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How to deal with a moonbat feminist

Instinct, from Life in 3D, runs works at a bookstore and tells of her his recent encounter with what Rush aptly calls a feminazi. We pick things up after the initial face to face:

Ten minutes later, as I'm showing another customer to 1984 I run across her in Literature looking around and she barges in to the conversation I'm having with my customer and sneers "Where is the section on Women's rights?"

I tell her again "It's upstairs and I'll be happy to take you to it as soon as I am done here."

"No, I can fine it myself." Note the lack of a 'thank you'.

Sooo, as you can probably guess, I end up helping another customer find the Christianity section, which is upstairs, and as we get to the top of the escalator that same woman is standing in the middle of Independent Readers YELLING "Is there SOMEONE ACTUALLY WORKING here who can HELP ME!!!!"

Once again (because we were slammed with customers) I offer to show her the section and she is bitching the whole way about how the women's studies section should be near the front of the store because it's so important and how this author's book should be on display because she's doing a signing tour in California right now and she's a NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNIST!!

Well, we get there and we have no copies. She flips her sh*t over it and repeats how wonderful this writer is and how we should all be required to read her crap and then says "Why don't you have 900 copies here?!?! You have plenty of room! Her book should be displayed all over the store to inspire women everywhere about what they can do!"

I had to.

I know it was wrong but what can you do when the set up is that perfect?

"Well, ma'am, we were going to but we're saving that spot for Sarah Palin."




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Comments (13)

In dealing with such a pers... (Below threshold)

In dealing with such a person on one occasion, I'd finally had enough and stated; "Lady, I'm about to treat you as I would another man. I'm going to haul off and knock you flat on your uncivil ass." Nearby customers gave me a standing ovation.

Perfect! Absou friggin lout... (Below threshold)

Perfect! Absou friggin loutly PERFECT!!

Naughty, naughty (wags fing... (Below threshold)

Naughty, naughty (wags finger)...

You betcha!... (Below threshold)

You betcha!

Oh, what I would give to se... (Below threshold)

Oh, what I would give to see that woman's reactionary expression...



"How to deal with ... (Below threshold)

"How to deal with a moonbat feminist"

Refer to all TinaS posts and responses.

Clean up on the Ug... (Below threshold)

Clean up on the Ugly-Chick Lit Aisle!

Yes.... (Below threshold)


Instinct, you rogue. Sarah... (Below threshold)

Instinct, you rogue. Sarah should send you an autographed copy with a thank you note.

Hate. It's the new black.

Shoulda first delivered the... (Below threshold)

Shoulda first delivered the United States of America's President and Armed-Forces Commander-In-Chief-Elect Sarah Louise Heath Palin line.

And then knocked whatever it was on its feminazi arse!

(Il)liberalism is a Derangement.


Crazy ding-bats acting like... (Below threshold)

Crazy ding-bats acting like crazy moonbats what could be worse?

Nice one! These feminazis ... (Below threshold)

Nice one! These feminazis need to understand that if you act like a jerk people may not react very positively. Cause and effect.






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