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Cuban Blogger Kidnapped, Beaten By Castro Thugs


Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sánchez as well as three others were kidnapped off the street today on the way to a anti-violence protest in Havana and threatened and beaten by Communist government thugs, then tossed out on the street. Val Prieto brought us this news, which pretty clearly shows that it's still business as usual in Cuba, even with Raul Castro taking over for Fidel.

Yoani is home now, battered and bruised, but she spoke with El Nuevo Herald which was posted at Penultimos Dias (link to Spanish language post):

"No blood was shed. We have bruises, blows, hair yanked out, punches to the head, kidneys, knees and chest. In the end, professional violence (violencia profesional)".

As a commenter noted, "violencia profesional" isn't a term herd very often, but in this case it perfectly describes the actions of the Castro regime. We've been told by reliable sources that there's more to come on this story.

Stay tuned...


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Comments (12)

Communism's most fatal foe ... (Below threshold)

Communism's most fatal foe is freedom of speech.

It must be suppressed at all costs because communism's precepts and actions cannot survive the light of truth.

But the Che shirts are sooo... (Below threshold)

But the Che shirts are sooo cool.

What Obama would like to do... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What Obama would like to do to the Tea Party crowd

People express their opinio... (Below threshold)

People express their opinion openly and get beaten by thugs?! How awful!! It's just a good thing that never happens in the good old US of A!

Oh, wait. That was before Obama's "town meetings". Forget I said anything.

I say the Castro government... (Below threshold)

I say the Castro government was just ensuring that Ms. Sanchez would be a beneficiary of her country's free world-class health care system. So what's the problem?


And remember that worthless... (Below threshold)

And remember that worthless excuse for apresident went and rubbed elbows with castro and urged a end to the embagro then wondred why he lasted only one term becuase CARTER is still a idiot

You take Val Prieto's word ... (Below threshold)
Pedro Animala:

You take Val Prieto's word for fact? This man has no credibilty as a reporter. He is nothing more than the voice Omega-7, Alpha 66, and the many other terrorist organizations operating from Miami.
Who are we to condemn alleged right violations of the Cuban government yet look the other way when the same crap happens here at home, or by governments who subject themselves to USA authority? What a pile of bull..

7. Posted by Pedro Animala<... (Below threshold)
Dr Carlo Lombardi:

7. Posted by Pedro Animala

Behold the titanic, Bizzaro -world brand of psychotic stupidity that gave us Precedent Toonces .

#7 is a classic example of ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

#7 is a classic example of demented liberal thinking. Because they can point to one example somewhere in time where an injustice was not confronted therefore we should not confront any injustice today.

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds..." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

In their effort to be consistent and not to appear to themselves as hypocritical they choose to excuse evil and countenance violence, murder and oppression. They render themselves as powerless eunuchs who refuse to accept the moral authority and obligation to confront evil.

There is no evil they will not excuse in order to protect their own cowardice. While they pose as high minded an intellectual they are in reality small minded and weak. By ignoring and excusing evil they aid it and support it becoming part of it.

Hey Pedro, you can level wi... (Below threshold)

Hey Pedro, you can level with us, is it really hard to breathe when you have your head firmly lodged up your ass?

I wonder if they gave her f... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I wonder if they gave her free medical care for her injuries.

I see where busy whiskers c... (Below threshold)

I see where busy whiskers castro gets standing ovations from those UN wretches






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