think.

We adore Palin over on the ... (Below threshold)

We adore Palin over on the left. Every time she talks hilarity ensues. More Palin, please!

Abigail, what kind of house... (Below threshold)

Abigail, what kind of houses do other governors live in? How about Congress members? Obama's house is worth 2.5 million, and he earned that how? As a community organizer? Bullshit.

How many other people in Alaska politics have airplanes? It's fricking Alaska, for goodness sake. Bullshit.

The legal bills you talk about came out of the Alaskan treasury came from partisan political attacks from the left. Every one - all 15 of the ethics complaints have been dismissed. The State has wasted thosands of hours and shelled out some two million dollars to respond to vicious "opposition research". She also ran up $500,000 in personal legal bills.

Your post is nothing but a regurgitation of shit you dug up on Huffington or the other leftie blogs. It's irresponsible and demonstrably false.
Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/03/sarah-palin-resignation-s_n_225557.html

jpe, she's only amusing if ... (Below threshold)

jpe, she's only amusing if you start out with groupthink arrogance. If only folks on the left weren't so painfully superior, you might just start thinking for yourselves instead of thinking with bumper sticker logic.

No, really, you want to kno... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

No, really, you want to know why they fear her? All other things being equal...imagine her as a Blue Dog, with the Democrats and the media on her side. Imagine what a formidable candidate she'd be. Imagine that, imagine how uneasy we'd be at having to face her in an election and I think you understand a little bit better why they're so nervous about the prospect of having to face her in an election.

"I've never seen such a pol... (Below threshold)

"I've never seen such a polarizing politian before." Are you talking about 0bama where half the country dispises him and the other half fawns, slobbers, and gushes over him?

I'd vote for Palin in a heartbeat over what we have occupying the White House now. She's a person of integrity, and means what she says, just the type of person we need more of.

The left fears her primarily because they know their guy's election was a fluke.

It took 0bama 2 years of non-stop campaigning, $750 million, thousands of media cheerleaders, and it still took a huge financial meltdown to drag him across the finish line. In a year where there was an unpopular republican president, an unpopular republican candidate trying to get a 3rd republican term, any generic democrat should have walked all over him, and won by 20 points, but 0bama only won by 7.

Come 2012, if Palin is the nominee, and I don't doubt she very well may be, all she will have to do is flip about 4 percent of the vote her way. She'll start with the 46 percent who voted McCain-Palin in 2008, she'll pick up another 1 percent, maybe more, for being the "historic" candidate, 2012 will see the approx 2 million republicans who sat out 2008, get to the polls, that's another 1.5 percent approxately. Then she'll easily win back at least half of the 15 percent of white who voted for 0bama that had previously voted for Bush, that will be another 3 percent of the general population vote. That will translate into about 6 percent of the vote, putting her at 52 percent of the popular vote. She'll retake NC and IN both of which 0bama won by only one half of one percent, she'll retake VA (they are about to elect a republcan governor in Nov) and she'll easily pickup OH, and MI, which now is suffering the highest unemployment rate in the country, and most likely pick up IA as well.

0bama won't be able to run on hope and change, he'll be forced to defend his ineffectual policies, lack of leadership, inflation, high unemployment, and weak foreign policy.

Hell, my cat could beat him.

That's why they fear her.

I, for one, LOVE her. How c... (Below threshold)
liberal troll:

I, for one, LOVE her. How could you not love someone who is so destructive to the republican party?

Palin/Bachmann 2012!!1!

They fear her for one reaso... (Below threshold)

They fear her for one reason and one reason only. She has the one thing all the top Republicans lack. Charismatic talent.

Have you seen Hucka-flea's show on Fox. ZZZZZZZZZZZ. If she had a show she would triple his ratings, falling down. Romney has the Q factor of a flea.

She has star power. How else do you dominate an obscure phrase like death panels from a facebook page. I still don't know what facebook is????

Why does the left fear S... (Below threshold)

Why does the left fear Sarah Palin so much?

I don't think the Left fears Sarah Palin.
They don't have enough foresight or intelligence for fear.

Sarah Palin makes them nervous because they can't comprehend her or counter her qualities.
That's why they just make things up about her.

Fear Palin? No. The left f... (Below threshold)
Hank Moody:

Fear Palin? No. The left fears that people are dumb enough to elect an incompetent moron again. She would be a puppet and we saw where that got us.

Yes I'm concerned that some... (Below threshold)

Yes I'm concerned that someone who thinks profits and earnings, not price to earnings, are a stock valuation, who doesn't slobber over foreign foes, and insult our allies. Who thinks the energy crisis can be solved by inflating tires, and capping all industrial production. Who has saddled us with a stimulus that doesn't work, and a health care plan that won't. Who attacks doctors, business executives
etc out of his well cultivated ignorance

It will be interesting to s... (Below threshold)
G Marshall:

It will be interesting to see how the Palin interview goes on the Oprah show Monday. I bet they will act like long lost friends even though Oprah endorsed Obama and banned McCain and Palin from appearing on her show pre-election. That might be one of her shows I will actually tune in for.

Yes Hank. We've seen over ... (Below threshold)

Yes Hank. We've seen over the last 9 months what a puppet in the executive branch gets us.

I think you read me wrong. ... (Below threshold)

I think you read me wrong. I'm not criticizing her for having a second house. Most politicians, especially on the national level, have at least 2 houses. That's why the home mortgage interest deduction on up to two houses will never go away.

My query was how she kept up her persona despite having 2 houses. You brought up Obama. How many people think he has an "I'm just an average American like you" persona? When someone has that persona, you expect them to live like average Americans. How many average Americans have 2 half-million dollar houses (plus some vacation cabins as well) and an airplane, even in Alaska? So I'm just wondering how she does it while so many others from similar (or worse) backgrounds who have achieved equal or greater success have totally lost the ability.

Which group will Sarah be r... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Which group will Sarah be representing:

the Tea Party Patriots (upstarts perhaps but they have the momentum) or the more established (well organized but some say complacent and tainted) Tea Party Express?

developing . . .

Oh abigail, I pity thee ill... (Below threshold)

Oh abigail, I pity thee illogical liberal mind. You forget the great liberal of all times Johnny Edwards and his two america's. Republicans and Conservatives praise achievement, earning and enjoying the fruits of the honest labor. You obviouly envy and are jealous of people who do. You must be one of the many with their hand out. Give me, give me, etc.

She has a plan like MOST Alaskans to get around the terrain. If you took some time during your envy session, you would find that out.

Palin's attackers is what turned off mainstream voters. They recognized hate for hate and piling on unfairly especially her family that was hit many times by liberals and of course the idiots here. Please, continue to conduct yourselves this way.

One other thing, just mentioning Palin has brought out the anticiapted liberal troll attack. Predictable and pathetic. ww

Christians have been persec... (Below threshold)

Christians have been persecuted since Jesus lived. He spoke of the risks of following him and I'm sure Sarah Palin understands this as she is a Christian. Paul also spoke of persecution in his letters to the Thessalonians. Persecution is just a fact of life for Christians but don't worry, Sarah will be just fine!!! God bless her and her family!!!

"the cold hard fact remains... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"the cold hard fact remains that she has huge electability issues."

RINO whistlin' past the graveyard. Counted bodies lately?

It's amazing. Just because ... (Below threshold)

It's amazing. Just because someone doesn't want Palin in office, they must be a liberal. It's quite amusing, because the only time I am ever accused of being a liberal is when I say anything that is not worshipful of Palin.

And I didn't even say anything all that bad. I just wondered how she was able to maintain her persona. John Edwards always had a "look at how much I achieved despite my background" persona, not an "I'm just an average American like you" persona, so comparing the two of them is like apples and oranges.

As to me, I am not a liberal, but a swing voter. There are some things the Republicans are absolutely correct on, and others I disagree with. I vote for the person, not the party. As for having my hand out, I've never even taken a Pell Grant. I have no need of government money, unlike so many unfortunate citizens who have been hit hard by the current economy.

This reminds me of Susan Es... (Below threshold)

This reminds me of Susan Estrich's attack on Ann Coulter, which included a cover that had her dressed as Coulter was on a recent cover. This only served to make Estrich look like a sawed off troll. She just couldn't pull it off and should have been embarrassed to have that cover go to publication.

Steve's still slathering on... (Below threshold)

Steve's still slathering on about his hatred for Palin? Does he ever tire of it? Does the Pope wear a tall hat?

"" .... (it's a) fact the (... (Below threshold)

"" .... (it's a) fact the (0zero) had paper thin "experience" before the campaign (or, come-to-that, has, right now!) ... ""

Compared to which the former entrepreneur/mayor/energy commissioner/state-governor/author's resume simply bulges!

"Yes, the hardcore right lo... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

"Yes, the hardcore right loves her, but the other 80% or so of voters aren't going to vote for her, she's damaged goods among them and there's nothing she can say or do that will change that impression"

Kind of like Master Sturm convincing us he voted for Reagan and did not so vote for Dear Leader; like he stands astride middle American polity.

Dan, Gallup a couple months back, documented fair-weather Indies deserting the Donks. In those polls the Republican affliates increased not a jot, remaining at 27%. The Donks now claim but 34%.

Palin is running from the GOP as an unannounced Independent, a wise strategy in this "Throw the bums" out climate.

Is Romney(Mass Healthcare, exCatholic-Mormon proselyte) or Pawlenty(I-35 bridge, government sponsored gambling) electable?






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