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How about a hat tip to Ford Motors? They've taken some government loans, but avoided the abyss of bankruptcy. There's some speculation they may post a profit for the third quarter and now Ford has been named tops in reliability by Consumer Reports:

Consumer Reports has a reputation for favoring foreign cars and trucks, and for that reason it may have been something of a relief when its 2009 Annual Car Reliability Survey had such good things to say about at least one American carmaker--Ford.

The latest survey found 90 percent (46 of 51) of Ford, Mercury and Lincoln cars and trucks enjoying average or above-average reliability. The Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan were in second place among family sedans, with only the super-reliable Toyota Prius topping them. They left the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry in the dust, and the sophisticated Lincoln MKZ edged out the Acura TL and Lexus ES.

Good on 'em. Ford has remade itself into a manufacturer of quality autos. They'll always sell a ton of trucks and Mustangs, now they're grabbing away market share in the family and economy car markets. That "Quality is Job One" shtick must have finally imbued itself in Ford's company culture.

What are the early returns on Government Motors?

Of GM's 48 models, 20 had average reliability scores, and the Chevrolet Malibu was better than average and "on par with the most reliable family sedans." The Buick Lucerne also did well. Chrysler had the worst performance, with more than a third "much worse than average," including the new car-based Dodge Journey SUV.
An optimist would say the government took them over because they've been making crummy cars; the pessimist might say they make crummy cars because they're government entities. They do have one distinct advantage over Ford, though, government overlords who can regulate the market to ensure their desired mix of cars are purchased.

Force companies to build cars no one wants, then give consumers no choice but to buy cars they otherwise wouldn't. Kind of like the health care reform being bandied about by the Democrats.

Henry Ford got rich not because of government mandates, but because he made the automobile affordable. He didn't invent the car, he just made them accessible to the masses. Ford Motor Company is carrying on the tradition of selling quality, affordable autos and being rewarded in the marketplace. As much as I'd hate to see the billions of bailout dollars funneled to the UAW GM and Chrysler end up like sand down a rat hole, I'm whole-heartedly behind Ford in their struggle against central planning. If you're shopping for a new car, be sure to visit your local Ford dealer.


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What cars are they forced t... (Below threshold)
Just John:

What cars are they forced to build cars that no one wants?

Why cant they build one tha... (Below threshold)

Why cant they build one that I can drive home?

I hope Ford uses the fact t... (Below threshold)

I hope Ford uses the fact that UAW owns two of its competitors to fire every UAW worker they employ when the next contract negotiation comes around.

serpent, sorry that ain't h... (Below threshold)

serpent, sorry that ain't happenin,.

In fact the UAW has named Ford as it's target in the next contract negotiation.

FixOrRepair<b... (Below threshold)


Or the flip side of the coin:


Me? There's been a major issue with every Ford I've ever driven.

The greedy UAW will be the ... (Below threshold)

The greedy UAW will be the death of USA GM,Chrysley & Ford!

I wish Ford would make a Fussion Sport wagon to fill a gap I think is missing in the USA, also bring over the Ford FG Falcon Ute XR8 over to the USA, before GM brings over the Holden version.

One of my coworkers got a F... (Below threshold)

One of my coworkers got a Ford to haul his dirt bike to and from the places he rode - and after 8 months had to swap it out.

8 months after that, he had to swap it out again. He was maintaining it properly - but things just kept going wrong. First it was engine bearings. Then tranny problems. The third Ford he got had electricial problems.

There wasn't a fourth. I asked him why he kept getting Fords - he shrugged and said it was what his Dad bought, so it should have been good enough.

But it wasn't.

I own a 1994 Ford Thunderbi... (Below threshold)

I own a 1994 Ford Thunderbird with 120k miles on it and a 1986 Toyota Celica with 198k on it. I drive the Tbird daily and use the Celica when I need it. The only time I've ever been stranded was when the Celica slung its timing belt, the Ford has never let me down.

I will never buy a government owned manufacturers vehicle...

I refused to have 'choice' jammed down my throat by a nanny state moron that thinks it knows better than me.

At the Texas State Fair Aut... (Below threshold)

At the Texas State Fair Auto Show, the Ford section was the most packed in my estimation. The reps were swamped with people asking about the cars and (especially) trucks. There was an actual crowd around the diesel pickups.

Next most crowded were the cheaper imports, followed by luxury imports. The GM and Chrysler reps looked pretty bored. Guys weren't even ogling the models on the displays. The most crowded place in the GM section was the area around the snack bar, which was located smack dab in the middle of the GM section, so everyone had to go through Government Motors (I heard that phrase a lot) to get there.

I've never been a Ford fan ... (Below threshold)

I've never been a Ford fan but they deserve better. If GM and Chrysler had been allowed to go out of business, Ford would be doing quite well right now.

And if I were in the market for a new car, Ford is the only domestic brand I'd consider.

"How about a hat tip to For... (Below threshold)

"How about a hat tip to Ford Motors? They've taken some government loans, but avoided the abyss of bankruptcy."

They have loans available, but have not used. And have said they will not use.

I've owned only Ford, GMC, ... (Below threshold)

I've owned only Ford, GMC, and Chrysler/Jeep vehicles in the past. I currently own a Jeep and GMC. The replacement vehicles will be either Ford or one of the foreign owned auto makers. I don't support the government's take over of automanufacturers and I intend to be consistent when I purchase new vehicles.

Ford products are on my lis... (Below threshold)

Ford products are on my list to look hard at when I purchase a vehicle next year. One reason is because they make vehicles I like and wouldn't mind owning. Experience based on lots of hours in rentals. Second is the fact that they didn't take the government bailout. I have owned two Fords, Escorts (I think made by Mitsubishi actually). The second one was a POS, and even though the warranty was good we ditched it after 18mos. The first one died a horrible death in the middle of an intersection, but all the safety features worked as designed and everyone walked away.

" I hope Ford uses the fact... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

" I hope Ford uses the fact that UAW owns two of its competitors to fire every UAW worker they employ when the next contract negotiation comes around. "


I hope when the govt starts giving special breaks to GM and gives preference to GM and decides that the govt will only buy GM or Mopar, etc...I hope when that happens, Ford explains to their UAW workers how their fellow union workers are f*cking them over.

One of the things that Ford... (Below threshold)

One of the things that Ford has going for it is that they do make some excellent cars-in Europe. Some of those models they bring "across the pond" like the Escort and the Focus. The Mondeo was awarded Top Gear's Car of the Year award and in Jeremy Clarkson's review of it in the Times of London said "It's comfortable, spacious, surprisingly well made and much more of a hoot to drive than you might imagine. Think of it, if you like, as a librarian with a G-string under the tweed. I do, and it helps."

Communists, on the other hand, have never made a good car as they proved on Top Gear.

See the videos here.
Part 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmIKbjpeTZw

Part 2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfWcXGYzhJc&feature=related

The "itchy red blanket of Communism" has now spread across the factory floors of GM and Chrysler, just like it did with British Leyland.

The CR survey reflects mult... (Below threshold)
CGHill Author Profile Page:

The CR survey reflects multiple years: the Fords were improving, the Chrysler products were in the hole, and GM was all over the map, well before last year's Carmageddon. Government ownership hasn't had that much effect on car quality - yet.

Even if I hadn't driven Lin... (Below threshold)

Even if I hadn't driven Lincolns for the past 30 years I'd buy a Ford now just because Hussein isn't the CEO. I've a feeling a lot of others look at it just that way.

My wife has a Mercedes SUV ... (Below threshold)

My wife has a Mercedes SUV and I drive a Lexus. She feels she needs a bigger SUV and since both the Mercedes and Lexus full size SUV's are priced considerably higher than the mid-sized models, it's hard to justify the additional expense so are seriously considering Lincolns and Expeditions along with the GX Lexus and Sequoia. Be a big switch for us- having driven either German or Japanese the past 10 years or so but both of us are somewhat inclined to support this time around.






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