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A Rare Moment of Political Honesty

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a message for Tom Ammiano and the California Assembly:

Image of veto message


Hat Tip: Ace of Spades


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Clever, but I bet it was an... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Clever, but I bet it was an aide who did the actual creation.

Still, that should give Tom Ammiano a pause next time he tells someone to "kiss my ****** ass".

That is awesome! Arnie may ... (Below threshold)

That is awesome! Arnie may just gain back my respect (or at least his clever aide). Far more classy and thoughtful than Ammiano's gutter-trash remark.

I admire Arnold for his so-... (Below threshold)

I admire Arnold for his so-called "political honesty".He is really thinking for the people of california.

James - Why would you belie... (Below threshold)

James - Why would you believe that the Governor did not write the letter. Do you think that he would write with an Austrian accent?

As far as the letter goes, the State of California needed a lot more of this a long time ago. Now the damage has been done and we have "Drug Free Zones" around our schools, and no learning going on inside. We have protected fish and unprotected citizens. We have change forced on us by an uncaring government, and the same high tax rate.

Heh, Ahnold nails one.... (Below threshold)

Heh, Ahnold nails one.

You know what would make th... (Below threshold)

You know what would make this post approximately 8,000 times better? Some clue what the bill he 'sent back' was about. Particularly since even the link doesn't give an identification of the bill.

The bill was one of those b... (Below threshold)

The bill was one of those boring state business type of bill...I seem to recall it was something about financing for, or re-financing for, the Port of San Francisco. The ordinary infrastructure things that probably happen hundreds of times a year.

Here ya go Falze<a... (Below threshold)
It doesn't take a secret de... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

It doesn't take a secret decoder ring --

Notice the first letter of each sentence in paragraphs 2 and 3 - just read down the left side.


The backstory to this is he... (Below threshold)

The backstory to this is here:


Assemblyman Tom Ammiano has no one to blame but himself. Only thing left is for Obama to praise him as he did with Grayson.

No, no, Arnie - he said "ki... (Below threshold)

No, no, Arnie - he said "kiss", not "kick"...

First we had the Terminator... (Below threshold)

First we had the Terminator, next the Governinator and now, and hopefully last, the Juvinator. The vetos were good. The sophmoric pranks not so good.

Glad to see VIC is paying a... (Below threshold)

Glad to see VIC is paying attention.

Looks like Arnie finally gr... (Below threshold)

Looks like Arnie finally grew a set. Too bad he turned into a RINO. At least he'll go out telling those assholes in Sacramento where to go. Looks like citizens might follow up on that in 2010.

At least we're getting clar... (Below threshold)

At least we're getting clarity on the parameters for acceptable political discourse. Calling a congressperson who sells their vote a "whore" is disgusting, but a governor saying "f-you" in writing to an entire state assembly is tickle-me-Elmo awesome!

Govenor swartiniger is maki... (Below threshold)

Govenor swartiniger is making a mess out of KALIFONIA im living in the STATE OF JEFFERSON what was NORTHERN KALIFORNIA and SOUTHERN OREGON






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