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NC Democratic Party and Former Governor Fined; Referral to DA for Investigation

Under the Dome has video of the decision by the NC Board of Elections coming from their recent investigation of former Governor Mike Easley.

The State Board of Elections has voted to refer a possible criminal case against former Gov. Mike Easley and others to the Wake County District Attorney's office. It also assessed $109,000 in fines and penalties: $9,000 against Democrats, $100,000 against the Easley campaign.
Easley and his lawyer requested the case be referred to the DA. More on the story here.


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Comments (7)

The story you link to descr... (Below threshold)

The story you link to describes the district attorney as a close friend of Easley's, and Easley's son interned for the district attorney last summer.

Odds of a prosecution, anyone?

Any idea if that attorney i... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Any idea if that attorney is the one caught at the cemetery with a hooker and sex toys?

JC, I'm thinking Google is ... (Below threshold)

JC, I'm thinking Google is your friend...

No mention in ANY MSM broadcast outlet tonight.

GMAC, I don't use Google, b... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

GMAC, I don't use Google, but it on the information highway. I was just wondering if it's the same person. And we all know MSM doesn't broadcast all the news, just what the owners of each want the people to know.

JC-No, that assistan... (Below threshold)

No, that assistant state attorney that got caught in the cemetery was in South Carolina, not North Carolina. Wrong state, dude. We are just corrupt here in NC, not perverted like SC.

Thanks Dave, but every stat... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Thanks Dave, but every state has the same problem with the elected critters. But it's a toss up between Ill and SC then.

JC, the use of ANY search e... (Below threshold)

JC, the use of ANY search engine is going to pull in more information and provide a greater knowledge base on which to make informed comments.

Ignorance is curable, stupidity is forever.






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