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Lap Dog Blue Dogs who Voted for Pelosicare

Here is a list of so-called "blue dog democrats" from Jumping in Pools. It also provides district ratings.

From Jumping in Pools:

Congressman Arcuri - New York's 24th congressional district - R+2.
Congressman Baca - California's 43rd congressional district - D+13.
Congressman Berry - Arkansas 1st congressional district - R+8.
Congressman Bishop - Georgia's 2nd congressional district - D+1.
Congressman Boswell - Iowa's 3rd congressional district - D+1.
Congressman Cardoza - California's 18th congressional district - D+4.
Congressman Carney - Pennsylvania's 10th congressional district - R+8.
Congressman Cooper - Tennessee's 5th congressional district - D+3.
Congressman Costa - California's 20th congressional district - D+5.
Congressman Cuellar - Texas' 28th congressional district. - EVEN.
Congresswoman Dahlkemper - Pennsylvania's 3rd congressional district - R+3.
Congressman Donnelly - Indiana's 2nd congressional district - R+2.
Congressman Ellsworth - Indiana's 8th congressional district - R+8.
Congresswoman Giffords - Arizona's 8th congressional district - R+4.
Congresswoman Harman - California's 36th congressional district - D+12.
Congressman Hill - Indiana's 9th congressional district - R+6.
Congressman Mechaud - Maine's 2nd congressional district - D+3.
Congressman Mitchell - Arizona's 5th congressional district - R+5.
Congressman Moore - Kansas 3rd congressional district - R+3.
Congressman Murphy - Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district - D+2.
Congressman Pomeroy - North Dakota's at-large congressional district - R+10.
Congressman Salazar - Colorado's 3rd congressional district - R+5.
Congresswoman Sanchez - California's 47th congressional district - D+4.
Congressman Schiff - California's 29th congressional district - D+14.
Congressman Scott - Georgia's 13th congressional district - D+15.
Congressman Space - Ohio's 18th congressional district - R+7.
Congressman Thompson - California's 1st congressional district - D+13.
Congressman Wilson - Ohio's 6th congressional district - R+2.

I think we all know who to vote out next election!


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Comments (17)

(CBS) Senator Lindsey Gra... (Below threshold)
recovering liberal democrat:

(CBS) Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said the health care bill passed last night by the House of Representatives is "dead on arrival to the Senate."
Graham argued that the House bill was "written for liberals, by liberals.
All of that idiocy last night for nothing. They will have Pelosi to thank for their short careers in the House.

I would imagine that Nancy ... (Below threshold)

I would imagine that Nancy will be getting a lot of gifts from Democrats in the House next fall: dead fish, wrapped in newspaper, along with a note saying "Thanks!".

Opening San Fran Nan's mail... (Below threshold)
recovering liberal democrat:

Opening San Fran Nan's mail these days probably involves X-ray and bomb sniffing dogs. She is nowhere near it until someone else opens it. There are wackos that think that is the answer to getting rid of her. Not me. She will not be defeated in her district because all of her constituency thinks like her. But, she can lose the Speakership and the power she has if the Republicans can get a majority in the House or the Dems realize she is not good for the brand and replace her. Unfortunately she will be around for a while. The ballot box is still the best place to defeat liberalism. At least for now.

There were a number of Dems... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

There were a number of Dems who held off voting "no" till the last minute until they were sure they had the votes. Might as well add them to the list.

I would expect nothing less... (Below threshold)

I would expect nothing less from someone who arrives at her DC office every morning on a broom.

Nice blustering - as if the... (Below threshold)
Steve Green:

Nice blustering - as if there were any Democrats that you weren't out to defeat already.

The marginalized mini-GOP crowd does not instill fear. You folks couldn't elect Hoffman despite the intensity and full force of Fox News and Sarah Palin being personally behind the effort -- but go ahead, blow more hot air and bloviations if it makes you feel good. Must be good therapy to dream about having the power to elect people again.

In a decade or two - who knows...?

Not next year.

Thanks for the list of lose... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the list of loser libs. Now exscuse Me while I sanitize My PC.

Steve Green:One woul... (Below threshold)

Steve Green:
One would think by reading your post that you were under the impression that Hoffman was running on a Republican ticket. Could the Democrat have won without the endorsement of the Republican? Possibly, but not proven.

Please take the time to educate yourself in history and current events before you presume to instruct me.


Don't sweat it Steve, all t... (Below threshold)

Don't sweat it Steve, all the Blue Dogs who voted against it are doomed as well because they are all the enablers that got us to this point.

The electorate was unhappy with Republicans that spent like drunken sailors, Democrats made them look like pikers with their spending.

Do you think the electorate will reward them? If you do I have several prime realestate transactions you need to invest in right now.

On the upside, the House ju... (Below threshold)

On the upside, the House just handed 2010 to the Republicans. If the pay attention to their base, that is.
Looking at Congress' and the President's popularity and approval #s it looks like 1994 is coming around again

The Tea Party Express I att... (Below threshold)

The Tea Party Express I attended yesterday gave all the contact information for the blue dogs plus contact info for the likely opposition in their district to support monetarily. Despite what Steve Greeny says, 2010 is almost a lock for conservatism. I encourage Pelosi, Reid and Obama to keep disregarding the american people. ww

Don't forget the Republican... (Below threshold)

Don't forget the Republicans who voted for Obama care- Louisiana's Joseph Cao

Vote for Sototmayor- Sens. Lamar Alexander (TN), Kit Bond (MO), Susan Collins (ME), Lindsey Graham (SC), Judd Gregg (NH), Dick Lugar (IN), Mel Martínez (FL), Olympia Snowe (ME) and George Voinovich (OH).

Voted for Cap and Trade- Bono Mack, Mary (CA-45), Castle,Mike (DE)' Kirk, Mark (IL-10), Lance, Leonard (NJ-7), LoBiondo, Frank (NJ-2), McHugh, John (NY-23), Reichert, Dave (WA-8), Smith, Chris (NJ-4) 20

SteveP (sadly, again):<br /... (Below threshold)

SteveP (sadly, again):
"The marginalized mini-GOP crowd does not instill fear."
Uh, Steve, it's not fear, it's just that a lot of people who post here pay their own way in life. They would like the choice to keep it that way.

"..but go ahead, blow more hot air and bloviations if it makes you feel good. Must be good therapy to dream about having the power to elect people again."
Uh, Steve, pot/kettle if you get my drift.

First and foremost, I need ... (Below threshold)

First and foremost, I need to apologize for being gone for so long. I had been ill for the last couple months, and it has kept me from pushing forward in the fight for freedom. The time has come. The anger is back. The fight must go on. Our government continues to try to push our country down the road they seem fit. They have continued to ignore the voice of the people. I have said it before and I will say it again, the government works for us. We do not work for them. They have forgotten that. Some of the American people have forgotten that. If you don't stand up and tell everyone you see that We the People are in charge of this country, not the government, then we will continue to lose control. Our elected officials must remember that they are there to serve us. Our forefathers wanted us to decide what is best for us, not the government. Washington thinks we are all unable to make our own decisions, decide what is the best course of action for ourselves, and our children. They have already made a decision for my four children, and all of yours. They have decided to force them to pay for a deficit that grows more each day. Our children are owned by China thanks to our bailout bills. This is not only about us, it is about our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc. I recently read a book by Glenn Beck called "Glenn Beck's Common Sense." I want you to buy the book, borrow it from a friend, go to the library, whatever it takes to get your hands on it. Then read the first couple pages. Make sure to read all of the Introduction. It will most likely explain to you who you are, were, or will be. Its a short book, and I read it in a day. I don't always agree with Mr. Beck, but I have nothing but respect for him. This is a fine piece of literature. And you need to read it. Our Constitution continues to be used as toilet paper by the people we pay to defend it. You may or may not want Universal Health Care. From the looks of all the town hall meetings, it would appear that a lot of people do not. Do not let Congress decide for you. Tell your elected officials that not only do you want to see the bill so that you know everything that is in it, you want to know how it will be paid for. And then tell them you want the issue placed on a ballot. Let the American people decide if this is what we want. After all, the government is overstepping their boundaries by trying to pass such an act. The can't efficiently run Medicaid, Social Security, the entire State of Illinois, their own checkbook, and retirement funds without going into the red. What makes us think they will do anything different with our health care. It is not the governments job to baby us. I have said in the past, too many people have a false sense of entitlement. You are not guaranteed anything in this life except what the constitution guarantees. You want a cell phone, money for food for the rest of your life, and a nice home? Use one of the many programs we have already to further your education, get a job, and work for it like the rest of us do. The pursuit of happiness means you must pursue it. It will not come on a silver platter for you. Don't get me wrong, people should be granted aid in a time of need. But it needs to be short term and there needs to be motivation for them to better themselves. How did this country get so lazy? Why do we keep letting the government have more control? The only way to change things for the better is to force the laws to be changed. Term limits for every elected official throughout the country. I don't care if that person is a road commissioner; two terms and pack your bags! We need to hold elected officials responsible for their words and actions. Lie to us on the campaign trail, get elected, and then stick a knife in our back? Your out, fired, terminated! If I went to work and lied to my bosses (after all that is what you are, the government's boss) I would be fired before I finished the sentence. When you say your going to do something to the people who pay you...do it! The tea parties are nice and are bringing the right attention, but they are not changing a thing. It is time for all of us to make a plan for change and execute it. We need to root the corrupt, ethically challenged people out of our government and tell them never again! This is our lives, our children, our country. We will not stand by and let the government control us any longer. Glenn Beck has asked us to ask everyone we know the following questions. Answer them yourselves and then share it with everyone you know. My answers are in red.

1. Do you trust those in power to always tell you the hard truth - especially if it would hurt them at election time? No
2. How is it possible that every president since Jimmy Carter has promised to lower our dependence on foreign oil, but now we import more oil than ever from countries that do us harm? Because it is not about We the People, but about big business getting what they want.
3. Are we to honestly believe that a country that took the idea of man walking on the moon and turned it into a reality within eight years, or the country that built a transcontinental railroad in seven years (without power tools or machines) doesn't have the ability to completely build the 670 mile fence along the southern border that was promised in 2005? If our govenment really wanted this fence done. It would be already.
4. Why are the same politicians who insist America is a "melting pot" the first ones to insist that different races, nationalities, and ethnicities retain their distinct languages, identities, and practices? For more votes. If you want to be American, embrace America!
5. Why are the people who respectfully question global warming mocked and condemned? Because it is against the view that is beheld at the time. Science from both sides must be heard, so We the People know what we are up against.
6. Do you believe that your elected representatives view themselves as truly being "public servants" who place your well being above their own? I think they look at us as the servants, as they continue to get rich off of us and big business.
7. Do you believe that those in Washington see your face when they make decisions or, instead, the faces of those who richly contribute to their campaigns?
8. Do you believe that our "public servants" have your best interests at heart and will defend your life, liberty, and property? I don't think they see a face at all, except for Ben Franklin's face from the $100 bill.

Depending on how you, and the people you ask, answer those questions you are one of three things. One of us who is tired of being kicked around by a corrupt, greedy, government. One of them, who like a bigger government than what the founding fathers had in mind. Or the third class, one who is clueless on the issues at hand and need to be waken up to see how far off course we have gotten. Thomas Jefferson said it best, "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." The government does not fear us, and never will until we unite, raise our voices and demand change. Join me in the fight to set America free. Share your ideas with me, and everyone else. But lets not just talk, lets act.

David Bourne

I would expect nothing l... (Below threshold)

I would expect nothing less from someone who arrives at her DC office every morning on a broom.

Careful, DaveD. My Grandmother rode a broom most days of her life and would of had nothing to do with the likes of Pelosi.

s green "he marginalize... (Below threshold)

s green "he marginalized mini-GOP crowd does not instill fear. You folks couldn't elect Hoffman despite the intensity and full force of Fox News and Sarah Palin being personally behind the effort"

Psst... the asshats in up state NY elected and you supported bill owens in NY23.

He won't have that seat for long.

owens broke 4 Campaign Promises during his first hour in Congress

He's toast when he's up for reelection.

Shame Mr. Owens can't be re... (Below threshold)

Shame Mr. Owens can't be recalled. Would not imagine the process could be completed before 2010, but the effort to recall might still serve a purpose, serve notice on the politicians that lots of folks are not happy with them and they are at risk of loosing their cushy job.






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