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Coffee with Mister Reality

I was sitting at my table this morning, looking over my schedule for the day, when Mister Reality came by, poured himself a coffee and took a seat.

"I suppose you are feeling pleased with yourself this morning." he began. When I said nothing but raised an eyebrow, he clarified. "Politically, I mean."

"Well,", I ventured. "New Jersey and Virginia were nice results, though I have to say I was cheering for Hoffman in New York."

"Your side had a good night", allowed the dour Mr. R, "but I hope I do not have to remind you that Barack Obama remains President of the United States, Nancy Pelosi remains Speaker of the House, and Harry Reid remains Senate Majority Leader."

I nodded. "And our current Vice-President is a man regularly out-smarted by mannequins. Your point?"

Mr. R narrowed his eyes and gave me what I think was his attempt at a Robert Mitchum tough-guy stare. "My point, wise guy, is that you had one good night. The Left still controls the Machine."

I chuckled.

"I had a good night? Sure hope the missus did too."

"You know what I mean." muttered my dark-visaged visitor. "I figure your side believes you'll take over Congress and the White House next time around.

"Won't happen. You're fooling yourself to think you can get back what you lost. What happened last night was a blip, not a trend."

I smiled.

"First off, you're right Mister R, or partly so." I assured him.

"When the victories became apparent, all sorts of people started taking credit for it, both conservatives and moderates. In fact, even some Democrats tried to say it was good for their party, although that seems to me much sillier than what you are trying to say I believe. I agree that the Right remains fractured and uncoordinated, and we have a lot of work to do before we can start thinking about asking the public to trust us with the country's leadership again.

"But I also noticed how well the Republicans fared yesterday, by margin. These were not just wins, they were easy wins. And in Virginia, the whole ticket did well. This election was relatively small, but it does carry strong trend indicators for the mood of the nation and their opinion of the present issues and their resolution.

"Considering your name, it seems a bit ironic that you seem to be in a bit of denial."

Mr. R grimaced.

"Hey, I just act in character," he protested, "and this president really plays the perception-is-reality trick a lot.

"So he's really torqued about what happened yesterday, and he's doing spin control like nobody's seen since the blue dress showed up during the term of the last Democrat who was President."

"Maybe we shouldn't go there." I suggested.

"Good idea." agreed R. He relaxed a bit, sipped his coffee and peered at me over the rim. "Seems like you are not over-reacting here. What's your take on why these elections turned this way?"

I shrugged. "Economy, mostly" I said. "It's pretty stupid to try to sell folks on huge government projects when they are out of work or worried about their jobs, keeping their homes, and providing for their kids. But Obama doesn't care about anything but feeding his ego. This was a wake-up for him, and it depends on what he does in response."

"The economy will decide a lot. For all the rhetoric, most elections come down to the wallet and the bank account. If the economy recovers quickly, the Democrats can ride out the surge from this election and protect their position, and the same in 2012. But if they keep ignoring basic facts of economics, with things like Bank takeovers, Auto company nationalization, and Healthcare socialization, they will prolong the length and difficulty of the recession's effects, keep unemployment high and the dollar weak, and the economy will still be sick when the people vote again, this time for the whole House of Representatives and many members of the Senate.

"Which reminds me. Given your name, I'd have expected you to be spending time over on the Hill, trying to get them to get real."

R shook his head. "That's why I'm in a bad mood, to be honest. Sorry for that. Ever since they took over Congress in 2006, they have been ignoring me. Won't listen to me, won't even notice my dogs."

I blinked. "Your dogs? I don't follow you, sorry."

"You've seen them" reminded Mr. R. "Boy and a girl dog, a pair of really big mean mastiffs. I named them Consequences and Payback, everybody knows about them but for some reason they don't notice them until they get bit. They're over at the DNC right now, giving grief to Tim Kaine. You'd think folks would notice a 150-pound mastiff chewing on a guy, but CNBC just shifts the camera so the dog doesn't show during interviews."

I thought about that for a minute. "But you said the Machine was still running things. And you said from the start that the elections yesterday were not as big a deal as I thought.

"So why are you sending your dogs after the Left?"

"To be honest, they go where they want," said R. "Some folks they never chase, while others might as well be wearing meat collars. There's a few Democrats who must smell really good to Payback, 'cause she has about a dozen leading politicians she really wants to bite into. Not that there aren't some Republicans they want to take down, too.

- continued -

"But as for the Machine, you know like I do, that it comes down to how it's used. In the old days, a few used it for personal greed but most really did want to help folks. Nowadays, it gets hard to find anyone in office who's really there to serve.

"And that's your big problem."

I knew what he meant. "The third-party gambit" I said, and R nodded.

"The lesson is clear from History: Third-Party candidates lose, period. But they can also take down a viable candidate from the party which splits. It's how the Democrats lost the White House in 1968, and how the Republicans lost it in 1992.

"And already people are looking at last night as if it means History will be wrong this time, that shredding the Right won't just help the Left stay in power."

I nodded. As I put my coffee mug into the microwave to reheat it, I observed, "That's a bit sobering. I know we have to work on party unity if we are going to stop Obama, much less regain the public trust, but who can get that done?"

R chuckled. I looked at him and he grinned.

"President Obama might just find that leader for you," he said.

"Come again?" I asked.

"Look, in 2006 and again in 2008 the Republicans had some good people, especially W. But your party fractured and everyone started looking for a way to see their faction take control. Kind of like the 1974 and 1976 elections. Everyone was arguing that the other parts of the party were the problem, and no one was willing to give an inch, even if it meant losing seats and the majority. So that is exactly what happened.

"But by now everyone has begun to see how much Obama costs, and what his policies and plans mean. All the idiots who figured it would be okay to let him take office for a while because they figured he could not do much damage are beginning to realize what dolts they have been, though none of them will say so in public. Everyone realizes that the Left is made up of leaders who are either incompetent, corrupt, or both on a scale hardly seen in memory, even in Congress.

"You may not smell the smoke, but when you see the flames rising you know the fire is real. Folks are finally waking up to the real difference between the parties. The Republicans still need to show they have learned from their blunders and arrogance of the past, but if they do they can regain much of what they lost, and they can stop at least the worst of the Left's plans to dismantle America.

"Just do me a favor, though. Look for your competent candidates, and shut down your own "machine". You cannot win with another McCain or even a Fred Thompson. Reagan won not because of style, but because of substance. You have such people now, but you need to find them and support them. You, the grass roots, because the celebrities will ignore the candidates with substance and try to foist someone on you that comes from some Pelosi-approved background of appeasement and milktoast, or someone who talks the talk but wilts in the long contest.

R rose, stretched, finished off the last bit of his toast and smiled.

"Thanks for breakfast," he said. "Have a good one and remember what I told you. My dogs have a taste for posers."


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Comments (11)

Nice one DJ. ... (Below threshold)

Nice one DJ.

The economy seems to be gro... (Below threshold)

The economy seems to be growing again, so the election losses seem to be caused more by policy than economy.

A single bump in the GDP fo... (Below threshold)

A single bump in the GDP for a quarter does not make for a recovery. Keep in mind this very same Qtr bump contained the Cash4Clunkers transactions. Not conditions I would consider favorable.

I look in the Malls, they are nearly empty. I visit customers in their industrial parks and offices. Occupancy rates are below 50% for most of them here in Dallas. The stock market looks good only because the asset replacement valuations look good which is only making the inflation that is probably going to hit.

I agree with most of what y... (Below threshold)

I agree with most of what you say but when you, like all the other national pundints, start with the 3rd party is always a loser mantra, I must give you a little history lesson.

You may not understand this but the Republican party WAS the 3rd party of the mid 1800's. The Whigs were the what the Republicans are today. With the death of Daniel Webster they were leadersless, unprincipaled, compromise driven lackeys of NE big business concerns. The Whigs ingnored the groundswell of the grass roots against the expansion and the institution of slavery, along with the continued push for massive immigration to fuel those factories.

Lets look at some simialarities to modern times. The Facist/Socialist take over of the American Economy, a form of Slavery where ppl are expected to work hard for little to no money and to be taken care of by our "masters" in Washington. Huge illegal immigration to fuel the need for cheap labor, while the services they need are provided by the average Joe and his tax dollars. So as you can see 3rd parties aren't "always" a losing proposition, especially when the issues are not just some "fringe" issue but are major, much like the ones I feel we face today.

I for one would love to see the Republicans become the party of the people, making common sense reforms and making sure government gets out of the way and secures our border, the things they are acutally SUPPOSED to do according to the Constitution, but as long as they continue to talk the talk but REFUSE to walk the walk I will not support them with my time or money.

If it is true and there is no room for a 3rd, common sense, limited government party and we are hoplessly going dwn the path of Socialism then the only alternative is an article V convention and that's a whole nother can of worms; that or we all get used to the flag being replaced with one star instead of 50 with the red stripes replacing all the other colors, guess time will tell.

Consequences and Payback ..... (Below threshold)

Consequences and Payback ... I have been thinking about getting a pair of dogs and those sound like a good pair of names.

Nice summation of the situation too.

Deke,The problem i... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


The problem is the two parties have had over 100 years to solidify their positions and prevent a third party from ever competing.

If there is ever to be a successful third party, reform would have to happen in every state to make it easier for third party candidates to get on ballots, campaign, etc.

Gotta disagree, Deke. All ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Gotta disagree, Deke. All other attempts at a new party have failed miserably, but several have tanked the President of their party in doing so. Remember 1844 (the Liberty Party, who swung the election for Polk)? 1892 (the Populist Party's strongest foray)? 1912 (When Teddy Roosevelt sabotaged Taft and handed the election to Wilson)? And of course 1968 and 1992? Come to that, Ralph Nader's little Green Party hurt AlGore in 2000 did he not? Third parties - as a rule - kill their causes in American politics.

As for the Republican Party, they did not start as a third party; they replaced the Whigs. The Whigs ceased to exist in 1848. The Republican Party simply filled the empty space.

The US is and has always been a two-party political nation.

What needs to be done is not to create a new party from scratch. That would concede undeserved legitimacy to the cabal of Noonan and Dole, for one thing. What we want to do is put regular people on the ballot. Folks who have run their own businesses and worked out their own taxes, and who know first-hand what it means to face losing your paycheck and sending your kids to schools which may be trying to teach them agenda more than facts. We need color-blind people who are sensitive to genuine issues, who are accountable for their work and who pay attention to regular people, because they ARE regular people themselves.

Deke,The pr... (Below threshold)


The problem is the two parties have had over 100 years to solidify their positions and prevent a third party from ever competing.

If there is ever to be a successful third party, reform would have to happen in every state to make it easier for third party candidates to get on ballots, campaign, etc.

Oh I agree, in modern times it would be much harder than it was in the 1850's simply b/c of the instant nature of communication and the very sophistication of big money, status-quo political bosses. But as I've stated before it was Daniel Webster who said, "God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to guard and defend it."

Whether or not the American people have the Cajones to stand up and demand more from our politicians. Demand that Washington abides by the Constitution, that it limits itself and does not assume power clearly not intended, is something we'll have to wait and see.

Actually DJ your wrong ther... (Below threshold)

Actually DJ your wrong there sir, The Whig party ran Winfield Scott in the election of 1856, where he was soundly defeated and after almost all their membership left their ranks for the newly formed Republican party, they were unable to form a convention and thus folded their tent.

Also one thing someone as intelligent as yourself has probably allready noted, almost all 3rd party candidicies are based on single issues. The populists, led by Weaver in 1892, though having a diverse platform, was truly formed advocating a sound currency, that was their focus and goal. In 1844's election James Birney and the Liberty party had the single goal of the elimination of slavery by admendment. If a 3rd party formed over the single issues of abortion or a flat tax, would they peel off a great deal of votes and swing an election? The answer of course is yes, Perot and the issue of NAFTA and Brown over the enviroment are modern examples.

The Republicans WERE a 3rd party made up of a coalition of Free-Soilers and suplemented with the Aboslitionist movement. They were the old Whigs who became disenfranchised with the floundering and compromising of their political leadership.

I see lot's of similarities between the coalition of Conservatives and the Tea Party movement. I have no faith in the Republican leadership, do you really want John Bohener and Olympia Snowe to be the face of the party? No where in the Constitution is there any provisions for political parties, Our greatest President, George Washington, warned against them. But you are right we have always been a 2 party system, the thing you and others have to recognize is that parties should represent movements not the parties themselves and the best way to accumulate power. The R's have forgotten this and have payed the price, whether or not they "get the message" is something we'll have to wait and see.

What needs to happen is not... (Below threshold)
George True:

What needs to happen is not a third party but for those with real Republican values to take back their party from the RINO's and DIABLO's. And I do not even necessarily mean conservatives or so-called neocons taking over the party. Rather, as D.J. said, real people who have had real careers in the real world. People who embrace original Republican values such as limited government, low taxes, and severely limiting government control over our life and liberty.

These are NOT extremist or hard right wing principles, as the state run media tries to portray them. These are the principles of classic Jeffersonian democracy. This is the original Liberalism. What is currently called Liberalism is anything but.

I believe what happened in NY 23 may very well prove to be a highly valuable object lesson for real Republicans (we can wield more power than we thought up until now). In 30 days time, Doug Hoffman camoe out of nowhere and came close to winning. If the RNCC had spent the $900K on him instead of Scozzafava he would have won handily. So this is also an excellent object lesson for the feckless leadership of the Republican party (get with the program of backing real, authentic mainstream Republicans instead of leftists masquerading as Republicans, or become irrelevant). Hopefully, they will take the lesson to heart. Apparently John Cornyn already has.

What a concept! When you take a principled stand by running candidates with authentic, mainstream center-right values....they win. The conventional wisdom that RINO candidates are more 'electable' has now been shown to be false.

From the ground up, local, ... (Below threshold)

From the ground up, local, then county, then state, then federal, the voters need to participate in the primaries.
Republican or Democrat, the population need to remind the political class what "We the People" means.






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