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About That "New Obama Era" of Foreign Relations

Seems the Afghani's didn't get the Memo.

Afghan protest over 'burnt Koran'
There have been protests in the Afghan capital, Kabul, over allegations that foreign troops in the country burnt a copy of the Koran.

By Andrew North
BBC News

Hundreds of Kabul University students led the latest protest, burning an effigy of US President Barack Obama.

The US-led Nato force has denied the claims, saying it has investigated the incident in Wardak province and found the allegations to be groundless.

The local authorities there have so far supported Nato.

Than again, it may have less to do with who is in the White House than with the fundamental differences between Western Society and Islamic Society.


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Comments (8)

Bet We dont see any of thes... (Below threshold)

Bet We dont see any of these "Dont have to torch up an effigy", videos on CNN.

No one else reported the in... (Below threshold)

No one else reported the incidents. If it is true then its shameful for the people of the government. It will cause the break between people and forces.

"Hundreds of Kabul Universi... (Below threshold)

"Hundreds of Kabul University students led the latest protest, burning an effigy of US President Barack Obama."

Any excuse to get out of midterms.

ABC also reported it. As i... (Below threshold)

ABC also reported it. As it being true, it is as true as true as The "FLUSHING" incident in GITMO. The base remembers that and are using it to their advantage. So when you provide the enemies of the US with good propaganda they will use to their own ends not just against the BUSH administration.

See though, if we went in w... (Below threshold)

See though, if we went in with overwhelming force (of which we are more than capable) we could end this quickly and the Afghani people would appreciate what we did for them. Instead we are trying to be a police force, teachers, trash men, a lot of things the Military is not designed to be and it shows.

Turn them loose or bring them home. If you keep going the way we are going you will only cause the dissent against them to grow amongst the population. They are seen as occupiers because they are not carrying out military type campaigns against the enemy, but instead setting up shop locally and trying to impose our will on their way of life.

I still can't understand ho... (Below threshold)

I still can't understand how Mohammedans got their reputation for being ignorant, violent, irrational, and stupid. It's one of life's mysteries, I guess.

With all that 'energy' mayb... (Below threshold)

With all that 'energy' maybe it's time those "students" got their asses drafted and put into uniform.

The only fundamental differ... (Below threshold)

The only fundamental difference is that if Bush was still in office ol' Wolf boy would have a prime time CNN special on how the Afghans hate Bush and America. Burn O-man in effigy, crickets chirping.






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