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Newt: The Third Party May Get Corzine Elected in New Jersey

Newt writes in the Washington Examiner that if Corzine wins again in New Jersey, the fault will lay in the laps of Goldman Sacks and Chris Daggett, who's acting as a spoiler in a race that Christie should be winning much more handily because, as Newt pointed out, "[f]or the simple reason that the case against Corzine is so overwhelming."

It's amazing Corzine has the support he does since he's such a brazen corruptocrat with no regard or concern for New Jersey's citizens. Check out his record as outlined by Newt:

New Jersey residents have the highest state and local tax burden in the country. They pay the highest property taxes in the country. According to the Tax Foundation, New Jersey has the worst climate for business of any state in the nation. So, not surprisingly, it has the highest unemployment rate in the country.

Credit for much of this high-taxing, high-spending, job-repelling record goes to Corzine. As governor, he raised the state sales tax by 16 percent. He eliminated property tax rebates for middle class New Jersey homeowners. He has raised taxes on top wage earners, alcohol, cigarettes and businesses and he's not showing any signs of stopping. His latest proposal would raise taxes on gasoline.

On top of his abysmal record on taxes, Corzine has presided over an era of public corruption that is remarkable even for New Jersey. He unapologetically gave more than $400,000 of his own Wall Street money to a Bergen County Democratic machine boss who was convicted on federal felony corruption charges just this month.

And this summer, an FBI bribery sting that resulted in the arrest of no fewer than 44 state officials also included a raid on a member of Corzine's Cabinet. The result is, in a state that President Obama won by 57-42, the race for governor is too close to call.

Actually, I believe Michigan has the highest unemployment rate, but we get Newt's point. Clearly, Daggett needs to drop out of the race.

The same goes for the third party candidate in NY-23, De De Scozzafava.


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Don't know Daggett, don't c... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Don't know Daggett, don't care. New Jersey and its GOP can sleep in their bed.

kim: "The same goes for ... (Below threshold)

kim: "The same goes for the third party candidate in NY-23, De De Scozzafava."


Daggett KNOWS he is a spoiler...he never polled above 7 points, and will most likely 5 or 6 in the election. This has smelled like 3 day old fish (i.e., New Jersey politics) from the get go.

Hoffman, on the other hand, has been in double-digits from the instant he announced...and grown steadily ever since. Dede Scuzzy is destined to finish in single-digits...and play spoiler...if she doesn't drop out.

Newt writes good historical fiction novels...he should stick to that.

Why is Newt writing this, a... (Below threshold)

Why is Newt writing this, and writing it now? To rehab himself from/for NY-23...think about it....

Dagget won't matter unless ... (Below threshold)

Dagget won't matter unless Corslime actually loses.. then you know damned well the Dem political machine will be screaming FOUL and demanding recalls, etc..

Oh btw... did anyone hear that Christie is FAT?!?! /sarc

Funny thing, we don't hear too much about Jon-boy's health regime nor see any pics of his rather portly self busting a sweat at a gym, do we?

Christie is losing this ra... (Below threshold)

Christie is losing this race all on his own.
He has a horrible campaign manager. Christie has been MIA in this campaign for weeks that, is why he is lost 17% his potion in the polls. He did not want to appear on local conservative talk radio something Daggett was willing to do.
Christie did not appear at town halls or any type or protest. He took the same idiot stance that Giuliani did which was save everything till the last few weeks.

It great to be against Corizine but what will he do for NJ? The simple fact is that no one has stated what NJ really needs that is a a complete overhaul.
1. We need to cut Spending
2. Decentralize NJ spending.
Why does Bloomfield send Property Taxes to Trenton to pay for Newark Schools? Let the local taxes pay for local services.

Chrisitie wants to cut taxes but not spending has vague plan.
Daggett want to increase taxes base by spreading the sales tax to items that are not included. However Daggett has detailed plan ( not a great plan but he has it and has talked about to people which is why he took Chrisities lead)

Newt is attempting a preemp... (Below threshold)

Newt is attempting a preemptive strike against possible conservative third party challengers to his chosen candidates in the 2010 mid-terms.

As I stated an article or t... (Below threshold)

As I stated an article or two above:

"Newt can go pound sand."

He's crossed over to the dark side and as far as I'm concerned he can stay there.

Did'nt Gengrich team up wit... (Below threshold)

Did'nt Gengrich team up with Pelosi or something a while back? I think so. Either way He seems kind of too rino insider for Me and belongs in McCains cross over the aisle camp.

Newt is in it for Newt.... (Below threshold)

Newt is in it for Newt.

Newt's having the same trou... (Below threshold)

Newt's having the same trouble understanding the same thing most of the rest of the Republicans are: We're sick of them too!

Somehow they think that they can run with the same platform the Dems have for the last few years - "We're not them!" People are paying more attention now.

Kim DeDe was the Rep... (Below threshold)

DeDe was the Republican Candidate not the Third party candidate. If she wins we vote with the Dems down the line in fact if the Dem wins he will be less likely to vote the Dem party line than DeDe. So it a good thing there was opposition.

Dear Newt,Who in t... (Below threshold)

Dear Newt,

Who in the hell are YOU to give advice to ANYONE! You were willing to betray the American people by supporting a radical leftist in NY 23, all because you wanted to "get in good" with republican party higher ups for your run for the 2012 presidential nomination. Screw the US and the public as long as you get a crack at the White House, right Newt! Well P. Off, pal! Your credibility is nearly up there with Hussein's.

Someone please tell Mr Ging... (Below threshold)

Someone please tell Mr Gingrich and/or whatever nubile female is these days taking his messages and his dick..um...tation that he's done.

And put a fork in him?






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