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Democrat Ad Fuels Hatred Toward Doug Hoffman Because He's Rich

This is some of the manipulative class warfare I think I've ever seen from the party that now represents the wealthiest districts in the country. I can't imagine the Democrats' constituents like it when their elected representatives try to drum up hatred for them by insinuating they attained their wealth at the expense of the poor. The ad truly is unseemly:

And what about this dastardly rich fat cat that Democrats are imploring voters to hate? Well, he was raised in a single parent home and grew up poor. From his campaign website:

Doug Hoffman is a product of upstate New York. The second of four children, he was raised by a single mother in Saranac Lake in the heart of the Adirondack Park. At an early age Doug started working to help his mother pay the bills. By the time he was fourteen he was pumping gas at a local service station and in his free time he'd help out the mechanics. Before he turned sixteen he had totally rebuilt a 1955 Chevrolet which was to be was to become his first car and the first example of the grit, determination, and "can do" attitude that has led Doug through life.

Though he graduated near the top of his class at Saranac Regional High, his future looked bleak. He simply could not afford the cost of a college education, but local business and civic leaders believed in him and soon raised the scholarship money he needed. Over the course of his undergraduate career Doug attended North Country Community College, SUNY Canton and graduated in 1973 from SUNY Plattsburgh with a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting.

Not quite the idyllic upbringing of a Kennedy.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Update: Bookworm would like to take up a few Democrats on their new argument that being wealthy is a disqualifier for holding elected office.


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A self-made man who shows a... (Below threshold)

A self-made man who shows a strong inclination for personal initiative and hard work since an early age in addition to having conservative bona fides and a classic car collection? I understand why the Dems would think this guy is unfit for elected office. A passive-aggressive metrosexual who fanatsizes about being a basketball stud would be more to their liking, it would seem.

Maybe the dims will use the... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

Maybe the dims will use the same add tactic against Corzine the Corrupt's reelection bid.

Oooppps, probably not.

I mean against Corzine's op... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

I mean against Corzine's opponent.

It's all in the 'nuance'...... (Below threshold)

It's all in the 'nuance'....and what party you are affiliated with. Rich, spoiled Kennedy, or member of the wealthy Hollywood elite with a "D".....good. Conservative, Republican + rich, then you are obviously an exploiter of the poor and therefore are EVIL.

See? "Nuance".

Lookin out for Himself?? WT... (Below threshold)

Lookin out for Himself?? WTF? Who the hell else He supposed to look out for?

The down trodden huddled masses of lesser real Americans that the gesticulator in chief condescends to grace with His prescence in some kinda sick daily ritual?

10% Unemployment in 2010<b... (Below threshold)

10% Unemployment in 2010
Trillions more in debt

If we have any more successful democrat economic polices it all over.

This is nothing new. Those... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

This is nothing new. Those who were born rich (Democrats) have always had a strong distain for those who became rich through their own efforts (Republicans).

Pretty dumb move when the <... (Below threshold)

Pretty dumb move when the latest available figures on "congressional wealth" show 7 out of the top ten (counting the dead Teddy, but the 11th in line is a dem)are dems.

So yeah, lets start demonizing all those rich bastards. Starting with Kerry considering he screwed his way into wealth. (that image brings bile to my throat)






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