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Harry Reid doesn't have the votes

Politico has an analysis of the latest developments with the health care deliberations in the Senate. (Hat tip: Instapundit.) The article begins:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's appeals for party unity landed with a thud Tuesday with the very group he needs for his public-option push to pay off: centrists who hold the key to health reform.

And not just any centrists but one who makes liberals see red: Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), who said Tuesday that he'd back a GOP attempt to block the bill from moving to final passage.

While Lieberman is no longer a Democrat, his defection means that more central Democrats can now vote against it without being singled out as the the one responsible for preventing its passage.
Landrieu [Sen, D-LA] said she was "skeptical" of what Reid proposed Monday. Lincoln [Sen, D-AR] told the Arkansas Farm Bureau in a video conference she was reluctant to support a bill with a government insurance option.

"If it's government-run or government-funded, I'm going to have some tremendous troubles with being able to support moving forward on something like that," Lincoln said, according to The Associated Press.

That's really the crux of the matter here. What exactly are they being asked to vote on? The bill is so large and involved that some won't even bother to read it. Why must it be comprehensive health care reform? Why can't there be one much smaller bill tort reform? And additional bills covering other areas as needed?

The answer of course was bluntly revealed by Barney Frank yesterday, who said Democrats are "trying on every front to increase the role of government." (Video available here.) That quote in itself is the fodder for a dozen posts but here it puts a spotlight on the real issue, which isn't health care at all. The real issue is the single-minded thought by those in power that the only solution to the problems of the day is more government involvement. It is a thesis that I wholeheartedly reject.

The only good news are the indications that a large number of Americans agree with me. While Harry Reid is worrying about votes in the Senate, he probably should be more concerned with votes in Nevada. Recent polling shows:

2010 Senate: General Election
Tarkanian 48%, Reid 43%
Lowden 49%, Reid 39%
Even Newsweek is pessimistic about his chances. In the end Reid not getting those votes for reelection could be the most positive thing he could do for America.


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Comments (10)

Think what the lisping and ... (Below threshold)

Think what the lisping and sashaying Barney Frank (NTTAWWT) could do if he was put in charge of EVERYTHING!

Based on those polls, it so... (Below threshold)

Based on those polls, it sounds as if Reid knows that he will be unable to return as a Senator. As a result, he is trying the Samson option as his last act of revenge on the people who are going to reject him.

Good riddance to Reid.... (Below threshold)

Good riddance to Reid.

But, but, but I thought rec... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

But, but, but I thought recent polls show an overwhelming majority of the American people were for the public option.

correction: Landrieu (Sen, ... (Below threshold)

correction: Landrieu (Sen, D-LA), Lincoln (Sen, D-AR)

Edit: Thanks, corrected text of original article. DK.

To be fair, Barney Frank wa... (Below threshold)

To be fair, Barney Frank was saying he wants to increase the size of government in the regulatory arena - not (explicitly) overall.

But then again, adding more regulation to the economy is like taking a guy with a sprained ankle, slapping chains on his feet, and telling him he has to run a hundred yard dash. He might get there, but he ain't gonna be fast and he ain't gonna be happy, nor is he going to be grateful to you for your 'oversight and regulation'.

Mr. Lawson, we can split li... (Below threshold)

Mr. Lawson, we can split linguistic hairs, and the misquote may not be correct, but it is accurate. Injecting government into every aspect of our economy is EXACTLY what he and the Washington liberals want to do.

Banking, non-banking financial institutions, Wall street, healthcare insurance, pharmaceuticals, energy, petroleum, nuclear energy, auto manufacturing, food, news, and the internet is just a partial list, to say nothing about free speech and gun rights.

These people mean to force control into every corner of our country. Bonnie Fwank meant it the way he was misquoted.

Next November is our final chance to undo this
disaster, and I don't think I'm exaggerating.

Well EVERYONE KNOWS how wel... (Below threshold)

Well EVERYONE KNOWS how well government regulation has worked so far in the financial industry. Look how easily they caught Bernie Madhoff. Think how much more would be stolen from Medicare....heck, they've got waste and fraud down to a paltry $50 BILLION. Yeah, Barney. We need more.

Bobdog -Oh, I have... (Below threshold)

Bobdog -

Oh, I have no illusions about what he WANTS to do, Bobdog - I'm just pointing out the quote was incomplete as it stood.

They're not going to be happy until they've got control over virtually everything - in the interests of 'fairness' and 'for our own good' they'll pile on regulatory crap until the system breaks down completely, then complain about how much WORSE things would have been if they HADN'T had to shove tax rates up to 90%!

Too bad harry reid but you ... (Below threshold)

Too bad harry reid but you dont have the votes to get a life and quit acting like a spoiled demabrat






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