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Acting Stupidly

In July, before he knew "all the facts", President Obama saw fit to opine on the arrest of his good friend, Henry Louis Gates (emphasis mine):

"I don't know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that," Mr. Obama continued. "But I think it's fair to say . . . that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home"
As it turned out, there was nothing at all stupid in the way the Cambridge Police department acted. Gates wasn't arrested for being a black man claiming to own a house in a white neighborhood. Though that narrative would have made quite a compelling "Movie of the Week" circa 1965, Gates was arrested for the entirely pedestrian crime of disorderly conduct. Had any white person acted as Gates had, they'd have been arrested too.

So it was in stark contrast to the Gates affair that President Obama spoke today about the murder of 13 people yesterday at Fort Hood by the Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan (emphasis mine):

President Barack Obama said Friday the entire nation is grieving for those slain at Fort Hood, and he urged people not to jump to conclusions while law enforcement officers investigate the shootings.

Obama met Friday morning with FBI Director Robert Mueller and other federal leaders to get an update on what they've learned. Thirteen people were killed and 30 others injured in the shooting rampage at the Texas Army post on Thursday. The suspected shooter is an Army psychiatrist; his motive remains unclear.

"We don't know all the answers yet. And I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts[.]"

"What we do know is that there are families, friends and an entire nation grieving right now for the valiant men and women who came under attack yesterday," the president said.

First of all, Mr. President, the victims yesterday did not "come under attack". They were murdered. I know it puts a harder edge on things to put it that way, but what's wrong with putting a hard edge on this?

And that's basically what's wrong with Obama's response. We're engaged in a global war (er, contingency operation) against Islamic religious fundamentalists. Yesterday, a Muslim man killed 13 people at a military base while screaming "Allahu Akbar". It's entirely reasonable to conclude that Hasan was a religious fundamentalist and that the murders he committed were an act of terror.

It's startling for Obama to cavalierly shrug off facts when it comes to labeling America as "racist", and then pretend that it's somehow imprudent without Congressional hearings to conclude that a Muslim murdering Americans on American soil in 2009 is something other than part of a larger pattern of terror.


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Comments (18)

President "Present" is pres... (Below threshold)

President "Present" is present and accounted for.

Just the words I would expe... (Below threshold)

Just the words I would expect from Obama.

A weak and pathetic respons... (Below threshold)

A weak and pathetic response from an ever-increasing weak and pathetic president.

Another example of the reli... (Below threshold)

Another example of the religion of peace. Great PR planning to grow a faith? ww

I'm no Obama fan but at the... (Below threshold)

I'm no Obama fan but at the time of his press conference (yes, after giving a 'shout out') much was unknown about the shooter, his motivation, the number of those involved, whether he was alive, and so on (may be wrong on one of the specifics, not sure what was known when, but not everything was clear when he spoke).

And yes they were murdered but there are those who don't like using that term because it signifies a run of the mill crime (which should be dealt with as a routine criminal matter) rather than the results of a terrorist attack... 'came under attack' fits better.

but I agree with your main point - rather inconsistent (and revealing) of Obama to jump into the Gates matter while exhibiting caution here.

We've already heard from th... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

We've already heard from the MSM how he was taunted for being a muslim.

Personally I'm thinking it's Boooooshs fault.

But I'm not going to jump to any conclusions.

Sometimes his immaturity re... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Sometimes his immaturity really shows through. This is one of those moments. It would be a relief that if he could, in some cases at least flirt with common sense and a grown up attitude when confronted with reality.

Grow up, boy.

O = O-ver his head.... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

O = O-ver his head.

You cannot expect "leadersh... (Below threshold)

You cannot expect "leadership" from a man who was never a leader.

Look. You take a guy whose ... (Below threshold)

Look. You take a guy whose only ability is convincing dummies to vote for him, and surround him with political appointees to advise him: What do you expect?

(It's not Obama's fault; the TOTUS was not working right. Right!)

Message to those who voted for Obama: As in Ironeyes Cody's story about the rattlesnake, you knew what he was when you picked him up.

And about the inconsistency of his responses re Gates and re Ft. Hood: What inconsistency? He sided with the "minority" both times; that's highly consistent.

What was Obama thinking in ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

What was Obama thinking in his address to the nation about this?

"I first want to give a shout out to ..... "

then discussing the killings at Ft Hood.

What will he do if an American city gets nuked the day after the Super Bowl? Come out and say "I first want to give a shout out to the world champion ..... and now to other matters. MIllions of lives were lost when NYC was destroyed in a nonterrorist act by a person who shouted "Allah Akbar" but whom we dont believe is Muslim"?

"I first want to give a sho... (Below threshold)

"I first want to give a shout out to ..... "

turns out, per drudge, the guy didn't win the medal of honor, he won the medal of freedom, so obama couldn't even get that right.

Did The One remember to giv... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Did The One remember to give a "shout out" to his homies today?

If you look at the opinion ... (Below threshold)

If you look at the opinion polls (especially 'likely voters' polls) Obama's numbers showed a definite tipping point this past summer. I think it was voter's reaction to Gatesgate. There were a lot of folks who voted for the O with mild and unvoiced concerns, but were willing to give him a little slack. When Obama went out of his way to backhand the police officer it showed he was in no way a post racial "healer". Voters don't like it when they've been punkd.

Thanks to Albert Araneo. I... (Below threshold)

Thanks to Albert Araneo. I was also struck by how Obama urged not to jump to conclusions when he did so himself just months before in the Gates case. Oh how I wish the media weren't so communist...if they would just decide as a group to take on Obama, the rest of America would swallow what they said. Can you imagine the months of material Obama has given them since he has been President. Again, thanks to Albert for pointing out Obama's hypicritical and I think "king-like" pompous attitude (ie ok for him, but not for us).

"Acting Stu... (Below threshold)

"Acting Stupidly"

For once im going to state one thing good I think about Obamas job performance.


Sorry, I ran out of ink.

I want to give a shout out ... (Below threshold)

I want to give a shout out to those Americans who haven't yet got it that America's and therefor the free world's most-dangerous-ever dullard is quite likely the ever since grade-school quota-promoted 2.2 GPA permanent-poster-ponce for the Peter Principle pretending to what presently passes for the "presidency."


I guess with people like Gi... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I guess with people like Gibbs speaking for you you just cant help but act stupidly.

" Imagine just a few years ago had somebody walked around with images of Hitler."






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