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Philistines. I'm Surrounded By Philistines.

I've mentioned before that I often play my MP3 player at work. I have close to 14,000 tracks on it, and have learned what settings will consistently provide "SFW" music for the workspace.

But there's just no accounting for taste.

The other day, I set it to play only songs by a certain group that I rather like and is pretty Safe For Work. One of their more... unique compositions came on, and I was enjoying it.

And then my boss spoke up.

"Jay, what in God's green earth are we listening to?"

Now, I know I've lived a sheltered life. I grew up very culturally deprived. It was northern New Hampshire, just a little ways from East Nowheresville.

But this dropped my jaw to the floor.

Once I got the jaw back in place, I calmly and coolly explained to my boss that the song that was just winding down was Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody."

And then I followed it up with this brilliant variant:


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Had you played that in the ... (Below threshold)

Had you played that in the office where I worked.......well someone would have found your body, eventually.

Hope your new job pays bett... (Below threshold)

Hope your new job pays better.

I work with a nice young ma... (Below threshold)

I work with a nice young man who, apparently, lived in a sealed box up until he went to college.

He has never seen:
Raiders of the Lost Ark or its sequels
Star Wars (any of them)
Star Trek (any movie or TV series)
Princess Bride
any musical, ever
any Mel Brooks film, ever

He also has no clue about music, period (he has an iPhone with no music on it at all, for example).

My iPhone has no music (but... (Below threshold)

My iPhone has no music (but about a GB of homebuilt rings)...
But then it is owned by my employer...
Here's hoping I can swing a verizon droid next week :)

OK... That... That... That ... (Below threshold)
Kat Author Profile Page:

OK... That... That... That is five minutes of my life that I'm never getting back!

Jay, I'm holding you responsible... "Bohemian Rhapsody," Weird Al, and polka music - my brain will never be the same (where's the bleach scrub??)


Er, Jay, my third child is ... (Below threshold)

Er, Jay, my third child is in college and the two older ones are out. You do realize that Queen is to these kids as Artie Shaw was to us when we were their age, don't you? It's been 35 years.

Bet those kids who don't know anything about those 70s movies can describe every weapon in Halo, though.

I should clarify, folks, th... (Below threshold)

I should clarify, folks, that my boss in question is less than a decade older than I am...


I go through this all the t... (Below threshold)

I go through this all the time. My wife, God bless her, has never heard of Jethro Tull, and I suspect that she believes Skynnard to be a person, as well as the prev, rather than a band. I am afraid to ask... after I found out she had no idea that Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel were connected to Genesis or that Bowie and Queen came up with a certain bass line, I stopped talking about non-current music.
What I get for marrying outside my generation.
Anyway, they're pulling the tarp off the field. Time to see if the Yankees get put back in their place in game 3.

"I should clarify, folks, t... (Below threshold)

"I should clarify, folks, that my boss in question is less than a decade older than I am..."

Why didn't you say so? The reason's simple then. Like one of my (much) older hippie brothers, he just doesn't remember the 70s...

Or like the other, he knows Merle Haggard's entire catalog. ;)

Hey, I once worked for a ma... (Below threshold)

Hey, I once worked for a man, 10 years older than me, who had NO idea who Pink Floyd was. When someone in the hangar started blasting "Time" from "Dark Side of the Moon" he was complete bewildered. Didn't know, didn't care.

I can't imagine a world whe... (Below threshold)
just me:

I can't imagine a world where people don't know who Queen or Pink Floyd are, much less have never watched a Star Wars movie.

I guess I am doing my duty as a mom, since all of my kids know who Queen is, and can sing all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody. They also recognize Pink Floyd although none of them are super into the music.

That guy is putting the "Ee... (Below threshold)

That guy is putting the "Eek" in GEEK!






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