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This just in...

... the sky's blue, water's wet, the Obama administration is the most divisive in history and Iran's hellbent on building nuclear weapons:

U.S. and European officials are becoming convinced a newly revealed Iranian facility was meant to produce nuclear weapons, intelligence sources say.

Citing two unnamed former senior U.S. officials involved in high-level discussions about Iran, The Washington Post reported Saturday the site at Qom has altered previously accepted theories that Iran had given up efforts to enrich uranium in secret.

The sources said U.S. and European officials are reassessing a 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that concluded any secret uranium processing activities "probably were halted" by Tehran in 2003 and had not been restarted.

"Qom changed a lot of people's thinking, especially about the possibility of secret military enrichment" of uranium, one of the former officials told the Post. The newspaper intelligence officials have determined Iran planned to place only 3,000 centrifuges in the plant -- too few to furnish fuel for a civilian power plant but enough to produce weapons-grade material for three nuclear bombs per year.

Interesting that the article starts with officials "becoming convinced".

Short of a mushroom cloud, what in hell does it take?



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Comments (8)

The 2007 NIE was a piece of... (Below threshold)

The 2007 NIE was a piece of political bullshit. Anyone who was connected with writing that report should have been fired.

The little problem with the... (Below threshold)

The little problem with the NIE, 2007 report is that the politicos who wrote that report knew about the Qom plant, and decided to write bullshit anyway. Who has America's back? Actually I really don't know!

Given the left's disdain fo... (Below threshold)

Given the left's disdain for ANYTHING "pre-emptive," well, for them, the mushroom cloud IS what it's going to take. Frightening, but true.

Every single Libiot elected... (Below threshold)

Every single Libiot elected official was firmly convinced that Hussein had WMD's and was an immediate threat while Clintoon was in office and I have several pages of direct quotes and letters proving exactly what they said. However, that didn't stop their selective memories from completely denying the same when their virtueless agenda called for it.

They will say and do whatever they think will provide them power and money at our expense...with our very lives.

After Iran nukes up, Venezu... (Below threshold)

After Iran nukes up, Venezuela will be next.

This is all Fox News' fault... (Below threshold)
Axel of evil:

This is all Fox News' fault.

And don't forget the eeeeev... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

And don't forget the eeeeevil George Booooooooossssh. It's his fault as well.

Fox, Bush, what's the diffe... (Below threshold)

Fox, Bush, what's the difference?






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