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As a long-suffering, exasperated Conservative New Jerseyian, it gives me great satisfaction and a profound sense of relief to join thousands of my fellow citizens to humbly report the following:

In a political upset of near miraculous proportions, Republican challenger Christopher J. Christie has ousted incumbent Democrat Jon S. Corzine to become Governor of the State of New Jersey.

Christie, who, earlier in the year, had a double-digit lead, was able to fend off waves of negative attacks from Corzine and Independent spoiler Chris Daggett, emerging the victor with a several digit margin. .

Four torturous years of Corzine at the helm of this battered state has finally come to a merciful end.

Between purchasing both his 4 year U.S. Senate seat and his 4 year Governorship, Corzine has spent $130 million of his own money to ensure the defeat of his hopelessly outspent Republican challengers.


Just enough of the normally hypnotized, liberal New Jersey electorate could no longer ignore the sensational failure of offensive liberalism, rejecting the notion that Democrats are the champions of the middle class, and the saviors of the downtrodden.

Perhaps the most stupendous aspect of this upset is the utter rebuke of President Obama.

While this was not, as many have suggested, a "referendum" on Obama's policies or strength of his coattails, he did make 3 well choreographed and highly publicized campaign rallies for Corzine down the stretch.

However, despite his disgusting display of hypocrisy and political arrogance, the President did not succeed in converting the full compliment of the masses as he did during his Presidential campaign. The mindless cattle in this state who support him did as they were expected, but, the rest of the voters were unswayed by his political charm offensive on the behalf of Jon Corzine, who has the empathy of a stump.

New Jersey and its citizens have been the butt of many jokes throughout the years, and, at least politically, it has been deservedly so.

However, on this night, we can hold our heads just a little bit higher.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

This is it.


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Comments (13)

Holy Crap.......... (Below threshold)

Holy Crap.......

Too bad the little liberal ... (Below threshold)

Too bad the little liberal bald headed professor lost some millions to boot. oooh boo hoo.. Ha ha ha ha ha

And I'm sure NJ will, short... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

And I'm sure NJ will, shortly after he takes office, have full employment, using the old trickle down effect. And he can refuse any and all stimulus money from the ONE.

Ah, JC..Gotta love... (Below threshold)

Ah, JC..

Gotta love the graciousness of a liberal.

I've always wanted to say this:

How do them sour grapes taste?

Shawn, since I'm not a libe... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

Shawn, since I'm not a liberal, I wouldn't know. But it probably tastes to them like it did to you when the ONE won the presidential election. How did that taste, care to share it?

But like I said, will NJ have full employment shortly after he takes office? And for your info, I wanted McCain to win. DID YOU?

"But like I said, will NJ h... (Below threshold)

"But like I said, will NJ have full employment shortly after he takes office? And for your info, I wanted McCain to win. DID YOU"

NJ has never had full employment and never will. No to McCain and Yes to Palin.

Let me just say that if NJ ... (Below threshold)
jim x:

Let me just say that if NJ ends up being better off four years from now specifically because Christie actually pursues different policies than Corzine's once in office, I'll be the first to congratulate him.

Shawn, maybe you can answer... (Below threshold)

Shawn, maybe you can answer a question for me: Given that both houses of the NJ state legislature are still firmly controlled by corrupt socialists, what difference will it make that the state now has a Republican governor?

Corzine was a failure - as ... (Below threshold)

Corzine was a failure - as I live in NJ I'm glad he's gone. What difference will Christie make? Well he's got a veto power that maybe can slow down the corrupt democrates in Trenton.

First up Christie needs to make a few state workers unemployeed.

wolfwalker,It will a... (Below threshold)

It will all depend on if Christie is willing to hammer them (legislature) as governor and keep the public informed. Given his track record of sending sending NJ pols to jail, there is some home. And law enforcement (though somewhat hobbled by union influence) report to the governor...
Sadly, the US attorneys report up to the White House... and after the Black Panther dismissal, I don't think Gov Christie will get much help from that quarter.

I dunno New Jersey, not muc... (Below threshold)

I dunno New Jersey, not much of a choice here. A guy whose too dumb to fasten his seat belt and a guy who can't control his food intake. Sound like boomers to me.

Senators have six-year term... (Below threshold)

Senators have six-year terms, staggered.

JC,Do you really f... (Below threshold)


Do you really feel that people who voted for Christie believe the things you've sarcastically listed should magically happen?

I've really never noticed you before, so I perused the archives for some background.

Though you claim not to be a liberal, your past statements on this site indicate that you at least view Conservatism with disdain. And just because you wanted a liberal Republican like McCain to win changes nothing.

Although McCain and Conservatism shouldn't be said within the same sentence, I did vote for him.

In the end, a liberal Republican is healthier than an avowed Marxist any day.







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