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The Lizard Blinks

A couple of weeks ago, I had a bit of my say about the devolution of Charles Johnson and Little Green Footballs. In the course of that article, I cited a few quotes from the LGF Dictionary which seemed decidedly at odds with the current direction of the site.

Well, Charles apparently agreed with me, because the vaunted LGF Dictionary is no more.

It still lives on in Google's cache, for now and I was foresighted enough (for once) to save a LGF Dictionary.pdf copy on my laptop.

I'd be curious to hear Charles' reasoning for deleting the dictionary...


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Comments (12)

Poor Chuckles devolution in... (Below threshold)

Poor Chuckles devolution into the fever swamps is almost complete. He's the DKos wannabe, PuffHost minion and a veritable loon.
Congrats Charles, you are a laughing stock.

I just banned the entire so... (Below threshold)
Chuckles Johnson:

I just banned the entire solar system.

Kind of sad - but he's been... (Below threshold)

Kind of sad - but he's been going in strange directions for a while now. That's too bad - I used to enjoy LGF, but it's certainly not what it was.

Seems everything comes with... (Below threshold)

Seems everything comes with an expiration date now.

He's like the schoolyard bu... (Below threshold)

He's like the schoolyard bully. He took his ball and went home. Except he didn't go home yet. Too bad. Well, one can always hope.

Being banned by LGF is now ... (Below threshold)

Being banned by LGF is now a badge of honor.

How soon till Excitable Chu... (Below threshold)

How soon till Excitable Chucky changes his commenting rules?

I also banned the Antares N... (Below threshold)
Charles Johnson:

I also banned the Antares Nebula.

I think we should all uploa... (Below threshold)

I think we should all upload copies of the dictionary pdf to our own sites. I have. Nothing like a proliferating document to raise it high in google page rank for searches for lgf.

I wonder if Comment #17 wou... (Below threshold)

I wonder if Comment #17 would get Charles banned nowadays.

Well, so much for Charles' ... (Below threshold)

Well, so much for Charles' claims that he isn't the one that's changed in the last few years!!! First embracing the "Fake But Accurate" gambit and now sending parts of his own site down "The Memory Hole".

If Excitable Chucky wants t... (Below threshold)

If Excitable Chucky wants to be consistent, he should not just purge the offending LGF dictionary, he should ban himself for having published it.






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