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Is Barack Obama's Domestic Policy a National Security Threat?

That's what I argue in this week's American Issues Project column. Here's a portion:

The health care reform bills circulating through Congress are job killers because many of their provisions include billions of dollars of fees and taxes that will hit the American people both directly and indirectly. The Baucus bill in particular is loaded with tax increases not just on individuals but also on insurance companies, device manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and clinical laboratories. All of these taxes will be passed on to and will be paid for by the American people through increased medical costs. These de facto tax hikes on the American taxpayer would be a bad idea in a good economy. In a bad economy, they are instant poison. They will add up to large increases in insurance premiums. According to the Wall street Journal, a study by WellPoint shows that premiums could triple under ObamaCare. This rise doesn't even include the increases in health care costs that will occur naturally as technologies improve. Again, that's more money ripped out of the American people's pocket books.

We can expect similar increases in energy costs should the president's Cap and Trade plan become law. The legislation in the House would limit energy producers to a ceiling of CO2 production via the issuance of CO2 credits. If these companies need additional credits to burn more CO2, they will have to purchase them from other energy producers who are producing less CO2. If a company goes over its credit limit, however, the government will slap it with a hefty fine. Experts in the energy industry fully expect this plan to drive up the cost of energy production dramatically, inflating energy prices for already cash strapped consumers. Energy consumers can also expect to spend more money on everyday goods and services as increasing energy costs impact all areas of the economy.

Inevitably, all of this governmental meddling will lead to even more Americans losing jobs. Significantly fewer taxpayers mean less revenue for the Treasury. It also means a lot more money will go out because of millions of long term unemployed Americans will require unemployment benefits, food stamps and other social programs, including subsidies for access to a government run health care system. Money will also be required to pay the salaries of the additional government employees who will staff these two new massive health care and cap and trade bureaucracies.

Something in the budget will have to give and you can be assured it won't be either of the two new programs because once they are up and running, they will be as impossible to reverse as Medicare and Medicaid. So what part of the budget will have to be sacrificed in order to pay for these massive new government expenditures and entitlement programs? The same part that European countries sacrificed as a result of their ballooning social programs: the defense budget.

This massive government meddling will not bring down the deficit. It will only drive it up. It won't bring down the cost of health care or energy. They will only go up even further, ripping money out of the American people's pockets. Taxes will go up, more people will lose their jobs if these two huge government programs are implemented.

All this will lead to an inevitable conclusion: President Obama will have to cut the defense budget in order to continue funding his ever expanding array of entitlement programs and subsidies.

What do you think? Agree or disagree? You can leave a comment here or at the AIP column itself.


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Comments (10)

I'll bet the same amount of... (Below threshold)

I'll bet the same amount of work gets done and the same amount of wealth is created and the gov't sees a lot less of it.

Another thought is that Bar... (Below threshold)

Another thought is that Barry and Company will cut benefits across the board, thus forcing everyone (except the ruling elite) to "share" the burden. After all, "it's only fair".

They don't have the guts to raise taxes on everyone.

"Is Barack Obama's Domestic... (Below threshold)

"Is Barack Obama's Domestic Policy a National Security Threat?"

Ask His Wife.

Sure it is. So lets send t... (Below threshold)

Sure it is. So lets send the Mulatto Kenyan back to Chicago in 2012. Until then we can render him ineffective in the 2010 Congressional Elections. So pray hard.

Hard to believe, 9 months i... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Hard to believe, 9 months in office and his defense of the country and Constitution are summing to fodder for ouster.

Why should we suffer this fool 3.25 more?

Re: "They don't have the gu... (Below threshold)

Re: "They don't have the guts to raise taxes on everyone."

Hate to disagree but I think they do have it in them to raise everyones taxes. How else can they seriously consider cap & trade, let alone what the health bill will do to the economy. And if all else fails, simply let the Bush tax cuts expire in 2010.

As for Obama, I think he's a national security threat.

Re: "They don't have the gu... (Below threshold)

Re: "They don't have the guts to raise taxes on everyone."

They will just be sneaky doing it. Taxes on soft drink, meats, higher gas taxes, miles driven, alcohol, ammunition, energy usage, and many others even some that many never heard of before.

Tom McClintock made a great... (Below threshold)

Tom McClintock made a great floor speach about this the other day.


Check out his website while your at it. http://mcclintock.house.gov/

And to think they gave this... (Below threshold)

And to think they gave this idiot OBAM a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE from the same dorks who gave it to a terrorists(YASIR ARAFAT) abd failed president(JIMMY CARTER) and a habitual liar and hypotcrit(AL GORE)

He may have been able to pu... (Below threshold)

He may have been able to pull this off if he kept the original trade agreements the way they were like when Bush was in office. All this spending at a time like this is going to a have a terrible effect on the public.






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