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MSM disconnectedness

Those who seriously follow journalism today, or what passes for it, will not be surprised by what follows but it's something that needs to be discussed and passed on nevertheless.

Despite reports of Major Nidal Malik Hasan's Muslim devoutness, videos of him in traditional martyr's garb the morning of the shooting, eyewitness reports of his screaming "Allahu Akbar" before murdering and injuring his victims, claims by those present at a professional conference detailing his references to unbelievers needing to be beheaded, burned, etc. according to the Koran, despite all these tell-tale items, members of the media are hell-bent on reporting on anything but the truth, and I do mean anything.

Let's first briefly excerpt this Tim McGirk piece up at Time:

As an army psychiatrist treating soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, Major Nidal Malik Hasan had a front row seat on the brutal toll of war. It is too early to know exactly what may have triggered his murderous shooting rampage Thursday at Fort Hood -- Hasan is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 32 others before he was wounded by a police officer -- but it is not uncommon for therapists treating soldiers with Post Trumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.) to be swept up in a patient's displays of war-related paranoia, helplessness and fury.

In medical parlance it is known as "secondary trauma", and it can afflict the families of soldiers suffering from P.T.S.D. along with the health workers who are trying to cure them.

Fascinating. Hasan's murderous rampage not in any way related to Islamofascism but instead to P.T.S.D.

And it's not just therapists that are on the brink of similar behavior... according to Andrew Bast at Newsweek, the entire military may be on the brink:

What if Thursday's atrocious slaughter at Fort Hood only signals that the worst is yet to come? The murder scene Thursday afternoon at the Killeen, Texas, military base, the largest in the country, was heart-wrenching. Details remained murky, but at least 13 are dead and 30 wounded in a killing spree that may momentarily remind us of a reality that most Americans can readily forget: soldiers and their families are living, and bending, under a harrowing and unrelenting stress that will not let up any time soon. And the U.S. military could well be reaching a breaking point as the president decides to send more troops into Afghanistan.

Read these pieces (if you can stomach the deed) and be convinced that what passes for reporting today is anything but. Instead, be persuaded that what we are witnessing is a study in denying reality to further an ideology, an ideology that enables and will hurry Western demise, an ideology that emboldens and strengthens Islamic hegemony.



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Comments (13)

I guess hasan had the world... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

I guess hasan had the world's first case of Pre-post traumatic stress, since he hadn't gone over there yet.

word that one of Hasan's we... (Below threshold)

word that one of Hasan's weapons was engraved: "For my brother in Jihad, love Osama"
further mystified Chris Mathews.

In Israel, when a suicide bomber shouts "Allah Akbar" and then blows himself up, they're sensible enough to take the killer at his word!

Not here. 9/11? Just a few passengers outraged over the lack of leg room.

The liberal left is ignorin... (Below threshold)

The liberal left is ignoring these telltale signs at the cost of all our safety.

Got to get ready to go to the Texas Tea Party. ww

Didn't the fact that he gav... (Below threshold)

Didn't the fact that he gave away all his personal belongings and called all his friends and left messages with them thanking them for their friendship drop a hint to these spineless idiots. It has nothing to do with PTSD. He is an Islamic fanatic and wanted to destroy America. I am just sorry he was allowed to kill/maim/injure as many as he did before he was stopped.
This will just give Ms. Napolitano a boost in her blathering about "our returning vets are more of a terrorist theart than muslims". She is a disgrace to our country.
God Bless America

There is not any reporting ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

There is not any reporting just following of the narrative. Today's journalists do not seek facts or truth but rather pursue ideology and only report those things that support said ideology.

The liberal left is igno... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The liberal left is ignoring these telltale signs at the cost of all our safety.

That's because admitting that there is a problem with muslim terrorists in the US would then require them to do something about it. Liberals understand that doing something about it would require taking physical action against these lunatics. They also realize that it would require standing for something and they don't stand for anything. They prefer a more 'nuanced' approach.

Like I said on another thre... (Below threshold)

Like I said on another thread yesterday the Media folks are scared to death of the fundamentalist Muslims. The Muslims don't assemble peacefully to protest, they don't lobby for redress of grievence, they kill people. And the media folks don't want to be killed. Thus the endless rationalizing of violence and the willful blindness to reality.

In medical parlance it is k... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

In medical parlance it is known as "secondary trauma"

Reading the MSM's crap gives me "Primary Trauma."
The MSM has become the "comic books" of the new millennium.

So much for "intelligent di... (Below threshold)

So much for "intelligent discourse". Gotta push the narrative. Calling them assholes would be a disservice to a portion of the human anatomy that actually performs a vital function.

But ignoring Hasan's Islami... (Below threshold)

But ignoring Hasan's Islamic Fundamentalist tendancies and focusing on is PTSD means that we can lay the blame for this horrific event on the one truly responsible... George Bush.

Ah, yes ... Major Hasan was... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

Ah, yes ... Major Hasan was so moved with sympathy for his wounded, traumatized patients, his beloved comrades in arms, that he murdered a dozen of them and tried his best to murder a few dozen more.

Imagine how much contempt for their readers' intelligence these ambulatory turds at Time and Newsweek must have.

By the time the effects of ... (Below threshold)

By the time the effects of this administration's policies have been realized
we will all be suffering from PTSD.
God, please help us retain our sanity, these people are crazy and dangerous to the country.

Take: Orlando police spoke... (Below threshold)

Take: Orlando police spokeswoman Barbara Jones identified the gunman as Jason Rodriguez, 40, unemployment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce.

Add: soldiers and their families are living, and bending, under a harrowing and unrelenting stress that will not let up any time soon. And the U.S. military could well be reaching a breaking point as the president decides to send more troops into Afghanistan.

Equals: citizens and their families are living, and bending, under a harrowing and unrelenting stress of unemployment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, perhaps divorce, that will not let up any time soon. And the U.S. population could well be reaching a breaking point as the president decides on more trillion dollar policies.

Let me know when the MSM puts 2 and 2 together.






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