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Hi, I'm a Democrat. And I'm a Republican.

Recently I found myself considering the purchase of a smart phone. All research suggested that no one has dethroned the iPhone but I discovered I'm unable to make the purchase. The reason? Those "Hi, I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC." ads. I cannot abide those advertisements. When you boil down to it, those commercials paint Apple as the cool kids, the smart ones, the guy who will get the girl while their competitors are the fat, dumb geeks that will find themselves shoved into a locker before lunch. It is not enough that Apple is good. It is that everyone else is moronic. Why is the second part necessary?

This attitude carries over into politics and I find it just as distasteful there. So little of politics are actually discussions of the issues of the day. Far too much of politics is making outlandish statements and getting a good zinger off on the national stage. What's worse is the self-congratulatory smugness with which people are proud of this behavior.

Yesterday, Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL) was on the Chris Matthews show discussing Dick Cheney and his recent comments about Afghanistan. Actually, I'm giving too much credit there, as the reall issues of Afghanistan, the Taliban, and proper military strategy were not up for discussion. Instead we get the following soundbite.

I have trouble listening to what he says sometimes because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he's talking. But, my response is this- He's just angry because the president doesn't shoot old men in the face. By the way, when he was done speaking did he just turn into a bat and fly away?
Really? I didn't watch the video linked at Gateway Pundit but did Grayson tell the audience to tip their waitresses? Because comments like that should be reserved for stand-up comics not U.S. House of Representative members.

More after the break ...

Also linked at Gateway Pundit was more idiocy, this time from Mathews himself. Unable to handle anyone criticizing Obama, he blurts out:

What kind of g*d d*mn award are they giving these guys?
If by awards he means the laughably distributed Nobel Peace Prize, I'm sure Mr. Cheney is happy to have been overlooked.

This is all reminiscent of things we've seen before during the last election. Who could forget the doctored photos of McCain that the Atlantic ran with? They expressed shock and disappointment at the photographer responsible, but she didn't share their embarrassment. Quite to the contrary she was boastfully proud of what she had done and took the childish behavior even further.


My question of the day is why the people that insist on such behavior think it is an effective political strategy? While I am quite comfortable with my views on topics such as small government, socialized health care, and terrorism I actually enjoy discussing them with people who have differing points of view. Just so long as we are actually focused on the issues themselves. Ranting that everyone who thinks differently is a moron or a, um, vampire, does not form the basis for an intelligent discussion. Being oppressively smug about your perceived intellectual and moral superiority is not going to gain you any respect.

This actually holds for people on both sides of the aisle. Calling liberals 'libtards' and the like is inappropriate and unnecessary. For example, there are clear, quantitative reasons that a gigantic, bloated, socialized health care proposal during a recessed (depressed?) economy is a historically bad idea. That is enough of a target for political discussion. The childish banter is tiresome and I can only hope that America grows weary of it.


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Grayson is a clown and the ... (Below threshold)

Grayson is a clown and the poster child for the mid-terms. More than likely this nut with be replaced by a Republican come 2011.

This is a great, timely, al... (Below threshold)

This is a great, timely, alas-not-likely-to-make-a-difference post. If there's a way to give it a 10 score, I haven't figured it out. Come to think of it, I haven't figured out how to vote on it at all.

So...I hereby give it a ten.


Grayson should be congratul... (Below threshold)

Grayson should be congratulated for being the good little attack dog that he is. That way Barry, Nancy and Harry can keep their hands clean and pontificate 'from the high moral ground'. Grayson has yet to realize that his shtick wears thin real fast and might well come back to haunt him later. At which point he'll find no backing from Barry and Company.

Grayson - Clown, and one hi... (Below threshold)

Grayson - Clown, and one hit wonder who got in on the "he ain't bush" (like obama) platform.

He's gone after one term.

I don't understand how your... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

I don't understand how your lead paragraph relates to the rest of your post ... in fact, it sort of contradicts the rest of your post. If the iPhone has the features that you want and you're willing to pay the price, why should you refrain from buying it just because you don't like the ads -- or worse, because you're afraid of what other people will think of you?

It makes as much sense as saying, "Well, I'm tempted to vote conservative, because I believe in conservative principles and think the course the Democrats and "progressives" have set for the country decreases our security and erodes our freedoms ... but gee, if I did that, then everyone would think I listen to Rush Limbaugh and I can't stand Rush Limbaugh."

This thing, it makes no sense. And no, I don't own an iPhone.

Sorry to be unclear Mike. ... (Below threshold)
Dan Karipides:

Sorry to be unclear Mike. Limited amount of space for text and I had already used the extended entry.

My point is that when you try to persuade me using the argument of "I am superior, the other guy is a moron, listen to me!" I tune out. It doesn't matter if you have a pushing a good product (iPhone) or a bad product (nationalized health care).

The "apple guy" in those commercials is smug and proud of it. He clearly thinks he is better and wants you to join the club so you can be superior with him.

People who push global warming often think they are better than those "stupid Republicans who don't accept science." They are very smug about their decision to by a hybrid. They so want you to buy a hybrid to so you can join the club and be superior with them.

To me it the same mindset, same attitude and repellent regardless of what is being peddled.

Gone after one term?... (Below threshold)
Just John:

Gone after one term?
The GOP can't find anyone willing to run against him!

Just John ...you are a moro... (Below threshold)

Just John ...you are a moron...mucho Republicans are jostling to run against him. Get your facts straight. Oh? your a lib...facts don't matter as much as your delusions do they?

Meh, Apple drivers have alw... (Below threshold)

Meh, Apple drivers have always had the 'we're superior to you low life PC denizens that are always being 'infected'.

Then again, I always point out to the pin heads that they have less than 10% of the market share and their OS is just as prone to security issues as the Windows OS. They also cost more and have less native software available.

Politicians have the same mindset, unfortunately most politicians seem to be that way now.

Michael,Whod did y... (Below threshold)
Just John:


Whod did you have in mind? Anyone?

Daniel Webster-out
Rich Crotty-out
Tim Seneff-out
Steve Precourt-out

Maybe Feeny or Keller are available?






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