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Connecting the Dots

Relying on exit polling in the NJ and VA gubernatorial races yesterday, ABC News has concluded that yesterday's overwhelmingly negative results for Democrats should in no way reflect on the sheer beauty and grace that is President Barack Obama (emphasis mine):

The gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey looked less like a referendum on Barack Obama than a reflection of their own candidates and issues. Still, the two Republican victories, in predominantly Democratic New Jersey and in purple Virginia, had to smart.

Just under half the voters in Virginia, 48 percent, approved of the way Obama is handling his job, rising to 57 percent in New Jersey. Most in both states, in any case, said the president was not a factor in their vote.

Perhaps most striking were economic views: A vast 89 percent in New Jersey and 85 percent in Virginia said they were worried about the direction of the nation's economy in the next year; 56 percent and 53 percent, respectively, said they were "very" worried about it.

Wait, what's that?

No voters had a problem with Obama, but they were still sufficiently worried about the direction of the national economy to put Republicans in charge of their states?

What ABC doesn't acknowledge is that voters are worried about the direction of the national economy PRECISELY because of Obama and the vigorously anti-capitalist policies he's implemented as President. Obama's popularity is declining in national polls PRECISELY because he's embarked on a personal odyssey to expand the reach of government, borrow beyond our ability to repay, penalize profits, and generally demonize businesses who should otherwise be busy making things and hiring people.

To me, voters in NJ and VA had such a huge problem with Obama that they installed Republicans in state leadership positions as a firewall against his destructive policies.

Sure, voters obviously had problems with Democrat challengers too, but at least in part, that's because these challengers were understood by voters to be extensions of Obama himself (or wasn't that the idea of Obama's face showing up on all that Corzine and Deeds advertising?).

Referendum on Obama? Who knows. Perhaps the better question is whether Blue Dogs up for re-election in 2010 view it that way.


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Excellent post.Exp... (Below threshold)
Edward Sisson Author Profile Page:

Excellent post.

Expressly asking voters if their vote was about Obama misses the point. It would be like asking computer buyers who switched from a PC to a Mac whether their decision was about Bill Gates. They will say, no, they just wanted to get away from the problems they've been having with Windows and the Microsoft operating systems for PCs. But isn't Gates responsible for those?

Professional Dems probably don't believe this report by ABC News really is capturing strong support for Obama. The report is mostly intended to keep the voters thinking that everyone still loves Obama, so if you want to keep with the crowd, you better keep showing you love him, too. It's all about maintaining the proper herd mentality.

Dear Barack, Please ... (Below threshold)
Thank You:

Dear Barack,
Please continue to campaign for Democratic candidates in future elections. The Republicans welcome all your help.
Thank you.

ABC news? Right. Doe... (Below threshold)

ABC news?
Right. Does Gibson know there were elections last night?

Looking ahead to 2012, when Obama loses the election, expect ABC to report:

Most voters across the country, in any case, said the president was not a factor in their vote.

I understand the ABC news r... (Below threshold)

I understand the ABC news report in that I agree people are worried but it is also too soon to say the economy is Obama & his admin's fault. Now if by next Spring or Summer the economy is not rebounding, that pork infested stimulus package will really start to smell and it will be hard for the Democrats to run from it.

I am glad for these elections but I also hope that people think the Republicans have it figured out. I really have little faith in the Repubican party & especially the leadership. I hope to gain seats in both houses next year but it will be tough especially in the Senate. Getting good Governors and other down the ballot people will help getting qualified candidates for House & Senate seats but probably not for next year.

Democrats must lead by lead... (Below threshold)

Democrats must lead by leading and accomplishing reform -- like health care which is tied to the deficit, as it has bankrupted businesses and the pocketbooks of individuals. Those timid Dems who refuse to take issue with the insurance companies will lose their seats in the coming elections. Those who stand firm for the people will be re-elected to fight on!

The wins of GOP governors will be unfortunate for the people of Virginia and New Jersey. If the people of these states thought they had it bad under Democratic governors, they have seen nothing yet. How long will some people continue to be Fooled by these Wizards of Oz? How long will they continue to circle the Yellow Brick Road? Republican politicians will not deliver the change these people seek but instead will impede it delivering more good and services to big corporations and insurance companies which will only continue the decay of these states. This is very unfortunate indeed because the GOP primary objective is to say no the people and to spead fear -- The Party of No and Fear -- deceptive Wizards of Oz!

#5...What?<p... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [reitred]:




Hey Anglelight. "... (Below threshold)

Hey Anglelight.

"...the GOP primary objective is to say no the people and to spead fear...."

Is that anything like your Obamassiah running around and screaming EMERGENCY!!!!

Pull your head out of your anal orifice.

Angellight:Check o... (Below threshold)


Check out a psychological phenomena known as 'projection'. It's becoming very, very clear that what the left accuses the right of is exactly what they will attempt to do if they can.

If the vote is close, miraculously ballots are 'found' which gives the (D) a win. Just keep recounting, and they magically appear - yet the left accuses the non-left of voter intimidation to stifle the free exercise of their right to vote.

The left whines about how important free speech is - yet when their favored causes don't make it on talk radio (Air America ring a bell?) instead of letting people CHOOSE what to listen to (and Air America wasn't it...) they'll say it's 'unfair', and mandate equal time if they could. Damn it - why don't you come up with ENTERTAINING ideologues instead of the shrill, whining complainers! You make people laugh, they'll listen to you. Whine at them constantly, and they'll change the channel. Hell, TV shows figured out how to change their programming so people would watch, at least for a while - why can't liberal radio?

How about employment? The left's answer is to raise taxes on functioning businesses so more benefits can be paid to the unemployed. But businesses have a hard time with the higher tax load, so they lay off workers... which means higher taxes are needed. Can you say 'feedback loop'? Drop taxes and businesses can hire people. But then, evil businesses ruin the country, right?

So you regulate them... except for stuff like Fannie and Freddie Mae - which was proclaimed by Barney Frank as not in need of oversight or regulation! Until it collapsed, that is...

I could go on - but why bother? Pretty much every issue that comes up gets examined, and a 'politically correct' solution is forced out... and there's not many situations where the solution has actually made things better.






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