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Bring On More Alan Grayson

As Kim noted below, does this guy kiss his mother with that mouth? Think about it for a minute. A Congressman calls a lobbyist a whore? In this instance, Congressman Alan Grayson called Linda Robertson, a lobbyist for the Federal Reserve, a "K Street whore". Notwithstanding the difficulty in differentiating a K Street lobbyist and a Congressman, Mr. Grayson has distinguished himself in a way that might embarrass an exhibitionist.

So who is Alan Grayson? Well, he's a freshman Democratic Representative that quickly (one might say with veritable lightening speed) lunged for the headlines:

Just a few months ago, Grayson was a Florida House freshman with virtually no national name recognition. But he burst onto the scene in September when he suggested on the House floor that the Republican health care plan is "to die quickly if you get sick."

Perhaps suffering from Joe Wilson envy, Mr. Grayson's next stunt was to insult Federal Reserve lobbyist Linda Robertson, who was hired by the central bank to resist efforts by Congress to audit the Federal Reserve Bank (I favor the audit, not the messenger):

While appearing on the Alex Jones radio show a month ago, Grayson complained that "this lobbyist, this K street whore, is trying to teach me about economics." (The comments were posted online this week.)

Picking up on the meme, the HuffPo juxtaposed photos of Elliot Spitzer's favorite prostitute with a photo of Linda Robertson, demonstrating once again that a crotch shot can better illustrate their point than anything else they have to say (which point resonates with their readers that still insist they read Playboy for the Vonnegut and not the photos)

Obviously recognizing the SNAFU his boss had created, the Congressman's spokesman promptly grabbed a shovel and violated the rule of holes:

"Let's be clear about the context," Todd Jurkowski, Grayson's spokesman, said earlier today. "The attack was on her professional career, not her personal life."

"She attacked the Congressman and his efforts to promote a Republican bill to audit the Federal Reserve," Jurkowski said of Robertson. "She actually questioned his understanding of the difference between fiscal and monetary policy. She had the audacity to attack a Congressman who used to be an economist. She's a career lobbyist who used to work for Enron and advocates for whatever she gets paid to promote."

So that makes her a whore.

Here's a list of some other members of the brothel that so consumes Representative Grayson's attention. I wonder if the Congressman would call Linda Daschle a whore? Would Tommy Boggs be a "john" (or does the metaphor become so confusing that we must question his manhood?).

The Republican Party should pray for more Democrats like Alan Grayson.


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Comments (27)

Is it my imagination or hav... (Below threshold)

Is it my imagination or have the dems been getting more shrill and panicky lately?

Not your imagination. They... (Below threshold)

Not your imagination. They're coming down to the wire and things are not looking good. Look for attacks to become even more vicious. Oddly enough, most of this is the Democrats own doing, so pass the popcorn and enjoy it. Maybe if they'd attempted to pass a health care reform bill that was honest, they wouldn't have the problems they face now.

"he's a freshman self term ... (Below threshold)

"he's a freshman self term limited Democratic Representative" TFTFY

I would think that the best thing the Republicans/Conservatives could do is hand this fool another can of gas when he runs out.

Well, strike through showed... (Below threshold)

Well, strike through showed up in preview, not so much in the post...

None the less, Grayson is an endangered species in a soon to be minority party.

Yes, actually. Being willin... (Below threshold)
Jim x:

Yes, actually. Being willing to do anything, no matter how absurd or morally low, for money does make someone a whore. Male or female.

Alan grayson is great in my... (Below threshold)

Alan grayson is great in my book. Sometimes he may go a little overboard but let's face it he has no fear in taking the federal reserve head on and showing what swine they are.

Yes, actually. Bei... (Below threshold)
Yes, actually. Being willing to do anything, no matter how absurd or morally low, for money does make someone a whore. Male or female.

I posit that the kerfuffle here is only because the lobbyist in question is in fact female -- had the lobbyist in question been male, this comment would have never made it onto anyone's radar.

And while I think that Grayson is likely a few crackers short of a pack, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. To wit: his sheer glee as he's lunging for the jugular of whichever unfortunate money-master drew the short straw and had to appear before him in committee :D

You got to love DEM on DEM ... (Below threshold)

You got to love DEM on DEM fights.

She was lobbyist for 2 years during Clinton Administration after server in the Treasury for 8 years as advisor to his Treasury Secretaries.

I still want to actually see transcripts of the debate. The guy does seem to be blow hard and since we seen what he said the Republican Health Care plan is he most likely did not have clue what he was talking about.

Alan Grayson wanted to be p... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

Alan Grayson wanted to be properly dressed for his latest House speech. But the local costume shop ran out of rubber ball noses and fright wigs. I can hardly wait for the further adventures of Bozo the Congressman.

You guys are talking about ... (Below threshold)

You guys are talking about this insignificant guy when another member of the HOR, Joe Wilson (R-SC) called the president of the United States a liar on the floor of Congress, ushering in millions of dollars for his opponent, tens of millions for the DNC, and millions for him as well.

However, most importantly, he has single-handedly pushed healthcare reform from dying out to stronger than ever, with a public option in the bill and 60% of Americans in support of it.

Thanks, Pubbies. No one can do it better than you can. Love you guys.

Frankly, I think the compar... (Below threshold)

Frankly, I think the comparison to lobbyists gives whores a bad rep.

Ryan! You're back!<p... (Below threshold)

Ryan! You're back!

Thank god - the level of trolls infesting this place has been really, really low lately.

I mean, seriously, "Buzh did it 2~! Pwned, n00bs!" just doesn't have quite the same zing and panache as your posts. Heck, even if you're ragingly delusional you still write in coherent sentences!

If this man happened to hav... (Below threshold)

If this man happened to have an (R) after his name, we'd be hearing about 'hate speech' and there'd be discussion on the floor of the House as to whether or not he should be censured, and we'd hear the cry about how the 'hate speech' was driving down the level of civility in public discourse.

However, he's got a (D) after his name so this can be overlooked.

There's nothing a Democrat ... (Below threshold)

There's nothing a Democrat can do that a liberal troll won't defend.

As long as they're getting paid for it!

Are you guys really this un... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

Are you guys really this uninformed?

Lobbying for ENRON makes her a whore.


I don't know why, but I am ... (Below threshold)
J Mann:

I don't know why, but I am dieing to learn whether Alan Grayson or Linda Robertson is correct about the difference between fiscal and monetary policy. Does anyone have a transcript of the original discussion between the two?

VIC,... (Below threshold)


Vicwhat does worki... (Below threshold)


what does working for ACRON, sitting Rev Wright Church and being friend with Communist make Obama?

There are rumors floating a... (Below threshold)

There are rumors floating around that Congressman Grayson Briefly Spent Time in a Mental Hospital in 1980s let alone that he failed an economics course in his sophomore year of college and was also accused of widespread plagiarism when his senior papers were submitted.

This is supposed to come out in a Nov 5th edition of the Saint Petersburg Times.

Graysons recent outbursts lend credence to these charges.

VIC,How much is So... (Below threshold)


How much is Soros paying you? I really would like to know the going price. At the rate Obama and Pelosi are killing American jobs, I might soon need Soros money too!

Do you even remember why liberals hate Enron?

"had the lobbyist in questi... (Below threshold)

"had the lobbyist in question been male"

Grayson would have said nothing. He wouldn't want to risk a punch in the mouth.

I'm afraid this story makes... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [retired]:

I'm afraid this story makes me yawn. I agree the same comment about a male lobbyist would not have been met with this kind of response. However she DID work for the treasury under Clinton so she DOES know at least part of what she is talking about.

Since when does graduating Harvard mean you are any smarter than those from other schools? Ivy League is more about money than academics as has been shown by the glut of ivy league idiots in congress (repubs included)

I think we should let this story drop personally, let him talk himself into unelectability but in the mean time there are bigger issues than one loudmouth senator.

ryan "However, most imp... (Below threshold)

ryan "However, most importantly, he has single-handedly pushed healthcare reform from dying out to stronger than ever, with a public option in the bill and 60% of Americans in support of it."

That was easy to say without citing your 60 percent source wasn't it?

Go ahead, I dare you.

To make a fool of yourself.

vic "Lobbying for ENRON... (Below threshold)

vic "Lobbying for ENRON makes her a whore."

She was also an adviser to all three of the Clinton administration's Treasury secretaries.

What was she then?

That was easy to say wit... (Below threshold)

That was easy to say without citing your 60 percent source wasn't it?
Go ahead, I dare you.
To make a fool of yourself.

Marc, is this what you're looking for?


57 percent of all Americans now favor a public insurance option, while 40 percent oppose it.

Or maybe this one?


Support for the so-called "public option" -- a government-administered health insurance plan - still finds majority support, though that support has been steadily dropping since June. In this poll, 60% favor it, with 34% opposed.

I can't tell if you're being a stickler for approximation and rounding error, you're clueless about the news, or you're just being an argumentative jerk. In any case, you're the one made the fool.

WaPO, better check the inte... (Below threshold)

WaPO, better check the internal;s of their poll gut, they stink on ice.

As for CBS, emphasis on BS:

Help 18%
Hurt 31
Have no effect 46

Go up Go down No impact
Your costs... 41% 20 33
Better Worse No impact
Your quality of care... 19% 34 40
Easier Harder No impact
Seeing a doctor... 13% 37 46

GOVT. VS. PRIVATE INSURERS Gov't Providing Medical Coverage
Now 6/2009 2/2007
Better job 36% 50% 30%
Worse job 47 34 44
No different 5 2 3

Go ahead nitwit, tout that 60 percent figure all you care to, it doesn't mean what you think it does.

Wow, Marc, way to bring in ... (Below threshold)

Wow, Marc, way to bring in tangential questions to try to muddle the core issue. You're full of snark when challenging someone to back up their claim, and when it gets backed up, then you start pulling out the crazy to distract how you just got your ass handed to you. Gotta give you credit for waiting until the post falls off the front page, though. Maybe no one else will notice the ass on your face.






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