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Get A Horse!

Last week, my boss had to go on a business trip with his boss. They carpooled, and as is often the case, Boss 2 rented a car and Boss 1 rode along. I got to see them off in the rental Prius.

Well, kinda.

About a minute after they left the front door, I noticed they were still sitting out front. So I stuck my head out the door and made "shoo" gestures.

A couple of minutes later, they were still there. So I stuck my head out the door again.

Boss 2 rolled down the window. "Jay, go on Google and look up how to start a Prius!"

Apparently it was running when he got it, and he didn't know how to re-start it.

"No problem. Step one: GET A REAL CAR!"

Then I actually Googled it up -- and it turns out that starting certain models of Prius is actually a bit of work.

Step 1: Take the "key" (which looks like a remote-starter fob) and insert it into a slot in the dash.

Step 2: Press down on the brake.

Step 3: Press the "POWER" button on the dash.

But that isn't enough. The Prius starts in electric mode, so there's no engine sound to tell you that you're ready to go. You just shift into "forward" or "reverse" and get going.

(One guy was so put out by this that he posted a video on YouTube on how to do it -- which I found most helpful in getting rid of my bosses.)


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Comments (14)

LOL - I had the exact same ... (Below threshold)
Reid Smith:

LOL - I had the exact same experience at Hopkins in Cleveland. I seem to also remember you were go to good when a red light was illuminated. Very intuitive.

Hmm, interesting. But I'm n... (Below threshold)

Hmm, interesting. But I'm not sure I can endorse gas-powered rentals either after the three--yes, count 'em three--rental cars my wife and I used in one day going from Long Island to Washington D.C. this past summer. Of course, we didn't have any trouble starting the cars, just a little trouble in getting them to run properly....to put it mildly.

People who cannot figure ou... (Below threshold)

People who cannot figure out how to operate a Prius should not rent a Prius. I've been driving one for 4 years. No problem for me.

Just the opposite of govt. ... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

Just the opposite of govt. Healthcare. Can't get it shut down.

I think there is an estroge... (Below threshold)

I think there is an estrogen analyzer you have to blow into before it will start...

Oh how fun! I had about the... (Below threshold)

Oh how fun! I had about the same trouble trying to figure out the magic bullet and its plethora of accessories when We first got one. Now, My kids an expert so He mixes all the drinks. lol

As a retire I adopted the p... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

As a retire I adopted the position of not suffering fools quietly.

So, BigFire, were you aware that a significant portion of our population use their need go rent cars as a method to test drive a number of different vehicles prior to actually making a new car purchase?

Regardless of whether your answer is "yes" or "no", why don't you take your pompous ass over to your Pre-ass and place it across the terminals of its battery.

re: Old GuyPompous... (Below threshold)

re: Old Guy

Pompous? Me? I was in the midst of typing up a long winded response, but though better of it. I don't drive a Prius to feel superior or carbon footprint. I firmly believe that Global Warming is the biggest snake oil scheme since the Tulup craze back in the 17th century.

All I'm saying is that if you want to operate something, read first. If you don't want to do that, don't ask for help.

had to chuckle the other da... (Below threshold)

had to chuckle the other day. Our Nannystaters are "concerned" that the hybrids don't make a sound while in electric drive. They're worried pedestrians be stepping out in front of one because they can't hear them coming. Their proposed solution is to have the hybrids emit a distinctive sound as a warning of approach. What ever happened to "look both ways, BEFORE you cross a street"?

You cpold use a clothespin ... (Below threshold)

You cpold use a clothespin and an ordinary playing card rubbing against the spokes of the wheels, I suppose...or just require drivers to make a "vroom vroom" noise when the car is in motion...

Just kidding, of course, bigfire. It's not like they're like those Smart Cars from Matchbox...

Most rental companies walk ... (Below threshold)

Most rental companies walk you through starting and stopping a Prius. All new Priuses come with a pad of mirror hangers with instructions for parking lot attendants.

The parking lot attendants were the worst when the Prius first came out. Many were arrogant when asked if they wanted to be shown how to start them. Often the Prius owner would return hours later to find his car in exactly the same spot he left it and really teed off lot manager.

Most attendants know now and if they don't there are others around who can bail them out. There are a lot of Priuses in circulation now. The novelty has worn off.

BigFire - "I don't driv... (Below threshold)

BigFire - "I don't drive a Prius to feel superior or carbon footprint."

Well than, you apparently are in good company. A recent survey of owners suggest a large portion of Prius buyers do so for the "Status" and not the environment.

Hardly surprising.

Not really. When I needed ... (Below threshold)

Not really. When I needed to replace my 15 year old station wagon, I was looking for the best gadget I can get my hand on. That was it.

Mr BigFire: 1, I certainly ... (Below threshold)
Reid Smith:

Mr BigFire: 1, I certainly didn't opt for a Prius as a rental, it was assigned to me. I took it as an opportunity to drive one. Personally, I like my Porsche Boxster S. 2, 'All I'm saying is that if you want to operate something, read first.' See 1 above. 3, I think it is 'tulip' and not 'tulup.'






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