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Republicans Drop Balls On Election Night

Just how low can they go?

ABC News:

Republican men nationwide may have experienced a drop in testosterone levels the night Barack Obama was elected president, according to the results of a small study that found another link between testosterone and men's moods.

Low testosterone levels in men are linked to increased risk of premature death. By taking multiple saliva samples from 183 young men and women on election night, researchers found that the testosterone levels of men who voted for John McCain or Robert Barr dropped sharply 40 minutes after Obama was announced the winner.

The testosterone levels of men who voted for Obama stayed the same throughout the evening. This could be significant because testosterone levels normally rise and fall throughout the day.

One man, however, spoke reason to madness:

If unmitigated rage is an indication of testosterone levels, mine are higher than ever," wrote in Don from, Albuquerque, N.M.


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Comments (11)

Conversely, I suppose that ... (Below threshold)

Conversely, I suppose that similar testing revealed that estrogen levels among Democrats increased at the same time, but to a larger degree...

Did this study get funded w... (Below threshold)

Did this study get funded with "stimulus" money? If so, I'd say the results are another indication of failure to stimulate. Are they serious about this study???

When you read a bit more ab... (Below threshold)

When you read a bit more about the study, what it breaks down to is that men have a (very) short-term drop in testosterone when they suffer disappointment.

Of course, the folks who did the study already knew that, they just really, REALLY needed to make a point of some sort about their political opposites.

You won't see a similar study about a Democrat loss.

"You won't see a similar st... (Below threshold)

"You won't see a similar study about a Democrat loss."

That is because someone can't lose what they don't have.

This explains a lot of what... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

This explains a lot of what's gone on since the election in many corners of the conservative blogosphere.


Based on the writers here w... (Below threshold)

Based on the writers here who cheered for war yet refused to sign up to serve...I'm guessing there was never much testosterone in the first place. More like overcompensation.

101st Chairborne moves onward!

Based on your writing here,... (Below threshold)

Based on your writing here, jp2, I eagerly await hearing how much extra you voluntarily paid in taxes last year to "help the needy". Wait, I'm guessing there was never much desire on your part to forgo your deductions in the first place.

The mouthpiece prattles on!

Medical studies have consis... (Below threshold)

Medical studies have consistently shown that men who fail to win (or their teams fail to win) experience brief drops in testosterone, whether it be following footraces, football games, or elections. It seems an evolutionary adaptation for the species to get the tribe to settle back down after dominance spats. The human studies followed repeated documentaion of the behavior in other species.

Thus, the Dems would have had the same drops each time a Republican president won.

Actually, this effect was proven by post-race and other after-event blood tests something like 10 years ago. I wonder why it was not reported after the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004?

As opposed to jp2 and the r... (Below threshold)

As opposed to jp2 and the rest of the armchair libs who supported A-Stan as the "necessary war"?

You sign up yet yellowbelly?

jp2 - "Based on the wri... (Below threshold)

jp2 - "Based on the writers here who cheered for war yet refused to sign up to serve...I'm guessing there was never much testosterone in the first place. More like overcompensation."

And what say you about the current chickenhawk-in-chief?

"Republicans Drop ... (Below threshold)

"Republicans Drop Balls On Election Night"

And Democrats bend over.






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