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Dancing with the Obama Administration

While the focus is on yesterday's elections and the ensuing fallout, I thought this piece to be interesting... it appears that Mrs. Clinton is doing a two-step with her Arab "friends":

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton defended the U.S stance toward Israeli settlement building to worried Arab allies on Wednesday, saying Washington does not accept the legitimacy of the West Bank enclaves and wants to see their construction halted "forever."

Still, she said an Israeli offer to restrain -- but not halt -- construction represents "positive movement forward" toward resuming Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

Clinton met for an hour with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak during a hastily arranged stopover in the Egyptian capital to soothe Arab concerns that Washington is backing off demands for an Israeli settlement halt. The fears were sparked on Saturday when Clinton, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at her side in Jerusalem, praised his government's offer as unprecedented.

She has since tried to clarify the remarks, saying that the Israeli offer does not got far enough. Still, she has indicated that the Palestinians should resume negotiations with Israel without a full settlement halt as they demand.

On Wednesday, Clinton insisted "our policy on settlement has not changed."

"We do not accept the legitimacy of settlement activity. Ending all settlement activity current and future would be preferable," she told reporters after talks with Mubarak.

Of the Israeli offer, she said, "It is not what we would prefer because we would like to see everything ended forever."

"But it is something that I think shows at least a positive movement forward toward final status issues being addressed," she said.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is sticking to his refusal to resume negotiations until Israel stops building settlements. He rejected the Israeli plan to complete 3,000 housing units in Jewish settlements in the West Bank, and to continue to construct public buildings and other construction in east Jerusalem -- a territory Palestinians hope will be their future capital.

After Arab criticism of her comments in Jerusalem on the Israeli plan, Clinton delayed her return to Washington after attending an international conference in Marrakech, Morocco, and flew instead to Cairo.

The problem with a policy that depends on speaking out of both sides of the mouth is that you spend far too much time "clarifying" your remarks... and then even more time attempting to convey sincerity and integrity.

In the end, it doesn't work and instead has the most detrimental of outcomes.  I mean, who in hell would believe a damn thing coming out of this administration except the psychophants who hang on every word?




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Comments (9)

"who in hell would believe ... (Below threshold)

"who in hell would believe a damn thing coming out of this administration"

Obviously no one in the middle east.

Where's that guy "Joe", the one who was supposed to have all that 'foreign policy experience'? It's evident that 'the smartest woman in the world', isn't.

It's worse than that, Garan... (Below threshold)

It's worse than that, GarandFan.

The "smartest woman in the world", per an AP report on the same event referred to: an Israeli capital in east Jerusalem."

Thankfully, Two Clinton aides monitoring the interview alerted her to the mistake and that portion of the interview was retaped so she could correct herself.

And that's not all. Earlier this week Obama sent the Labor Secretary, Hilda Solis to Honduras to help oversee the transition of power. The Labor Secretary?

Obama is doing a good job marginalizing Clinton. Clinton is finishing the job.

Recently, it's become clear... (Below threshold)

Recently, it's become clear that Clinton's job is clearly above her 'paygrade'. Of course so is Obama's so at least we have a consistent theme running through this administration. A case of the "gang who couldn't shoot straight"...

Eventually, the Israeli's are going to figure out that they have no other option; 'annex' both Gaza and the West Bank and deport every single Palestinian. Present Hamas with an ultimatum; 24 hours to revise their charter and legally acknowledge Israel's right to exist, with abandonment of the disingenuous "right of return" and agree to a mandatory, arbitrated peace settlement or suffer the consequence: a form of Eminent Domain; financial payments will be made but all Palestinaian's will be deported, by force if necessary.

Far better to have all your enemies outside the camp than actively hostile ones within it.

Obama sends the labor secre... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft IIIz:

Obama sends the labor secretary because she is a communist shill in the cloak of an administration secretary. Should have been someone from State but Obama does not trust them to put in place things Obama's hero Chavez wants in place in Honduras. Obama is tone deaf and agenda driven. He must be removed from office before he cause more damage than we can fix. If he thinks the end is near, he will go nova on us.

"Obama is tone deaf and age... (Below threshold)

"Obama is tone deaf and agenda driven. He must be removed from office before he cause more damage than we can fix. If he thinks the end is near, he will go nova on us"

Anything He cant do, We have always done better.

Hilary is not smart enough ... (Below threshold)

Hilary is not smart enough to do a two step. Probably not smart enough to walk and chew gum.

The key to success in diplo... (Below threshold)

The key to success in diplomacy is sincerity. If you can fake that, you've got it made.

.... except the psychophant... (Below threshold)

.... except the psychophants who hang on every word, who in Hell would believe a damn thing coming out of this (shameful shower of solipsistic ... um ... stuff)?

First Grade? Hmmmm? Hmmmm? Hmmmm?

"" The key to success in di... (Below threshold)

"" The key to success in diplomacy is sincerity. If you can fake that, you've got it made. ""


But that's only in Hollywood.

While meanwhile the real key to success in diplomacy is being able to sincerely and convincingly say "Nice doggy," while you reach for the Right-sized stick!






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