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Imam Killed Resisting Raid

By FBI Agents in Detroit

Leader of Detroit mosque killed, 11 charged in FBI raids
By Paul Egan
Detroit News

Detroit -- The leader of a Detroit mosque was shot and killed Wednesday during a series of FBI raids that resulted in charges against 11 and the death of an FBI dog.

At least six of those charged were in federal custody late Wednesday afternoon.


More than three people were arrested on charges including conspiracy to commit federal crimes, receipt of stolen goods, providing firearms to felons and changing vehicle identification numbers, said Special Agent Sandra Berchtold, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Detroit. Berchtold also confirmed that an FBI dog was shot and killed in one of the raids.

It should prove interesting to see how this plays out in the MSM.

Hat Tip: Jihad Watch


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Comments (13)

It should prove interest... (Below threshold)

It should prove interesting to see how this plays out in the MSM.

"Bush the crusading, anti-muslim fascist sends goon squad to harass and murder members of the 'religion of peace'."

Oh, wait...

I have my popcorn ready.</p... (Below threshold)
Dr. Carlo Lombardi:

I have my popcorn ready.

Good! The world is now a s... (Below threshold)

Good! The world is now a safer place.

I wonder how he's enjoying ... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

I wonder how he's enjoying his virgins?

"The operation involved... (Below threshold)

"The operation involved locations in Detroit and Dearborn."

Hmmm, not so shocking considering Dearborn has one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in the U.S.

The great irony is Dearborn at one time was ruled by the heavy hand of Orville L. Hubbard from 1942-77 and widely regarded as the most outspoken segregationist north of the Mason-Dixon line.

"I favor segregation", he told The New York Times the year after 1967 Detroit riots. With integration, Hubbard said, "you wind up with a mongrel race."

Bet he's rolling over in his grave about now.

On the other hand the grave came far too late for the asshole.

Let me guess, they were usi... (Below threshold)

Let me guess, they were using a mosque to conceal criminal activity. Who'd ever think of doing anything like that.

"On the other hand the g... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

"On the other hand the grave came far too late for the asshole."

At least his slogans live on, thanks to you.


"At least his slogans live ... (Below threshold)

"At least his slogans live on, thanks to you."

Lot of good a slogan does when you're pushing up daisies. When was the last time a slogan pulled a trigger? Detonated a bomb?

Can you imagine if this typ... (Below threshold)

Can you imagine if this type of activity had happened in a Christian Church? The "marginal" stream media would be all over the story, and not just for a day, but probably days on end - disecting the reasons ad infinitum.

For a "religion of peace" which claims to have all of these moderate voices, I think the muslims need to speak out again and again and again against this criminal activity dressed up as jihad. And I mean speak out against it strongly, not "it's not representative of the majority" pablum we've heard for too long.

For a religion which is so male oriented, you'd think they could grow a pair and speak up.

Shame about the dog...... (Below threshold)

Shame about the dog...

vic "At least his sloga... (Below threshold)

vic "At least his slogans live on, thanks to you."

And thanks to you your assholiness lives on.

At least it will until you are tempted to say in person what is so easy to write anonymously.

When that happens I suspect you'll find yourself on the ground after someone pops you in the nose.

The FBI used a dog? ABU GH... (Below threshold)

The FBI used a dog? ABU GHRAIB!!! ABU GHRAIB!!!11!1

I just wonder how long we a... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft IIIz:

I just wonder how long we are going to put up with this BS? We know what their goal is, no matter what is said, by their rules it is ok to lie to us. I wish all the liberals would gather together to go reason with these Muslims. I would be best if the liberals were in tighly packed groups.






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