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Clinton May Not Have Actually Met With Kim Jong-Il When Obtaining Release of Journalists

I'm sure you all remember that North Korea had arrested and sentenced two American reporters named Laura Ling and Yuna Lee this summer. President Clinton went over, met with Kim Jong-Il, and obtained the safe release of the journalists. Well, it is possible that we all remember wrong; Yahoo News is reporting that Clinton may have actually met with a Kim John-Il look-alike in his trip over.

From Yahoo News:

A number of analysts here are convinced that not all the photos being released of North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-il, are really photos of Kim Jong-il.

Instead, they say, a look-alike has been standing in for him on some of the 122 trips he's reportedly made this year to the countryside, factories, cultural events, military units, and all sorts of other venues.

It continues later:

No one here, however, is ready to go as far as Japanese writer Toshimitsu Shigemura, who has written two books and numerous articles claiming that Kim has been seriously ill for the past decade and may even have died.

Mr. Shigemura says that if the real Kim, looking wan and weak, appeared before the Supreme People's Assembly several days after North Korea fired a long-range missile on April 5, then it must have been a look-alike who hosted former US President Bill Clinton in August.

"They were totally different people," says Mr. Shigemura, a former correspondent for Mainichi Shimbun, a major Japanese newspaper, who now teaches international relations at Waseda University in Tokyo. "In August, he looked very healthy."

Shigemura suspects that a skilled actor delivered the lines to Mr. Clinton during their three-hour, 17-minute meeting, which ended with Mr. Clinton flying back to the US with two journalists who had been held for 140 days.

So it looks like Kim Jong-Il could actually be dead or very sick and has not been able to meet with dignitaries and foreigners. What does this say about our foreign policy and investigative abilities? We have the CIA, we should know if someone is dead.

Ironically, North Korea could be run by a dead person right now. How's that for Halloween?


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Comments (15)

RE: "We have the CIA, we sh... (Below threshold)

RE: "We have the CIA, we should know if someone is dead."

Hardly. The history of the CIA is full of failure. Case in point: Osama bin Laden.

The U.S. survived 8 years w... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

The U.S. survived 8 years with a brain-dead President who had the VP's hand stuck up his ass like a puppet. So what's new?

"The U.S. survived 8 years ... (Below threshold)

"The U.S. survived 8 years with a brain-dead President who had the VP's hand stuck up his ass like a puppet. So what's new?"

This time around we have a brain dead VP and a brain dead President with a teleprompter up his ass.

The CIA is doing just fine.... (Below threshold)
Jim x:

The CIA is doing just fine. It wouldn't surprise me if Kim Jong Il uses doppelgangers internally, but there's no way he could or would risk this at. Rare opportunity to get the spotlight on the world stage.

In short, fun theory but this Shigemura is a loony, a con man or both.

Clinton went over, sat for ... (Below threshold)

Clinton went over, sat for the "class picture" and came back with the hostages.

Since he went over as a private citizen, and had no authority to speak for the government, does it matter whether it was the real Kim or not?

Saddam's double could not b... (Below threshold)

Saddam's double could not be reached for comment!

Next week on the X-Files, S... (Below threshold)

Next week on the X-Files, Scully and Mulder are attacked by an alien posing as French President Sarkozy.

If the CIA actually knew wh... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

If the CIA actually knew whether or not this was true, they would still not be allowed to say so. They are required to say "no comment" no matter how ridiculous the assertion might be. They are required to say "no comment" even to the question about their station in the moon base or the question about how many manned space stations they are running. Even if it is true and they do not want people to know they are still not allowed to deny it.

Thanks for elevating the co... (Below threshold)

Thanks for elevating the conversation again, Steve...

Give Stevie a break. BDS ta... (Below threshold)

Give Stevie a break. BDS takes a long time to get over if ever. It is even worse when Obama keeps proving how much worse he is than Bush.

. . . does it matter whe... (Below threshold)

. . . does it matter whether it was the real Kim or not?

Why, yes; yes it does. The idea of great big important Bill Clinton meeting with a fake Kim John-Il is hilarious. Hilarious.

Clinton pwned by NK.<... (Below threshold)

Clinton pwned by NK.

Why am I not surprised?

"" ... "The U.S. survived 8... (Below threshold)

"" ... "The U.S. survived 8 years with a brain-dead (pretender to the "presidency") who had the VP's hand stuck up his ass like a puppet. So what's new?" ... ""

That wasn't the hand, during those eight awful years, of the world's then most dangerous dullard, Al-Fredo Gore-leone up the arse of the recidivist, treasonous, lying, looting, thieving, mass-murdering, serial-rapist brain-dead Billy-Bubbah Blythe. ("Cli'ton")

It was the hand of "Charlie Trie," the Little-Rock sleeper/agent of the Peking-based pack of predatory gangster basta*ds that calls itself "china" -- and that has for decades owned operated and controlled its Half-Penny-on-the-Dollar pussy, Billy-Bubbah and that brain-dead coke dealer's loathsome and fearsome co-serial-rapist "spouse," Brunhitlery

okay Brian Richard Allen:</... (Below threshold)
jim x:

okay Brian Richard Allen:

1. treasonous - so eight years of peace and prosperity and world respect make Clinton treasonous.

Yes, world respect - go look at the polls. The rest of the world didn't give a crap about Clinton's affair.

2. lying - yes, he lied about having an affair.

3. looting - what? Got facts? No.

4. thieving - No facts here either. And I suggest to you that if there was anything to them, it would have been turned by the 4-year and $40 million Whitewater investigation.

5. Serial murdering - are you crazy? Here, I'd like to remind you there were THREE separate investigations into the Vince Foster suicide.

6. Serial rapist - once again, no facts. Not only that, but the closest thing to a suit was laughed out of court by a judge.

Come on. Hate Clinton's policies - but you don't have to make up stuff. Be in reality.

This makes total sense. One... (Below threshold)

This makes total sense. One minute the guy is on death's doorstep, the next he's robust. A good satirical piece on this oddest of historical figures here: http://www.cuttothenews.com/the-read-on-the-news-091409/index.html






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