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$100,000 Says Olbermann Is Chicken

Say what you want about John Ziegler, he knows how to grab the spotlight.

Whether it's getting arrested at USC's Annenberg School of Journalism at an awards ceremony for Katie Couric , or getting tossed out of Western CPAC, he always gets himself in hot water, on video.

Now he hopes to engage Keith Olbermann in a debate about Sarah Palin, on Olbie's show.

He has put his money where his mouth is, and offered $100,000 to Keith's favorite charity if he obliges.

Newsbusters has the whole story, here.

So far, there has been no response from Olbermann.

Is he Chicken? $100,000 says he is.


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Comments (5)

Shows you what a cheapskate... (Below threshold)

Shows you what a cheapskate I am...I was going to offer the POS a thousand bucks if he can last just 3 minutes in the ring with me.

on oberfool, "He is gi... (Below threshold)

on oberfool, "He is giving up huge ratings, a chance to embarrass a high-profile Palin defender on his turf, and preventing his favorite charity from get $100,000, all apparently to protect his ego. And this isn't a story???"

A huge ratings gain for that asshole would be about a dozen, that aside, you have to be fat worse than an asshole to pass up a chance to gain g's for your charity.

Of course that raises two points, he'd have to win, and he'd have to have a charity.

Be interesting to see his W2 and see if the dickhead even gives to any charity.

Now he hopes to engage K... (Below threshold)

Now he hopes to engage Keith Olbermann in a debate about Sarah Palin, on Olbie's show.

He's going to spend a hundred grand for the pleasure of being the guest of honor at a verbal lynching? Is he really foolish enough to think that Olbermann will give him a level playing field?

Olbermann is big on mouth, ... (Below threshold)

Olbermann is big on mouth, short on guts.

Chicken - No.<i... (Below threshold)

Chicken - No.

Coward? Yes!






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