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Town Haul

A few years ago, I registered with townhall.com to make a comment on some story or other. At the time, I wasn't careful, and missed the checkbox to opt out of their spam informative mailings from selected marketing partners. I got in the habit of just hitting "delete" on them a while ago.

But yesterday, two of their mailings caught my attention. And not in a good way.

The first loudly proclaimed in its subject line: "The US Government owes you money."

The e-mail starts off with the blaring headline:

How to Collect Social Security... at ANY Age Plus 4 more secrets the Administration doesn't want you to know:

Yeah, that's right. Town Hall -- which prides itself on its conservative principles -- is trying to sell you on how to get "free" money from the government.

And if that makes you as sick as it makes me, that's all right -- Town Hall is also venturing into the health care business.

The second spam informative mailing from a selected marketing partner is about "The Cancer Cure Video that circled the globe in 31 minutes."

You guessed it. Snake oil.

As someone who's lost loved ones to cancer, I have a special, deep, abiding hatred for these kinds of scumbags. Along with televangelists who hawk miracle faith healings, for that matter, for the same reason.

Good god, Town Hall, are you that hard up for money that you're willing to whore out your reputation for vile, evil, predatory, despicable swine like these?

In a sense, this is symptomatic of our current political system. People are more and more falling away from large organizations and groups, and instead picking and choosing issues and principles and candidates. We're evolving into "cafeteria partisans," where there are no permanent affiliations and alliances.

And in the case of Town Hall, it seems that their loyalty has fallen to their bank accounts.

(Author's note: yes, one of my colleagues is a regular columnist for Town Hall. I actually considered how this might affect Lorie, but in the end I had to be me. For the record, this article -- along with everything else I write -- reflects my opinions and mine alone. No one even sees them before I publish them, let alone exerts any kind of editorial control. And anyone who tries to hold her -- or anyone else -- accountable for whatever I say or do deserves a sock in the mouth. If you don't like what I say, take it up with me. Or Kevin, who owns this site.)


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Comments (9)

Good for you! That type of ... (Below threshold)

Good for you! That type of abuse of venue is not acceptable

Not to defend Town Hall, bu... (Below threshold)

Not to defend Town Hall, but can I hold you (JT) to the fire the next time Wizbang has a screwy advert on the main page? Meet your meat, etc?
Maybe if you told us how you reached out and told them you were getting questionable mail from their network before getting on your high horse, I'd be more charitable. But from what info you've given, it would look like you're pulling a Charles Johnson knee jerk moment.

SCSI, when you start gettin... (Below threshold)

SCSI, when you start getting e-mailed ads from us, then you can hold me accountable. I see a bit of a difference.

Those ads, though...


YOU MAY ALREADY HAVE WON!!!... (Below threshold)


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Don't let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by!!!

Here's how to order yours.

(Offer void if you have one damned bit of common sense.)

Not to defend Town... (Below threshold)
Not to defend Town Hall, but can I hold you (JT) to the fire the next time Wizbang has a screwy advert on the main page?

Ahem. Ad blocker. Use one. Problem solved.

Had to stop using Safari ca... (Below threshold)

Had to stop using Safari cause of the damn audio ads and other trash. Firefox with AdBlocker and NoScript is great.

Actually, JT, I see the ads... (Below threshold)

Actually, JT, I see the ads on a site as worse than spam. It is easier to be caught unaware by what your "partners" send through email than what is posted on your site.
Again, not saying TH can't do more, but if nobody points it out it will last longer (bad ads). Between work and my personal life, I get hundreds (no exageration) of emails each day. I don't get to them in real time, often not in the same day. Between the inbox and the emails sent by me and my team (which I am utlimately responsible for), if nobody points out issues, I may not see them for some time.

Also no mention, unlike your crusade against certain left wing mailing lists, about how you've tried to unsubscribe.

To be honest, the thing that sticks in my craw, is the feeling that you're playing gotcha, ala cousin Oliver. Rather than pointing out the issue and seeing the response, you chose to put things up on a billboard as the first step. You pointed out that a college you have access to is part of TH... you could reach out to her, point out the issue... looks like you mistook the high horse for the high ground IMO.

It's as bad as listening to... (Below threshold)

It's as bad as listening to conservative talk radio (WLS Chicago) and then having to here ABC's (liberal spun) news reports at the breaks. Or try riding in your car and listening to conservative talk radio with your children along. Every other ad is for Viagra or penis enlargement pills. I don't know if its greed or a liberal plot, but it sure makes it hard to listen.

Hey, how the heck in the wo... (Below threshold)

Hey, how the heck in the world are you, anyway?
It irritates me to no end to be listening to a good conservative talk station and hear a snake oil peddler like that G**damn Andy Willoughby jackass at every commercial break. I know advertising pays the bills, but is this really the best the advertising sales teams can do?






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