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Author Tryouts - Reaction Thread

So we've had individual days of author tryouts, and then a free-for-all tryout period. I wanted to see each person individually, then everyone together.

As I review the tryout, one of the pieces of information I'm very interested in is Wizbang reader feedback.

Who did you like? Who didn't you like? Should we bring on just one person, some combination of authors, or everyone?

Those are just some of the possible pieces of information you can weigh in with. All feedback will be considered.



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Comments (23)

For what it's worth, I thin... (Below threshold)

For what it's worth, I think all should be brought on. Each has a story to tell, each has viewpoints that are enlightening and thought provoking.

It'd be pretty hard to narrow down the field - they were all good.

I agree with JLawson, I fou... (Below threshold)

I agree with JLawson, I found I was reading the site more because it had more content. It seemed also that the breaking stories got on Wizbang faster this time around. This crop of writers were all very good for the site in my opinion.

I agree with Jlawson.... (Below threshold)

I agree with Jlawson.

Well, for starters you can ... (Below threshold)

Well, for starters you can get rid of Hooson who's doing his best to turn Pop blue. He's over there now mocking McCain for his POW injuries and computer use a la Obey-Won last year. Yeah, that sort of thing fits what you're trying to do with Pop, right?

From there, just about anything else is an improvement. And if you do bring on a bunch, some will inevitably get sick of it and drop out, that way hopefully you'll get one or two to stick.

Please don't lose Jay Tea. ... (Below threshold)

Please don't lose Jay Tea. I'm addicted!

I vote for that new guy Jay... (Below threshold)

I vote for that new guy Jay Tea.

Since I don't have the guts... (Below threshold)

Since I don't have the guts to post an article of my own, I'd vote for anyone who has submitted anything at this point. Everyone is entitled to their point of view. If the post is crap, people will let their feelings be known. As someone else mentioned, some may tire after awhile and drop out.

They all did an admirable j... (Below threshold)

They all did an admirable job and made it very interesting and entertaining.

Everyone is entitled to the... (Below threshold)

Everyone is entitled to their point of view BUT everyone is not entitled to be given an online forum in which to express their views.

It's a group blog already and adding new voices from time to time makes sense. But when it comes to adding, I'd prefer quality over quantity. Pick one or two that are the most interesting.

I agree with JLawson and Ch... (Below threshold)

I agree with JLawson and Chip. I come here often and since the most recent auditions began I feel the site has been much more active. It would take some more posts from your fine candidates to narrow my choices if that is an absolute necessity.

I find the posts interestin... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

I find the posts interesting but I have a tendency to not pick out the authors' names in many cases. It takes a while to get the feel of the individuals. I do like JT and I find myself reading the others with interest. Perhaps the increased list would actually make things better as there would be less of a deadline pressure. However, you would have to be careful be keep up the number and quality of the postings.

I vote for Jay Tea as well.... (Below threshold)

I vote for Jay Tea as well. It's good to have him back!

Kevin,Wizbang is a... (Below threshold)


Wizbang is a comments blog absolutely reliant on a wizbang comments thread, thus it may be in Wizbangblog's interest to discontinue the position of comments editor of the hyperactive kind traceable to the 2005-2006 Bush collapse , which was taken too much to heart, and which echoes down still in the person of Ms Whitton (last I checked).

New authors? Sure.

Bring them all on board.</p... (Below threshold)

Bring them all on board.

Different points of views, interesting reading on a wide range of topics and all good writers.

/just my $0.02

I can't stand that Jay Tea ... (Below threshold)
James H:

I can't stand that Jay Tea guy. I think he eats puppies just for fun.

More the merrier for now.<b... (Below threshold)

More the merrier for now.

I heard that Rick guy is a ... (Below threshold)

I heard that Rick guy is a stud muffin...

I think he eats puppies ... (Below threshold)

I think he eats puppies just for fun.

Does he run them through a blender first?

I've only had the privilege... (Below threshold)

I've only had the privilege of being an author at Wizbang for a year, and I know nothing about operating a website, but here are my humble thoughts:

In the context of Kevin's search for a "news junkie," or "linker" type author(s), it might be cool to add something like a "Wizbang News" page.

Readers could get current news and events in a more immediate context there, and they could get commentary/opinion style posts here on the "Main" page.

The two pages would not have to be mutually exclusive.

My only concern is that events happen so quickly, articles of both kinds may get lost or diluted in an "information overload" posted on a single page. Unless there is a way to extend the amount of postings allowed on one page.

I'll stop now.


Kevin,I think all ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


I think all the authors did a good job and it would be nice to read more of their work. One suggestion is to let the current authors post as they desire, but assign each new author to post one or two specific days a week to even out the content stream. On some days there are so many new pieces that interesting discussions are swept down the page too quickly while at other times there's only one or two new pieces all day. In my opinion, assigned posting days allows for more authors in total, and thus, more variety. It also keeps the burn out rate lower and gives authors more time to fully develop their stories.

Regardless of what you decide I want to thank you for Wizbang and for continually seeking ways to improve on an already great site.

Mac, that's an excellent id... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Mac, that's an excellent idea, and one I had not considered. I'll surely keep that idea in mind.

I agree with Shawn and Mac.... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I agree with Shawn and Mac. I think there is value in focusing on posts for a time to allow extended debate/thought on topics. I don't have a problem with any of the new 'applicants' but none of them fit the strict criterion Kevin outlined IMO - If you're looking for another Glenn Reynolds. They all seem like more of the same to me, not that that's a bad thing.

I heard that 914 hates trol... (Below threshold)

I heard that 914 hates trolls..






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