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One Nation Under God....But Not at Home Depot

An employee at Home Depot was fired for wearing an American flag pin that said, ""One nation under God, indivisible.":

For more than a year, Keezer says none of his managers mentioned the button on his Home Depot apron, except one supervisor who commented she liked it.

"She actually wanted to wear it," Keezer said.

Then, last month, when he started bringing his Bible to work, Keezer says his manager confronted him about the button.

"That's when I was told it had to come off, or I would be sent home. So they sent me home for six straight days without pay. And then today they terminated me," he said.

Craig Fishel, a spokesman for The Home Depot, said he could not comment on specific personnel issues, but added, "The company's dress code policy states that we do not allow noncompany buttons, regardless of their message or content."

Fishel says Home Depot has a "proud history" of supporting the military, and that it sanctions several of its own buttons for employees to wear, including one that reads: "United We Stand

I understand that a business has a right to enforce their policies.

But the public also has a right to shop somewhere else (like say, Lowe's??) if they think that those policies are incongruent with their own.

So now that you know, what is your policy on Home Depot?


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Comments (24)

"...he started bringing his... (Below threshold)

"...he started bringing his Bible to work."

You take the King's coin, you do the king's work and follow his rules. Sounds like they were accommodating until he pushed the envelope.

By By to the home depot. Sm... (Below threshold)

By By to the home depot. Small case on Purpose.

I agree with GarandFan: it ... (Below threshold)

I agree with GarandFan: it sounds like the worker was doing more than just wearing that button.

Not too long ago American c... (Below threshold)

Not too long ago American companies were proud to have the flag associated their business. I am with mine. The weenie PC police have gotten away with too much too long and the backlash will be brutal. As far as the Bible is concerned if, he was reading it on company time that would be tantamount to stealing the companies time. When he should be working. If he read it on break or lunch it should not be a problem. Need more info on what the facts is.

Home Depot has the right to... (Below threshold)

Home Depot has the right to fire anyone who refuses to follow company policy. They gave the guy 6 days to comply and he refused, he wasn't fired without warning. I have no sympathy. Its like GarandFan said: "You take the King's coin, you do the king's work and follow his rules."

A few years ago Home Depot ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

A few years ago Home Depot was running an ad that portrait a husband as a fool. They got some complaints and have toned down the man bashing. I understand that politically white men are the only unprotected group and fair game for any kind of distain. What Home Depot didn't understand was that what's acceptable politically is not acceptable commercially. White men may be powerless to change the political reality, but they don't have to take crap from a business that seems to sell the kind of stuff men buy more than women. And it's not like Home Depot doesn't have any competition. This is just another nail in their coffin.

I have no way of knowing fo... (Below threshold)

I have no way of knowing for sure, but I'd bet there is more to this story. The comment about the Bible is a hint that something else was going on.

I'll stay agnostic on this one.

Hey folks, Home Depot doesn... (Below threshold)
peter the bellhop:

Hey folks, Home Depot doesn't allow anything extra on their aprons. A few years ago they ran into an equal rights problem with them so they made their policy of nothing but the company on them. Give them a break on this one folks, please. Many there would like nothing better than to exhibit things on their aprons. It was a hard decision to make, but they were forced to make it. I wear an American flag/USO pen to work sometimes, I'm probably skirting our rules a little there. I'm just fortunate that I have a very good relationship with the people there. They had told me not to wear a GOP pen on the lapel.

So please, lets give the Depot a break here folks.

"That's when I was told it ... (Below threshold)

"That's when I was told it had to come off, or I would be sent home. So they sent me home for six straight days without pay. And then today they terminated me," he said."

Why did'nt You just move it from their work apron to Your personal clothing chowderhead?

More from the linked articl... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

More from the linked article:

As for Keezer, he says he didn't set out to make a religious statement, but now that he has, he believes he's done the right thing.

"I want to be a voice for the rest of the Christians and for the citizens of this country to stand up for the country. You know, quit being told to sit down. Say what you want to say and don't be afraid of the consequences," he said.

Personally, I would rather not be proselytized when I go pick something up at Home Depot. He can push his religious beliefs on his own time.

When these stores do this t... (Below threshold)

When these stores do this then its time to boycott them and send a letter to their corprate HQ letting them know why

The persistent anti-Christi... (Below threshold)

The persistent anti-Christian bias is just too much. It will be Lowe's for me.

TN Shad

Bellhop,When I go ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


When I go to WalMart or Best Buy I see women working their who are wearing a hijab. In the few occasions I have had to interact with these employees I was pleasantly surprised by their knowledge and their English. What would Home Depot do if someone like this applied for a job; discriminate against them because of their religion? Home Depot is not the government and if other big companies can accommodate religious dress up to and including wearing a hijab, then Home Depot could allow for the far less obvious religious displays in this story if they didn't have their collective head up their collective ass.

As long as HomeDepot is bei... (Below threshold)

As long as HomeDepot is being consistent (i.e. nothing on your apron that isn't put there by management), I have no problem with this.

If it were a few years back and the man were wearing a "Bush lied..." pin and was required to take it off, I doubt the responses here would be the same.

I am not about to do a boyc... (Below threshold)

I am not about to do a boycott on Home Depot for something like this. Does sound like there may have been more to it than what is presented. If I can laugh at the Libs for their useless boycott of Whole Foods then I can laugh at anyone boycotting Home Depot.

Home Depot is just a hack o... (Below threshold)

Home Depot is just a hack outfit that cannot even order the right materials for a professional to use their store, so I stopped shopping there unless it was stupid to go somewhere else, like the job was right down the street and I needed something really bad.
This story further fortifies my bad feelings about them. I am a construction contractor and have had to walk through 20 or 30 illegal aliens all lined up in front of Home Depot on their property. To me that is un American to allow a licensed insured bonded law abiding guy to have to compete against that. I guess for Home Depot it is all about the $$$$ not about God or Country. It is very sad. May they go the way of all bad business practicioners and I would not shed a tear.

Rich puts his own interests... (Below threshold)

Rich puts his own interests above our rights like a typical liberal

<a href="http://friendlyath... (Below threshold)
James H:

Friendly Atheist also covers this.

What the public does not kn... (Below threshold)

What the public does not know is that this former associate was offered the Home Depot patriotic pin, approved for our dress code policy, which states, "United We Stand". If this foolish former associate really bled Orange, he would have taken the pin off, and proudly put on the pin consistent with THD's dress code. Keep in mind...my pay check says, "The Home Depot"...if the dress code says I cannot wear that pin, but here is a pin I can wear...guess what...I'm wearing the pin my Company says I can wear. It's really as simple as that.

He wore the pin for over a ... (Below threshold)

He wore the pin for over a year with no problems. He was fired after reading his Bible on his own personal break. Sounds like somebody didn't like his religion to me!

all rligious groups should ... (Below threshold)
mike sferrazza:

all rligious groups should not buy at homedepot as a protest.this pin states one nation under god. doesnt state whos god only god .many people believe in a god and should not lose their jabs because of it. so boycott the home depot and shop elsewhere.

all religious groups should... (Below threshold)
mike sferrazza:

all religious groups should boycott the home depot because of this rediculas firing.the pin says one nation under god. that means everybodys god.

"One nation under God" - ri... (Below threshold)

"One nation under God" - right from the pledge of allegience. I guess Home Depot does not back the pledge. And what's wrong with reading your Bible during your break? Would it be different if it was the Koran?

No one should be asked to c... (Below threshold)

No one should be asked to check who they are at the door. If it was interfering with his job that's one thing, otherwise do our country's laws not protect individual freedoms at work as well? Companies do not have the right to strip individuals of their rights.






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