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Commendable Police Work

The mainstream media is often willing to jump all over police departments when mistakes are made, but law enforcement accomplishments often go unreported. The quick and effective work by local police in the horrific Somer Thompson case did not save her life, but greatly enhances their chances of catching the monster who murdered the little girl.

Somer vanished on her one-mile walk home from school Monday in a heavily populated residential area in the Jacksonville, FL suburb of Orange Park. Searchers combed the area before investigators, following garbage trucks that collected trash Tuesday, spotted her lifeless legs in a landfill about 50 miles away.

Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler said the quick discovery of Somer's body, two days after she disappeared, may have saved precious evidence that could lead to her killer. "Had we not done this tactic, I believe that body would have been buried beneath hundreds of tons of debris, probably would have gone undiscovered forever," Beseler said.

Sheriff Beseler also said investigators would soon be able to pinpoint the specific trash bin where the little girl was dumped by analyzing surrounding trash in the landfill. This makes the case much more likely to be solved.


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I live only a few miles fro... (Below threshold)

I live only a few miles from this family. It was one police officer who suggested they find where a dumpster, that had been parked in front of a nearby home being refurbished, was carried to. Somer disappeared Monday afternoon and that dumpster was hauled off the next morning. It was a lucky break on a hunch.

My heart goes out to this family and I hope they find this killer soon. I have two beautiful granddaughters that I fear for all the time knowing there are predators like that out there.

I too only live a few miles... (Below threshold)

I too only live a few miles away and although I am glad they were able to recover the body quickly for evidence and family closure, I'm still bewildered about the 1/2 day delay in the amber alert (not that it would have helped in this case). I hope that abandoned house turns up clues.

CDR M, no sooner did the ec... (Below threshold)

CDR M, no sooner did the economy start the downturn that Florida state authorities started on the "we'll have to cut needy services if we don't raise taxes" meme. One of the first things they said they'd have to cut was the Amber alert. I thought to myself, "Why not cut the graft and corruption first, you jerks?"

Am I the only one who think... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who thinks that the mother is acting very strange?
Sobbs without tears, wears fance ribbons in her hair, directs press conferences and vigils like a pro --- and always, always with an eye to the camera.
Then I noticed a plea for donations --- that really rubbed me the wrong way.
Cops, you need to check this woman out.

Disregard my votes - didn't... (Below threshold)

Disregard my votes - didn't know how to do them and got it all wrong.
that'll teach me!

Eddie, not sure what is bug... (Below threshold)

Eddie, not sure what is bugging you about the mother but she is clearly still in shock and you probably don't see tears as she has none left to cry. I helped in the search and have stood near her a few times. Nothing is wrong with her outside of the fact that someone killed her child. As for the ribbons, would it be better for you if she tied them on a tree instead? There are donations for the funeral and also for the reward to capture the perp. What did you think the donations were going for? She does live in a poor area of town.

Oyster, I kept hearing all ... (Below threshold)

Oyster, I kept hearing all the "scare" tactics from the pols too. Always fire and police are the first to get "cuts" but never, ever mention all of the extra's in the budget that never seem to get cut. It's enlightening when you go on the city's website and actually go over their budget and see what they spend money on. I remember seeing last year that St. Augustine had spent over half a mil on flowers so tourists could enjoy the city sign when they drove in. Kid you not.

Florida has a DEATH penalty... (Below threshold)

Florida has a DEATH penalty right!?

Here's hoping they get to use it.

I'd like give President PrompterBinky and his AG a REAL example of torture, performed on who ever killed this child.






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