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House Unveils Health Bill

Via AFP (emphasis mine):

President Barack Obama's top domestic priority, remaking US health care, took another step closer to becoming reality Thursday as his top House allies unveiled sweeping compromise legislation.

"Today we are about to deliver on the promise of making affordable, quality health care available for all Americans, laying the foundation for a brighter future for generations to come," said Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

With time running short before a self-imposed year-end deadline, the House of Representatives could vote as early as next week on the measure, which includes a government-backed insurance plan to compete with private firms.

Democrats estimated the measure would cost 894 billion over 10 years and expand health insurance to 36 million Americans, helping to extend coverage to 96 percent of the population of the world's richest nation.

"Sweeping compromise legislation", huh? AFP is of course a tad light on the details of just what those compromises might be, but if the bill includes a public option as the article says, then it's hard to see what was compromised (except our national prosperity, that is).

If you're curious and have nothing to do for the next few days, you can read the bill yourself here.


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1990 pages, according to <a... (Below threshold)

1990 pages, according to Instapundit. Of course, those are 'legal' pages, which is the rough equivalent of a medium length paragraph per page by the time you get in the formatting and footnotes and line numbering...

Still, 1990 pages. You can hide a hell of a lot in something that long... And that doesn't include the riders and amendments that'll be tacked onto the thing eventually.

Government of the Lawyers, by the Lawyers, for the Lawyers... ain't it great?

There's a smell of pork in ... (Below threshold)

There's a smell of pork in the air. They've added 600 pages to the sausage they're making. We probably will never hear about the crap that is being stuffed into the final bill to buy off the Blue Dogs, but you can bet your ass there are going to be more pet projects, political favors and earmarks than you can shake a stick at. And we get to pay for it all, whether we like it or not.

Pelosi claiming that this bill is "affordable" and will somehow lead to improved care is a reprehensible lie, and everybody in Congress, hell, everybody in the country, knows it.

"House Unveils Hea... (Below threshold)

"House Unveils Health Bill"

Can I puke now?

"Pelosi claiming t... (Below threshold)

"Pelosi claiming that this bill is "affordable" and will somehow lead to"

Affordable? Affordable? So is bathtub caulk, but I would not recommend injecting it into Your face You stupid tramp.

Affordable? Affordable? ... (Below threshold)

Affordable? Affordable? So is bathtub caulk, but I would not recommend injecting it into Your face You stupid tramp.

LOL... too late! And here she thought it was Botox!

Wasn't Barry supposed to be... (Below threshold)

Wasn't Barry supposed to be putting out his own, detailed plan for consideration at some point? You know, the one that doesn't fund abortions with taxpayer money and such? Didn't he even have a whole 'look at me!' moment in front of Congress quite some time ago promising that very thing?

Still waiting.

Just heard a NY Post report... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

Just heard a NY Post reporter say he counted the word "shall" in the bill 3400 times!!!

Who works for who???

I smmell pork and vaseline.... (Below threshold)

I smmell pork and vaseline. And I aint even rubbin that hard.

From Politco:... (Below threshold)

From Politco:

"The bill is fiscally sound, will not add one dime to the deficit as it expands coverage, implements key insurance reforms and promotes prevention and wellness across the health system," Pelosi said.

The bill would cut the deficit by about $30 billion over the next 10 years.

Help me out here: $900 billion won't add to the deficit? How the hell do they figure this one out?


Sorry! (kinda), the second ... (Below threshold)

Sorry! (kinda), the second spamula M stand's for mmmm mmmm good! Thats what socialism 101 is, mmmm mmmmgood!

Nearly 2,000 pages? I'm sur... (Below threshold)

Nearly 2,000 pages? I'm sure I'll get the distorted highlights any minute now.

highlights - as in what the... (Below threshold)

highlights - as in what the papers will say about it tomorrow? easy:

5) Doesn't fund a single abortion!

4) Doesn't require you to change your plan!

3) Includes a "competitive plan"!

2) Will help us all live to 130 like Pelosi!

1) Actually MAKES the government money!

I figure most reports will include at least 3 of those in some form or another (probably less snarky forms, actually). For added fun, try to count the lies (you might need a calculator).

Lets see, the senate financ... (Below threshold)

Lets see, the senate finance bill left about 20-25 mil without coverage and didn't have a "public option" and allegedly cost about 900 billion.

This bill covers all but 4 percent of the population, has a "public option" and costs less then the senate bill.

Actually bout the same at 22 billion more.


These assholes as smoking crack!

<a href="http://spectator.o... (Below threshold)

Psssst - "The Congressional Budget Office is out with its analysis of the House Democrats' health care bill. The headline number -- likely to be widely cited in media accounts -- is that the bill costs $894 billion over 10 years. But in reality, the CBO says that the gross cost of the bill will be $1.055 trillion. The $894 billion number reflects the taxes being paid by individuals who don't have insurance and employers who don't provide insurance."

In addition, the bill relies on some of the same budgetary gimmicks as the Senate Finance Committee's bill. Once again, we see that the Democrats backload the spending provisions into the final six years of the CBO's 10 year budget window to make it appear cheaper. Specifically, the CBO says the bill's gross spending will be $60 billion in the first four years, and $995 billion in the next six years (or 94 percent of the total).

Budgetary gimmicks, who'd a thunk it!

Wait till the Hospit... (Below threshold)

Wait till the Hospitals need to be ACORN Accredited. Out with Joint Commision in with ACORN. I'm sure it's in the fine print.

You can find the full text ... (Below threshold)

You can find the full text for both the House bill and the Senate bill at http://www.mywritertools.com/congress.asp in pdf, rtf and doc formats. There is also a tool, myWordCount, that produces sortable lists of word counts, and 2/3/4/5 word phrase counts. You can use it to find those hidden zingers that have been added to the bill.






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