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Gitmo Terrorists to Receive Swine Flu Vaccine

Guantanamo Bay detainees are set to receive swine flu vaccines. Fears of the swine flu aside, we are having a shortage here on the main land of the United States. Some people desperately want their children immunized, yet we're throwing the vaccine at these guys? This is ridiculous.

From Yahoo! News:

Health officials have recommended that people in high-risk groups receive the swine flu vaccination first. There has been heated debate in several U.S. states about where prisoners should fall in the pecking order of vaccine recipients.

A spokesman for Physicians For Human Rights, an international medical group, said there are "certain basic obligations the U.S. has to its prisoners," and that vaccinations for influenza fall into that category.

"The fact that many prisoners within the U.S. don't get timely access to basic health care doesn't change the obligation of the U.S. to prisoners at Guantanamo," Dr. Scott A. Allen of the rights group said in an e-mail from Rhode Island. "We should work towards securing H1N1 vaccine for all at-risk populations, and not towards lowering a public health standard for certain unpopular groups."

We should be working towards an H1N1 vaccine for everyone, Doctor, but until then, we should be giving it to people who aren't criminals. On the bright side, however, not everyone has their heads buried in the sand on this one:

More from Yahoo!:

The top House Republican, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, told CNN's "State of the Union" show on Sunday that he does not agree with the H1N1 vaccination plans for detainees at Guantanamo.

"I don't think it's a good idea. The administration probably didn't think it would be very popular either; that's why they announced it on Friday night," Boehner said.

This is a travesty.


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Comments (32)

But letting them think they... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [retired]:

But letting them think they could possibly have an outbreak of H1N1 in the prison would be TORTURE!!!!

Kind of an ironic turn of e... (Below threshold)

Kind of an ironic turn of events. Swine flu vaccine had it's start from, what else, swine.

Now people who would rather die than touch or eat pigs are getting a medicine that originated from pigs.

Wonder what Allah will think about that?


ACK CHUCK! You are saying t... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [retired]:

ACK CHUCK! You are saying that we are injecting them with Pork byproducts? TORTURE!!!!!

If their faith is strong, S... (Below threshold)

If their faith is strong, Swine Flu should not be able to afflict a true Muslim...

Leave it to this administra... (Below threshold)

Leave it to this administration to worry more about these terrorist than it's own citizens. Typical...

However, my doctor and other doctors in my area...are saying Do not get this swine flu...yet...it has not been really tested, we don't know the side effects. Doctors in my area won't get the swine flu vac and they won't give it to their families.

Barrys gotta take care of H... (Below threshold)

Barrys gotta take care of His homies.

Just a preview of Govt Heal... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Just a preview of Govt Healcare, it decides who gets what based on politics.

I have to differ with the m... (Below threshold)
Edward Sisson Author Profile Page:

I have to differ with the main post on this one -- the number of people, and thus the amount of vaccine that will be used, is so small as to be insignificant to the general population, and the international public relations nightmare of denying the vaccine would be enormous, playing right into the hands of the denounce-America crowd. This is the right move.

"..and the international pu... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"..and the international public relations nightmare of denying the vaccine would be enormous, playing right into the hands of the denounce-America crowd. This is the right move. "

In other words, like I just said, politics through medicine. (Or is it medicine through politics?)

Wait until one politically connected patient is given preference over the non-connected, and pain and/or death ensue. There will be payback, political and otherwise.

It makes sense that to prot... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

It makes sense that to protect the service men and women working at GITMO you'd want to prevent an epidemic at the prison. Tight quarters make a prison ripe for problems.

There is also that whole "innocent until proven guilty" right which was affirmed by the Supreme Court - but Republicans have ignored the Constitution and acted illegally for so long that you really can't expect them to control their racist hatred towards people of color anymore. It's out of control.

Objectively it is the corre... (Below threshold)

Objectively it is the correct thing to do. An epidemic of any kind would be horribly difficult to treat and contain in GITMO and the already stressed service members there would likely suffer disproportianetly to the detainees. It would cost less and be easier to vaccinate than try to treat an outbreak.

Does it seem to anyone else... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

Does it seem to anyone else that this administration leads all others in terms of Friday night announcements? They even had the Van Jones announcement on Saturday night.


#10There He goes a... (Below threshold)


There He goes again,

Trying to link conservatism to racism. Neither of which has anything to do with the post.

Why dont You put down the Kool-aid colored glasses and ask Yourself why is Baraka failing so Katrina like on H1N1 and the economy when He had so much beforehand knowledge on both??

I don't feel the warm fuzzi... (Below threshold)

I don't feel the warm fuzzies for anyone who is incarcerated because my tax dollars already pay for their sucking wind, eating, and taking up space. Also, they have time on their hands to obtain pell grants and a free college education. So no, I don't think they should be eligible for ANY flu vaccines before the law abiding public has received it first. That sentiment applies to inmates regardless of their race.

Dudes,We are incar... (Below threshold)


We are incarcerating these low-lifes. As Americans, we should not and will not let those in our care die through negligence.

What are we talking? 400 doses? Big deal. Let this go and let it stand as representative of American Exceptionalism.

As the prisoners are in a c... (Below threshold)

As the prisoners are in a controlled environment and proper hygiene is more important in preventing the spread of H1N1 even without the vaccine they should be less likely to get it. If they are suffering from malnutrition then you might be able to make a case that they would need the vaccine, but I don't think that this is the case.

Also, I think common sense not political expediency should be used.

Thats a great point y7. But... (Below threshold)

Thats a great point y7. But no matter how many times American Exceptionalism is on display be it Earthquakes,Tsanami's or Famine it changes the haters not.

Even a paltry 400 doses should go to Americas children first and foremost. Return the rejects to their Countries of origin where they can recieve the care and treatment/ heroes welcomes they deserve.

i have a solution,dead men ... (Below threshold)
just bob:

i have a solution,dead men do not catch the flu.

"Trying to link conserva... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

"Trying to link conservatism to racism. Neither of which has anything to do with the post."

The hatred exhibited by some towards Muslims is what I'm referring to here.

Suggesting that people of color be allowed to suffer and die from H1N1 simply because fo their race is racism.

Remember, Gitmo prisoners are innocent untl proven guilty, and you guys aren't suggesting the prisoners out in in Folsom Prison or San Quentin be denied H1N1 vaccine- you're saying only those Muslims should.

Wake up and smell your inner hate. It's yours, you display it - now own it.

Muslim is not a race, it id... (Below threshold)

Muslim is not a race, it identifiers believers/followers of Islam, a major RELIGION. To imply Muslims are people of color is exceptionally narrow and racist. Being anti-muslim, might be bigoted, it is not racist. Muslims come in all the colors of the rainbow. There are large numbers of Caucasion muslims, semitic-muslims, Asian muslims etc. Not all muslims are Arab and the non-Arabs are often greatly offended to be considered as one with Arabs.

This makes no sense. Those... (Below threshold)

This makes no sense. Those people are already in ISOLATION. Therefore have a very small chance of catching anything.

I've got a suggestion for a 'shot' for each one of them.

#19Im suggesting t... (Below threshold)


Im suggesting they are not American citizens which they are not and should not be treated as houseguests at the exspense of our own citizens.

"Gitmo prisoners are innocent untl proven guilty"

Bullshit. They were caught on the battlefield and are guilty and should have been executed after intelligence was extracted from their verminous hides.

Tell them that the vaccine ... (Below threshold)
Sabba Hillel:

Tell them that the vaccine is derived from pigs besides being a specific for the "swine flu". Also guarantee that anyone who dies in Gitmo will be buried in a pigskin blanket.

It is the Muslims who would refuse to receive a pigskin heart valve, even if they would die as a result.

Steve you just get more and... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [retired]:

Steve you just get more and more hateful. Where did anyone say we only want to keep it from Muslim prisoners? If you want to talk bigotry why don't you tell me how much you love Israel?

The whole thing is ludicrous which is why we make fun of it, even though it is only 400ish doses and even though we want to keep them healthy so the rest of the world won't hate us (more) it is idiotic to do so when there are citizens who are in higher risk groups that will not be able to recieve it because some prisoner did.


These are not "suspects" these are prisoners of war. They were taken on the battlefield and as such they COULD have been killed there instead of kept alive and in prison awaiting a trial which more than likely will end up treating them like US Citizens instead of Opposition Forces.

POW's are not innocent until proven guilty, they are guilty and only the amount of guilt has yet to be determined.

I have said before and I will say again. I don't care what your religion is or what the color of your skin is. But I HATE people who wish to intimidate other people in any way. I HATE people who want to cause violence against myself, my family, or my Naiton. Just because those people end up being predominently Muslim or predominently Black does NOT mean I hate all Blacks or all Muslims.

Try arguing facts Steve, plain facts without nuance or point-of-view observations. Get off your emotionally stunted high horse and argue actual benefits and costs not feelings. You will not win any conservative over by telling us "its the right thing to do". If it is the right thing to do we will do it without having a threat of jail time for not paying taxes.

Steve Green, do you ever ti... (Below threshold)

Steve Green, do you ever tire of being laughed at? Probably not.

I would love for the terrorists whom are muslim and want to kill us because we do not believe like them to know they are getting swine flu vaccine. I know it is not incubated in a pig, but the thought is great.

Steve, the only hate I have seen first hand was on 9/11. Everything else you say is childish ramblings. ww

Shouldn't we decide on medi... (Below threshold)
Douglas McClean:

Shouldn't we decide on medical criteria and not popularity criteria? Also, if we did have the government decide on popularity criteria, wouldn't that be one of those "death panels" I've heard so much about?

There is also that... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:
There is also that whole "innocent until proven guilty" right which was affirmed by the Supreme Court - but Republicans have ignored the Constitution and acted illegally for so long that you really can't expect them to control their racist hatred towards people of color anymore. It's out of control.

Yes, it's just terrible, Steve, that Barack Obama, that well-known Republican racist, is still keeping these "innocent" prisoners in Gitmo.

I plan on voting against that racist Republican, Barack Obama, as soon as I can.

Heck, maybe we should just impeach Barack Obama, racist Republican, because of the way he's keeping all those innocent, peaceful people locked up in Gitmo. If only we had some Democrats in power in Congress to keep this racist Republican in check!

(We need to be careful not to release these peaceful, innocent Gitmo detainees to Pakistan, though -- that racist Republican Barack Obama has been slaughtering poor brown Pakistani civilians with cowardly missile strikes there for the past nine months.)

Prison Guards,lawyers and w... (Below threshold)

Prison Guards,lawyers and workers should get it They are the ones that leave the prison go home and interact with others. New arrivals should be in isolation for the time of incubation. Once the civilian population has received their doses. The prisoners get theirs. Thus we take care of those who serve at our behest, our citizens and provide adequate medical attention to detainees.

OK, it has now been reporte... (Below threshold)

OK, it has now been reported in a usually* reliable source that the swine flu vaccine is made from pigs. If this post is referenced in another blog** then one could say that it has been widely reported that...

Rioting begins in 3,...2,...1,...

*I admit the original post is probably more reliable than the comments.

**Given the size of the internet, it doesn't take much to make a report "wide".

Heckuva job, Baracky.... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Heckuva job, Baracky.
Why there is a shortage in the first place:

New York Post
" The shortage of swine-flu vaccine results not from drug- company greed or outsize demand but almost entirely from the government's decision to pander to unfounded and unscientific fear.

As The Wall Street Journal reported last week, the US government set out to have the H1N1 vaccine produced largely in single-dose syringes -- a demand that has set back production considerably, because multidose vials are far easier to make.

And the only reason to seek single-dose production was to please people needlessly worried about the preservative thimerasol, which is used to provide multiple doses of the vaccine. The fear -- utterly groundless and repeatedly debunked is that thimerasol can cause autism and other neurological disorders in infants and other young children.

If not for that decision, we'd have more than enough vaccine. Instead, because the government yielded to pressure from antivaccine fringe groups, we're behind the curve on protecting millions of children from swine flu. "

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/why_you_can_get_swine_flu_vaccine_GTHq2q7i8HeBQzyG4tQYLJ#ixzz0VrSU5sUY

They're in prison, how are ... (Below threshold)

They're in prison, how are they going to contract it vs. we who are in the public day in and day out?

Gitmo terrorists to receive... (Below threshold)

Gitmo terrorists to receive swine flu vaccine vs. some people who desperately want their children immunized. I think government must treat the both sides fairly. Anyone who needs to be immunized must be treated similarly. However, their health history must be studied first before they give them the actual swine flu vaccine.






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