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Why is Anita Dunn still the White House Communications Director?


Via GetLiberty.Org.



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Becuase just like ADOLPH HI... (Below threshold)

Becuase just like ADOLPH HITLER our dicttator BARACK OBAMA depends on the finest propeganda artists ever and their little difference between ANITA DUNN and JOSEPH GOBBELS

This picture pretty much su... (Below threshold)

This picture pretty much sums it up:

I never really pictured Mao... (Below threshold)

I never really pictured Mao Zedong as a political philosopher. I do see him as a very succesful insurgency leader and a very succesful dictator/tyrant though... May he rot in the very depths of Hell.

As I have said all along it... (Below threshold)
jim m:

As I have said all along it's about ideology and ideology trumps everything else for Obama. Dunn has the correct (ie Communist) ideology.

Pull the trigger! Pull the ... (Below threshold)
Victory is Mao's:

Pull the trigger! Pull the trigger!

big difference between Cons... (Below threshold)

big difference between Conservatives and Leftists: we don't want ANYONE to have, let alone exercise the kind of media control the Obama Regime is exercising. and the media is LINING up (except Fox) for the "privilege" of doing his bidding.

A pat on the head from Gibbs & Dunn is the reward they seek.

During Bush's years the media was opnely hostile to him. Too histile, IMHO. But at least they were doing their "watchdog" role.

Now the ONLY media outlet trying to ask real questions of the Obama Regime is the media outlet they are seeking to destroy. Naturally.

Dunn is still Communication... (Below threshold)

Dunn is still Communications Director because she has done a great job controlling the MSM.

She hasn't had much luck with Fox, but that is being worked on.

No matter what she says, she's not going anywhere.

May he and Adolph and Che e... (Below threshold)

May he and Adolph and Che exchange rectal pineapples in hell...frequently.

The media won't confront th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The media won't confront the administration because they are all waiting for approval of tax exempt status and shortly thereafter federal subsidies for their declining operations.

Anitna Dunn and Joe gobbels... (Below threshold)

Anitna Dunn and Joe gobbels propeganda artists theres very little difference

re: jim mObama's u... (Below threshold)

re: jim m

Obama's used the 'carrot' (i.e. access) for ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/etc. However, that hasn't worked with Fox News so Obama is now attempting to employ the 'stick'.

_Mike_ That's beca... (Below threshold)
jim m:


That's because Fox actually has viewership and therefore can get a decent price for advertising. The other 'real' news orgs don't have that and are all dieing. They desperately need a bailout from the government. Plus they buy into the socialist agenda that Obama is trying to enact. They are willing to overlook all sorts of breeches of liberty and civil rights in order to achieve that goal.

Looks more like Hillary.</p... (Below threshold)

Looks more like Hillary.

The best part of Anita's sp... (Below threshold)
G Marshall:

The best part of Anita's speech was her excuse that the Mao comment was supposed to be a joke. Someone please tell her not to try out for a job as a stand up comedian please!

She is a shameless huckster... (Below threshold)

She is a shameless huckster for the worst elements of 20th century tyranny! Why isn't she gone? Because George Soros wants her there. Let's be real - he's our ACTUAL president and make no mistake, he'll hang onto the power he wields through his little hand puppet with the big ears as long as he possible can!

Because George Soros ... (Below threshold)

Because George Soros wants her there. Let's be real - he's our ACTUAL president

You are absolutely correct!!

Democratic Play Book: "Whe... (Below threshold)

Democratic Play Book: "When caught with your foot in your mouth (by telling the truth), just reply "IT WAS A JOKE". Odd, she wasn't laughing at the time. Doesn't one laugh at a joke?

Meanwhile, the "boycott" of... (Below threshold)

Meanwhile, the "boycott" of Fox has turned into an epic fail as the other "more newsy" news networks, as opposed to Fox this not a news network, refused to participate unless Fox was part of an interview of pay czar Ken Feinberg

Guess the lame stream media has an idea they ARE NEXT

Why is Anita Dunn still the... (Below threshold)

Why is Anita Dunn still the White House Communications Director?

Because those in charge of that decision actually listened to her entire quote, and can see that the right is distorting what she said.

John - It's not th... (Below threshold)
jim m:

John -

It's not that the right are distorting her position. She made a clear statement and I have heard the extended video of the speech and she is holding up a man who murdered 70 million people as someone to admire for his thinking. If she had merely quoted him it would be one thing, but she extolled him as one of her favorite philosophers.

She maintains her position because her love of Mao is completely mainstream within the current White House.

Why is the sky blue? Why is... (Below threshold)

Why is the sky blue? Why is Sandy Berger un-
scathed by his crime? Why is fat-ass Hillary
being reborn before our eyes? Why does a
vapid fop like Obama keep up the 'tude and
be praised daily on most networks? How can
the country accept the payout of taxpayers
resurrecting the evil big boys on Wall Street
that were defamed just months ago? Obama
is the puppet on the chain. Someone has to
trace the chain, link by link...before the
White House shouts "treason" and stifles
ALL dissent. If the country doesn't unite
against this cabal in the next 6 months,
this country is LOST.

but she extolled him as ... (Below threshold)

but she extolled him as one of her favorite philosophers.

As she did with Mother Teresa in the same comment. And since neither were political philosophers, it should be pretty obvious to anyone not fishing for a "gotcha!" moment that she was being facetious.

John,Couldn't it jus... (Below threshold)

Couldn't it just be that she is a poseur? An idiot?

Yes, SCSI, and John likes a... (Below threshold)

Yes, SCSI, and John likes and supports idiots. It's what the Left does. They were useful idiots for the Soviet Union and all of the stuff that ends up in the waste bin of history. It sucks to have no clue.






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