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Wizbang Exclusive: Inside The Nobel Deliberations

I don't get very many scoops, but when I do, folks, it's a doozy. And this one could be the biggest yet.

When President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, a lot of people were wondering what the rationale would be. Less diplomatically put, quite a few folks (myself included) asked "what the hell were they thinking?"

Well, now we know. Thanks to my highly-placed source, we now have a video of the Nobel Prize Committee's deliberations on the matter, and where they spell out -- in no uncertain terms -- just why our novice chief executive was entitled to this tremendously prestigious award:

It's all so much clearer now... and do I ever deeply regret my prior doubts.


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Sorry, JT, I don't believe ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, JT, I don't believe you. There's no way that's the Nobel committee...they seem way too mature.

That is the point he trying... (Below threshold)

That is the point he trying to make, Falze. The Nobel Committee is actually a bunch of children when it comes to Obama worship. You can bet your last dollar, next year Obama will win it again.

You can bet your last do... (Below threshold)

You can bet your last dollar, next year Obama will win it again.

It would be gauche to award him the Peace Prize two years in a row. Next year it'll be for physics or literature.

Ya know, you can always tel... (Below threshold)

Ya know, you can always tell a Swede, but you can't tell him much. These were Norweigens, however...

I always get the willey's e... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I always get the willey's ever time I see these kids forced to adulate and falsely worship some misguided grown-up's hero, Chairman Obama.
This stuff is sick, and the Nobel Committee has been severely stricken with the disease.

thanks for pointing out the... (Below threshold)

thanks for pointing out the blindingly obvious, stan

ah, the Children of the Cor... (Below threshold)

ah, the Children of the Corn...I never tire of seeing and hearing them.

We need millions more just like them, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Lord Obama's realm is a "peaceful", and obedient one!

We need millions of children just like those, ready, willing and eager to report on any who do not willingly embrace the peace that comes with total subservience. Once we re-educate them, then they too can be free from the pain of having to think for themselves.


Justrand re:7"Childr... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Justrand re:7
"Children of the Corn," I see the connection.
And playing the part of "He Who walks behind the Rows," is Chairman Obama.

Remember these are the same... (Below threshold)

Remember these are the same bunch of knukleheads who also gave it to a terrorists(yasir arafat)a loser president(jimmy Carter)and a hypotcritical liar(al gore)so next in line is FIDEL CASTRO and CHARLES TAYLOR

Isn't Campbell's soup</i... (Below threshold)

Isn't Campbell's soup "Mmm Mmm Good!"?
Maybe they should sue for copyright infringement?

Any adult who gets children... (Below threshold)

Any adult who gets children involved in political pablum should be horsewhipped!

"Any adult who gets childre... (Below threshold)

"Any adult who gets children involved in political pablum should be horsewhipped!"

And shown nudie's of Helen Thomas.


Theres no contest. Obamas the darkhorse who paid off 421 to 1 odds to adoring socialists everywhere.

It would be gauche to aw... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

It would be gauche to award him the Peace Prize two years in a row

He's a lefty..."Gauche" and "Left" kinda go together...literally, in this case.

Lets return to home schooli... (Below threshold)

Lets return to home schooling and get the kids out of these left-wing indocdrinated cenetrs they call schools






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