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An Eye on Germany

As President Obama's approval ratings continue their downward spiral in the wake of a re-awakened American center-right, perhaps he'd do well to cast his condescending eye toward re-elected Conservative Angela Merkel as she embarks on her second term as German Chancellor.

After all, According to the AP, Germany's got some issues on the table too (emphasis mine):

Merkel, 55, will serve as chancellor of a center-right government coalition of her Christian Democratic Party, its Bavaria-only sister party the Christian Social Union, and the pro-business Free Democrats.

The new coalition has promised an overhaul of the health care system, more help for families and annual tax cuts of up to euro24 billion ($36 billion).

The AP (of course) doesn't say, but who among you is willing to go out on a limb with me and propose that any "overhaul" of the German health care system or "help" for families which is orchestrated by a center-right, pro-business, tax-cutting Conservative will be nothing like what Obama's got cooking in his liberal pot of horrors?

Conservatives would perhaps do well themselves to cast their own eyes at Germany in the coming months for an optimistic alternative to Obama's socialist death march.


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The liberal elite in Washin... (Below threshold)

The liberal elite in Washington have wanted to emulate the sophisticated Europeans for years. They are finally in power, only to discover that the Europeans (France and Germany) are moving to the right; having found that their "educated" brand of socialism hasn't worked.

You'll notice that the succ... (Below threshold)

You'll notice that the successful unionist republic of Germany, with its superb socialized health care system is studiously avoided by the US insurance industry as a case study in failure.

Also, the CDU is akin to the US Democratic Party center-left. Merkel maintains the Federalist speech codes and is what used to called in the courtrooms here, "state-minded".

But, hey. She doesn't laugh at you...

"superb socialized health c... (Below threshold)

"superb socialized health care system"

If it's so "great" Bryan, why do they want to change it?

If it's so "great" Bryan, w... (Below threshold)

If it's so "great" Bryan, why do they want to change it?
3. Posted by GarandFan

I think you'd better clarify the lingo from what you're seeming to express.
Also, Mr. Araneo actually extolls the German system as a LEFTWARD alternative to "Obamacare" that the US should consider. Now, the German system is superior, however, as I said earlier, the congress od unions, corporations, and state is true democratic socialism, FYI

GrandFan "They are fin... (Below threshold)

GrandFan "They are finally in power, only to discover that the Europeans (France and Germany) are moving to the right;"

You forgot the U.K., they're on the verge of bankruptcy and are fast lurching right.

My impression of German HC ... (Below threshold)

My impression of German HC system.

High Tech with 1960's ethics.

No patient privacy

Typical surgeon response to post op patient complaining of pain: "Gut!"

(meaning - its good that it hurts. No I'm not going to order more pain medication)

Also note the typical German is much more likely to follow advice and comply with treatments; and the typical German physician is offended if the patient questions them at all, or even asks questions.

Yep, that'll play well in Peoria, right?






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