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Around the blogosphere

Michelle Malkin exposes the latest demagoguery from Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida -- Names of the Dead.com. The site is supposed to be a memorial to the "more than 44,000 Americans [who] die simply because they have no health insurance." Michelle goes into detail to explain how bogus the numbers cited at the website and by Grayson actually are. Read it and you'll see how incredibly "fishy" it all is. Where is that [email protected] site when you need it? Regarding the idea behind the site, I wonder what might be compiled at a site for all those around the world who have died as a result of government-run health care systems? How about a site that tracks all those around the world who have had their lives saved by coming to America to receive health care?

Today Lucianne.com has posted the George Bush "fly boy" picture. Lucianne posts the picture from time to time just to drive the Bush haters crazy, and because so many of her female readers love to look at it. The picture inspired Bookworm to write about the difference between Bush and Obama on Afghanistan. She points out that Obama declared Afghanistan of utmost urgency and top priority, yet while in office has not treated it as such. She wrote, "That picture is a brutal reminder that, when it came to his primary goal (Iraq) Bush accomplished his mission; Obama, meanwhile, accomplishes nothing." Reading her post it occurred to me that Bush was not able to respond as fully or promptly as needed to requests for more troops in Afghanistan because the need of troops in Iraq was deemed more immediate and critical at the time. Obama is not responding promptly to the place he declared the troops were in most need of assistance because he has been so busy spending the resources on a $787 billion "stimulus" plan that has resulted in more lost jobs and a $900 billion plus (plus, plus) health care scheme. (Scheme is AlGore lingo for plan.) [Update: the decider and the ditherer.]

The Anchoress posted an excellent piece of video from Penn Jillette discussing being yelled at by his idol, Tommy Smothers, for daring to go on the Glenn Beck show. She adds her always insightful commentary as well.

This week in my column at American Issues Project, I take a look at the miserable failure the so-called stimulus plan has been when it comes to achieving its stated goal -- creating jobs and keeping the unemployment rate from reaching 9 percent by next year. For those who don't already know it, the unemployment rate has already climbed to almost ten percent. I say that the President and Congress would do well to heed the physicians' tenet to "first do no harm" when it comes to the economy, because so far all the government has managed to do is mess things up worse than anyone could have predicted and the last thing we need is a second stimulus plan like the first.

Finally, if you need a distraction and a really good laugh, Rick at Brutally Honest has posted a hilarious video. Enjoy!


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Lorie, let's call it what i... (Below threshold)

Lorie, let's call it what it is, and quit ignoring those who have fallen off the radar and 'are no longer seeking jobs' because there aren't' any. The actual unemployment rate is probably up around 18%

I just got done going to "N... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

I just got done going to "Names of the Dead" and sharing the story of a close friend's wife dying in Vancouver of cancer after waiting for treatment.

It may not quite been the type of story they were looking for.






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