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Two devastatingly truthful anti-Obamacare ads

First up, from the folks at LetFreedomRingUSA.com:

The second, from the GOP:

Obama and his psychophantic followers and supporters would be hard-pressed to find fault with either of these ads.




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Find fault? Silly, these a... (Below threshold)

Find fault? Silly, these ads are racist by definition. They don't support Obama.

Whaya talking about? Youse ... (Below threshold)
Papa Ray:

Whaya talking about? Youse have messed with those videos, they are all made up lies that you had somebody else taking. I can tell dos arew not Obama's werds.

Get offa it.

What do You mean? Obama is ... (Below threshold)

What do You mean? Obama is not telling us to "Do as I say, not as I do!", there is no hypocrisy here.

But...but...Barry's the Mes... (Below threshold)

But...but...Barry's the Messiah! HE can commit no error. There must be a mistake, maybe HE never said that. Maybe the videos are fake. HE is going to fix health care, cure the economy, clear the skies. Tame the oceans. HE said so.

Senate Democratic ... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:
Senate Democratic leaders are close to securing enough votes to advance a sweeping healthcare reform backed by President Barack Obama, a top Senate Democrat said on Sunday, adding that it likely would include a national health plan that would allow states the option of dropping out.

Senator Charles Schumer, a member of the Senate Democratic leadership team, said he is pushing a compromise that would create a new national health insurance plan and allow states to opt out. The proposed public plan would compete on a level playing field with other insurers, he said.

Allowing states to opt out - I wonder how many states will choose to lock out a public option?


"I wonder how many states w... (Below threshold)

"I wonder how many states will choose to lock out a public option?"

The obvious answer is none, since ALL states will be contributing taxpayer dollars.

Now if the HONEST question were, "How many states would opt out IF THEY GOT TO KEEP THOSE TAXPAYER DOLLARS AT HOME?" - then you'd have a horse race.

"Senate Democratic leaders ... (Below threshold)

"Senate Democratic leaders are close to securing enough votes to advance a sweeping healthcare reform backed by President Barack Obama"

But be careful what you wish for VIC. If it's as big a mess as it looks right now, you Democrats will OWN IT. Just like that fantastical STIMULUS that was going to hold unemployment below 8%. And didn't.






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