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Obama Was Duped!

We all know Barack Obama has no inhibitions when it comes to expressing his political point of view.

This is especially apparent regarding his outrage toward the greed of Wall Street.

Since his election, he has been a rabid critic of CEOs and board members alike. None have escaped his wrath. Be they from banks, brokerages, financial consultants, or private industry, he has shown his disgust for all.

He has summoned many of these unsavory characters to the White House to let them know of his distaste for their practices, displaying a "new-sheriff-in-town" attitude. He has described their actions as "irresponsible", their methods "outrageous", their indifference toward the financial status of others as "shameful", and their paychecks "offensive."

"Golden parachutes" and "from Main Street to Wall Street" have become part of the rhetorical lexicon since his ascendancy in office, describing most any top level member of whatever entity he has chosen to demonize.

He really does care about the middle class.

Which is why I find his support of incumbent New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine to be just so darned strange.

Mr. Corzine, prior to his involvement in Jersey politics, was chairman and co-CEO of Goldman-Sachs, the investment banking powerhouse.

There, he amassed a purported fortune of roughly $400 million after the firm's IPO was posted.

Between both of his elections for Senate and Governor, he has spent nearly $130 million of his private fortune, sparing no expense to win the office. (His senate campaign was the most expensive in history.)

The President's simple disgust for Wall-Streeters like Mr. Corzine should be enough for him to condemn the Governor (you know, cause he's for the middle class). Astonishingly, there are other Corzine outrages. If the President were aware of these, he most assuredly would be repulsed.

Mr. Corzine has used his wealth to contribute close to $1 million toward several New Jersey African-American ministries, which oddly gave him their election year political endorsements.

He's canoodled with the union head of New Jersey's Communications Workers Of America, Carla Katz, dating her during pivotal contract negotiations with the state. At the end of their relationship, he paid her almost $6 million for a personal "settlement."

His first state AG appointment was accused of using her political influence to help her boyfriend wiggle out of two motor vehicle infractions. She was subsequently forced to resign.

He has hiked highway tolls across the state and leased many roadways to outside corporations, essentially allowing for unregulated, obscene rate increases.

He has been caught using ethnic and religious slurs, afterward offering the sincere apology of ''I shouldn't have said what I am reported to have said, and if I did, I apologize.''

He presided over a state government shut-down in 2006, and had a recall drive started against him in 2008.

The list goes on...

I don't know. Obama must be getting faulty information about the Governor.

There is no way that an innocent politician from Chicago, a man filled with the sincerest intentions for the "little guy," would support a rich, greedy, Wall Street executive from the political snake-pit of New Jersey.

Is there?


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Comments (12)

Shawn Just look at ... (Below threshold)

Just look at that name GOv Corzine (D) or were you thinking Post Partisanship did not have the standard BHO expiration date?

The Corzine he knows today ... (Below threshold)

The Corzine he knows today is not the Corzine he knew from several months ago...

Just another example of his... (Below threshold)

Just another example of his ability to talk out of both sides of his lying mouth.

Yeah, Barry hates RICH peop... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Barry hates RICH people. That explains why he's had George Soros over to the White House so often. And the head of SEIU, and the head of GE.................

"Mr. Corzine has used his w... (Below threshold)

"Mr. Corzine has used his wealth to contribute close to $1 million toward several New Jersey African-American ministries, which oddly gave him their election year political endorsements."

Not oddly, ACORNly.

Maybe jonny Corpzine has the inside track on Albert Gorge Jr.s hotgas investment scams and Barry wants in?

Or maybe if Corpsign loses a money laundering pal for some of our stimulis extortions?

Either way Barry will magically join Gore and Ochra in the billionaire club and ericc Holder will see nothing wrong with hush money.

Barack takes care of Barack... (Below threshold)

Barack takes care of Barack- once you understand that, all the rest makes perfect sense-

Typical narcissist- but now his bad childhood and irresponsible, far-left weirdo parents are OUR problem, too-

The Kenyan is a Kenyan. </... (Below threshold)

The Kenyan is a Kenyan.

He really does car... (Below threshold)
jim m:
He really does care about the middle class.

Are you freaking insane????????

You state this and yet you offer nothing to support it other than Obama's class warfare rhetoric.

He doesn't give a rip about the middle class. He is in favor of taxing it into extinction. He is in favor of killing off the jobs that support the existance of the middle class.

What you suppose is a defense of the middle class is in reality an attack on the rich. Obama is taking the position that no one deserves to get rich through business activity. Entertainers and authors can get rich. Politicians can get rich because they "serve he people". But businessmen only get rich by cheating the people so they are all evil.

You miss the fact that 99% of everyone else is trying to make a living and improve their lot in life by working in the business marketplace. Obama believes that such activity is evil and financial gain through it is wrong.

You are an unmitigated ass to think that Obama cares the least bit about the middle class.

"innocent politician from C... (Below threshold)

"innocent politician from Chicago"
These are words that should never be put together in this particular order.

Nah, Timmer - I can imagine... (Below threshold)

Nah, Timmer - I can imagine an 'innocent politician from Chicago'.

Probably hangs out with the Easter Bunny and Santa during his down time, too.

Uh..jim m,<p... (Below threshold)


jim m,

Before you take me to task for my perceived support of Obama and his commitment to the middle class, perhaps you should glance over to where the post is filed under and what taglines are used to describe my intentions.

Easy, big fella!


He wasn't duped - he knew j... (Below threshold)
Neva Li:

He wasn't duped - he knew just who he was supporting. He just hoped his personal charisma was enough to dupe US!






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