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Happy Halloween

This is a picture of a pumpkin my husband carved a few years ago. We never quite found the time to do one this year. If you are going trick-or-treating or Halloween partying tonight have fun. My kids are going to be Tinkerbell and a zombie cheerleader tonight. What are you and/or your kids dressing as this year?


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This is nifty as heck. BOOO... (Below threshold)

This is nifty as heck. BOOO to y'all!

Im dressing as an eskimo to... (Below threshold)

Im dressing as an eskimo tonight, brrr!!!

My kids are too big for trick or treating anymore.. The days when they were a toddler ghosts or ghouls went by way too quickly.

So Im hoping no snow tonight as We are going to My oldests son's game where He will be dressed as #20 fullback.

Awesome carving by the way. And zombie cheerleader? lol

Nice pumpkin! My twins are ... (Below threshold)

Nice pumpkin! My twins are going as the grim reaper and a green skeleton. Happy Halloween!

That is one cool jack-o-lan... (Below threshold)

That is one cool jack-o-lantern.
My three are dressed as a werewolf, a skeleton pirate, and Wolverine (X-Men) this year.

Way cool Halloween Pumpkin,... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Way cool Halloween Pumpkin, Lorie. Happy Halloween.

Not going out, have the dut... (Below threshold)

Not going out, have the duty answering the door and passing out candy. BUT I AM WEARING MY BARACK OBAMA MASK AND CARRYING A THICK BOOK LABELED 'HEALTH CARE REFORM ACT'.

That should scare the crap out of anyone! Hee hee.

Great pic!My wife ... (Below threshold)

Great pic!

My wife and I are going out as Barack and
Michelle for the evening. She'll be Barack.
I'm Michelle because I'm bigger and stronger.

Going out as my EX wife, si... (Below threshold)

Going out as my EX wife, since she STILL gives me nightmares!






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