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Chicks Fight!

At Fort Hood, it is worth noting that the gunman was stopped by a civilian police officer.

A woman officer.

A woman I personally dwarf by about eight inches in height and easily double in weight.

Police Sergeant Kimberly Munley, directing traffic nearby, ran directly at the sound of the gunshots. She charged into the massacre, utterly disregarding her own safety. And despite being seriously wounded, took down the alleged killer.

This isn't the first time in recent history that an American woman with a gun stopped a massacre in progress. In December of 2007, an anti-religious nutjob went on a shooting spree in Colorado. After killing several, he stormed into the New Life Church. Among the flock was disgraced former Chicago police officer Jeanne Assam -- and her gun. She begged him to drop his weapon, but when he shot at her, she took him down -- and the wounded, cowardly little shit chose to kill himself instead of being taken into custody.

Sgt. Munley wasn't quite as lucky. She was wounded three times (including once in the hand), but still managed to hit her target four times. She's recovering; he's in a coma. Initial reports even had him dead.

I have a hunch these two women would get along just fine. Especially at the firing range.

But there is a bigger point to be raised here. These two women are of fine character, of great courage, of deep convictions, and superb skill. But there is one superlative I would not bestow on them.

They are not exceptional.

They are all too typical of American women.

And that is something that our would-be foes should keep in mind. This latest alleged traitor and would-be jihadist was stopped by a "mere woman." He, a trained soldier and a dedicated would-be martyr, went up against a copette -- and came out in second place. She's asking about other victims and itching to get back to work. He's auditioning for a spot in the produce section of the local supermarket.

I find myself hoping he recovers. I want him to know that it was a woman -- an American woman -- who stopped his glorious attempt at martyrdom. And I want him to face an American firing squad for treason.


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Today's execution mode unde... (Below threshold)
MAJ Arkay:

Today's execution mode under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (10 US Code 801-920) is lethal injection. Firing squad is obsolete.

In the past hanging was the... (Below threshold)
jim m:

In the past hanging was the punishment for traitors. Firing squad was for soldiers who had not disgraced he uniform. Major John Andre requested a firing squad and was denied since he was considered a spy and not a soldier.

Since hanging was for criminals I supposed that lethal injection, being the preferred method to dispose of them today, would be appropriate.

Arkay, for this can't they ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Arkay, for this can't they bring it back? Just this once?


I think that is a wonderful... (Below threshold)

I think that is a wonderful trend. My hats off to the gals.

"cowardly little shit chose to kill himself instead of being taken into custody." - I understand the sentiment but he saved the tax payers a lot of money. Who knows the ACLU could have stepped in and gotten this guy off with a slap on the wrist. They may have forced him to suffer through a life time of air conditioning, three meals a day, free heath care and what not, all on our nickel.

Muslim women cannot get to ... (Below threshold)
recovering liberal democrat:

Muslim women cannot get to "Paradise" unless their husband allows it. An American women stopped this cowardly jihadist traitor from killing many more soldiers and prevented him from his 72 virgins for now. Seems fitting and a little bit of justice served. Very little. Should be interesting to see how the "O"s administration will respond to military justice if the traitor survives.
BTW, according to Islam if a women is "martyred" killing infidels she gets 72 dwarves.

I heard she had recently co... (Below threshold)

I heard she had recently completed active shooter training. I recently completed the same training and it sounds as if she did everything right. It is really hard to move fast towards the sound of gunfire, bypassing all danger zones, wounded and possible additional suspects. The chance of engaging an innocent is so high as to be almost likely. Anyways, I hope this terrorist wakes up and is shown day after day a picture of the woman that put him down.

While its "fun" to point ou... (Below threshold)

While its "fun" to point out that the person who stopped the man from a misogynistic religion was female, I think it matters about as much that she was female than if the person had been black, Saudi, Jewish or Catholic. I am most proud that the person who stopped the evil asshole was an American.

He deserves to be hung, not shot, though I'd settle for a lethal swirly in a clogged toilet at Leavenworth. I'm sure it can be arranged.

Irony epador, irony.... (Below threshold)
Nancy's Nazi:

Irony epador, irony.

Stretch His neck already an... (Below threshold)

Stretch His neck already and be done with it before the dems start sending in the assclowns to defend this bastard.

Hang the bastard!... (Below threshold)

Hang the bastard!

Hey major Asshole,Yo... (Below threshold)

Hey major Asshole,
You got shot down by an American Gurl!
There once was a time when American women fought off wild natives and bears,chopped wood,cooked dinner and swept the porch all while giving birth and roofing the cabin at the same time!!
Is there nothing an American Woman can't do?
The left would have us believe that one can't be the next President.

Oh wouldn't the lamestream ... (Below threshold)

Oh wouldn't the lamestream media have a hissy fit if this terrorist was lined against the wall and shot. Personally, I think that there are some asshats in the media that should be lined up against the same wall along with Hasan. Oh yeah, make sure that the executions be broadcast on live tv.

She acted stupidly.... (Below threshold)
Barack Obama-totally kool prez:

She acted stupidly.

For those who are not in-th... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

For those who are not in-the-know (like me) here is a link explaining why Jeanne Assam is a "disgraced former Chicago police officer." It actually took a little digging.

#7 got it right. While this... (Below threshold)

#7 got it right. While this is fun, especially in the light of Muslim views of women, Sgt. Munley is a police officer, who happens to be a woman, who "just did her job" and is a hero because of it.

Yes, it is very true that her actions (esp. when combined with those of Jeanne Assam) show us that women are capable. Let's end the "special treatment" there, if we want to be "fair and equitable".

Look. My 2g-grandmother was a medical doctor and professor at a medical college. My mother, her sisters, and my father's sisters could do anything they attempted. My daughters are all very capable at whatever they do (whether assembling grills, tractors, etc. and making deliveries in a big-box store; managing a retail food outlet; trekking through Asia despite a bad knee) and are never limited by being female and quite pretty (it's the one who likes to wear dresses who has single-handedly taken down criminals!).

If we're going to be truly "equitable", let's not do as the so-called Liberals do and proclaim equality by making a big deal whenever anyone of color or gender displays competence.

Meanwhile, a huge hooray for Sgt. Munley!!!!

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
Dammit, Jeff... I MEANT to ... (Below threshold)

Dammit, Jeff... I MEANT to put a link in for Assam. I'll go fix that now...


I did some quick genealogic... (Below threshold)

I did some quick genealogical research and found that one of Ms. Munley's direct ancestors took down a murderous terrorist popularly known as the Witch-King in the remote past. It evidently runs in the family.

Yes hopefully the bastard w... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Yes hopefully the bastard will pull through and face his due justice. Maybe the CIA and FBI can sit down with him with some goat milk and cookies and try to find what else he knows about others with similar aspirations. But my Lord, DON'T even think about using the old water board, to do so might make him spill his guts, and damn, we couldn't have that, could we.

One can only wish that Sgt.... (Below threshold)

One can only wish that Sgt. Munley was carrying something that began with a four... like .45ACP.

Question: WILL THE COMMANDER AND CHIEF REVERSE A SENTENCE OF "DEATH BY LETHAL INJECTION" ? Remember, BHO is in the chain of command on this UCMJ trial. Hmm.. I see more Dithering on the horizon.

Yes hopefully the bastar... (Below threshold)
MAJ Arkay:

Yes hopefully the bastard will pull through and face his due justice. Maybe the CIA and FBI can sit down with him with some goat milk and cookies and try to find what else he knows about others with similar aspirations.

Pbbbbt. He's under military jurisdiction. WE get to interrogate/interview/debrief/have a nice conversation....

Before we court-martial his sorry butt.

And I'd rather bring back Ol' Sparky, with a couple shorts in the connection, rather than ruin a good rope.






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