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On Cue

In what is likely just a strange coincidence and in no way a defense of Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan's "alleged" killing of 13 people last week at Fort Hood, the AP just happened to submit this piece today on PTSD:

WASHINGTON (AP) - Powerful scans are letting doctors watch just how the brain changes in veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and concussion-like brain injuries--signature damage of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

It's work that one day may allow far easier diagnosis for patients--civilian or military--who today struggle to get help for these largely invisible disorders. For now it brings a powerful message: Problems too often shrugged off as "just in your head" in fact do have physical signs, now that scientists are learning where and how to look for them.

Subtle, right?

You've got to hand it to the mainstream media. They sure can control a message, can't they? It just won't do to have a bunch of know-nothings out there spouting off half-cocked about PTSD (vicarious or otherwise). Might lead to attention focusing instead on Mr. Hasan's radical Islamic ties. Which would be bad. Don't you know that we're no longer engaged in a global war on terror?

No. We've got to "remind" everyone what this is really all about.


Mr. Hasan (not that this article is about him, no, not at all) was damaged goods as a result of these awful wars, don't you see? Bush's wars. Haunted by a demon so terrible and devious, it's invisible.

Which means "Allah" is off the table.

No, this is all about PTSD. The events at Fort Hood had nothing to do with Mr. Hasan's religion. The ties to the radical mosques, the admissions of sympathy for the 9/11 hijackers, the contacts with al-Qaeda.

Shh. Stop that.

Even if this article was about Mr. Hasan (which it most assuredly is not), we can't forget that PTSD is the "signature damage" of the Afghan and Iraq wars. The silent devil. Likely to drive a man to do terrible things, such as, perhaps (though this article isn't even remotely about what happened at Fort Hood last week) the murder of 13 people at a military base on American soil.

While shouting "Allahu Akbar!"

Which would have been totally like, weird.

But in no way indicative of Mr. Hasan's intentions.

Had this even been an article about Mr. Hasan.

Which it totally is not.


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Comments (27)

Hasan hadn't actually go... (Below threshold)

Hasan hadn't actually gone to Iraq yet, right? He was being called up and might serve.

So this would be Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Anybody notice how many of ... (Below threshold)

Anybody notice how many of the Catholic, Protestant or Jewish Pshychiatrists, that have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and undoubtedly suffering PTSD, have been killing their fellow soldiers?

I KNEW IT! It's all George... (Below threshold)

I KNEW IT! It's all George Bush's fault!
And here I was, ready to believe it was just another religious fanatic (aka LOSER).


This diagnosis also relieve the Obama administration of any fault. After all, TERRORISM is a police problem. And it looks like the FBI dropped the ball. But wait, not "terrorism", it's PTSD!

So the question remains: Di... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

So the question remains: Did Hasan previously serve in a combat zone, to which PTSD could be attributed to?

First a Medal of Honor reci... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

First a Medal of Honor recipient's citation: "John Harlan Willis was born 10 June 1921 in Columbia, Tenn. Upon graduation from high school in 1940, he entered the Navy and received training as a hospital corpsman. He served at naval hospitals at Paris Island, S.C., Jacksonville, Fla., and Norfolk, Va. In 1943, he joined the Field Medical School Battalion and the following year reported for duty at the Fleet Marine Force, Oceanside, Calif. In December 1944, he departed with the invasion force bound for Iwo Jima as Platoon Corpsman for the 3d Battalion, 27th Regiment, 5th Marine Division. While administering first aid to wounded Marines, engaged in "furious close-in fighting" at Hill 362 on 28 February 1945, Willis was struck by shrapnel and ordered to retire to a battle aid station. Returning shortly to his company, he advanced to the "extreme front lines under mortar and sniper fire" during a "savage hand-to-hand enemy counterattack." While administering blood plasma to a wounded Marine, Willis hurled back at the enemy eight grenades which landed near his patient. The ninth one exploded in his hand and killed him instantly. "By his great personal valor in saving others at the sacrifice of his own life, he inspired his companions, although terrifically outnumbered, to launch a fiercely determined attack and repulse the enemy force." "For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty,"

The Navy named a ship after the man. I sailed on the Willis, which is the only reason I chose this recipient.

Now, would someone from the AP kindly explain to me what that traitor Nidal Malik Hasan has done that resulted in him having PTSD. Or even how being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan would result in him developing PTSD? Do those a**holes at AP think Hasan was going to take his couch out into the field and talk to his patients while they were engaged with the enemy? Or while they lay wounded in the field?

I see there is no level of disrespect to the troop to which they are willing to descend in order to push their perverted point of view, and then call it "news."

How many vets from the Nam ... (Below threshold)
JC Hammer:

How many vets from the Nam were locked up when PTSD was not recognized? And if this POS was never in a combat zone, he doesn't have PTSD. He should be tried, and if found guilty, death by firing squard, at Ft Hood, with everyone, plus all the media there to witness it. Then wrap the POS of shit in a pig skin and bury him.

And the hell with the PC crowd, shoot them asshats also. And if the GOP is smart, they will tone this down, but that won't happen. If you want to put the blame on someone, blame the president that armed Saddam and the bearded one.

Just watch. His slip and fa... (Below threshold)

Just watch. His slip and fall lawyer will hang out the insanity defense to make sure that this terrorist gets to spend the rest of his life in some loony bin, living off the fat of the American taxpayer. If that happens, the government should indict the lawyer as an accessory after the fact and have him sit in Ft Leavenworth

The religion of pieces and ... (Below threshold)

The religion of pieces and Hasan left pieces everywhere. There's still time to have a twofer when the last muslim terrorist gets the needle.

Guys, YOU are making the co... (Below threshold)
jim x:

Guys, YOU are making the connection between this article on PTSD and the Fort Hood shootings.

This article is in no way making that connection. That is, once again, 100% you guys.

This killer should see justice. Any and all possible organizational ties should be explored to the hilt.

But that has nothing to do with PTSD. It is a serious freaking problem. Ask anyone who's ever had a family member who's seen combat.


I mean, wtf. I'm angry now.... (Below threshold)
jim x:

I mean, wtf. I'm angry now. This is exactly the same kind of dismissive attitude to PTSD that led to our veterans being dumped into civilian life like discarded tools, back in the 1960's and 1970's. "Oh, they'll be fine!" "It's all in their minds."

I am sure that you must actually care about veterans and their fates fare more than this, and I am just misreading this article.

This article is in no wa... (Below threshold) Jim X:Nobody is di... (Below threshold)
JustRuss IT1(SW) USN [reitred]:

Jim X:

Nobody is dismissing the horrors of true PTSD.

The timing of this article is just too convenient to the line the O-Administration wishes to sell.

This man was not suffering Secondary Stress due to treating those with PTSD. Those suffering Secondary Stress Syndrome do not SNAP and kill people at work. They feel helpless when faced with those they are trying to help, be they doctors, nurses, Psychiatrists or Social Workers.

People suffering from PTSD do not load two semi-automatic pistols, dress in the white garb of a Martyr. Spew to fellow doctors about how the infidels need to be beheaded or boiled in oil. Those with PTSD do no then give away all of their possesions the morning before they commit high treason.

Some of those actions are related to suicidal thoughts, not PTSD. I am in the military and I recieved treatment for Secondary Stress Syndrome after I volunteered to help recover bodies from the USS Cole. Never once did I feel like killing anyone except the ones responsible but I did get severely depressed for a short period of time moving body bags full of "parts" that were too waterlogged to identify properly.

Did you know the ships that responded including my Amphibious Ready Group nearly ran out of body bags to recover the remains? We then hosted many of the Cole sailors onboard the USS Tarawa and got to hear first hand what they went through that day.

The POS terrorist planned for a long time to do what he did and anybody claiming otherwise is naive or stupid or both. Do not think that we have no heart, more than one of us is a Vet ourselves.

We do not make light of the condition, we make light of the attempt to misdirect this mans intentions toward a stress induced "postal" moment when it was anything but.

Albert asks, "Don't you kno... (Below threshold)

Albert asks, "Don't you know that we're no longer engaged in a global war on terror?"

Don't worry, Albert. As long as there is paranoia in the hearts of conservatives (that is, basically forever), there will be a "war on terror."

Paranoia is when you think ... (Below threshold)

Paranoia is when you think someone's trying to kill you when they aren't. I think a different word is appropriate when there is horrific proof that indeed they are trying to kill you.

RicardoVerdeDon't yo... (Below threshold)

Don't you know that no one, especially any one of the Muslim "faith", is trying to kill you. We have told you many times that Islam is the religion of peace. Are you going to believe us or your lying eyes?
There are a few inconvenient statements in the Koran, but they aren't meant to be read as, you know, real principles.

Highlander:You can... (Below threshold)


You can deny all you want that radical Islamists are at war with us. You can call conservatives paranoid or whatever but let you not be mistaken by the fact that if one of these terrorists got ahold of you and your family he would slit your throats just as quickly as he would mine regardless of your sympathies towards animals like him or this Nidal Malik Hasan cretin.

What I am waiting for is real condemnation from these so-called "moderate" Muslims. They can organize massive protests and demonstrations very quickly when they feel somebody has said or done something to offend their religious sensibilities but they can never muster the same level of outrage when an act of violence is perpetrated in the name of Islam. They say a few words quietly condemning the acts although they usually add in their grievances right afterwards as if to qualify their previous message of condemnation - the typical talking out of both sides of one's mouth that many people find very unsatisfying. But until they start calling out these radicals whom they claim represent a small portion of those who represent Islam I will view them as being insincere. Why? While they claim that those who perpetrate acts of terrorism represent a small minority they steadfastly refuse to take concrete steps to protect a religion they claim is peaceful. Out of sheer numbers these "legions of moderates" should be able to stamp out these small fires without too much trouble but don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen. I am starting to believe that Islam basically has those who are willing to do anything and everything to kill non-believers and the rest are either those who loudly cheer or silently approve of whatever atrocity has just been committed in the name of Islam. Every other major religion accepts the fact that others are free to worship as they wish but the Islamic faith expressly refuses to accept this and when you consider the fact that the Koran allows a believer to lie if he is acting subversively in a manner to uphold his faith that presents a real problem in a free society. How does one know whether to trust a Muslim's intentions ? Is it before or after he pulls the trigger of his gun or the cord on his explosive vest?

As a conservative, I am tired of liberals claiming that we mindless stoke the flames of fear while it is more than fine for liberals to claim that if we don't pass universal health care millions of people are going to die. How often over many years and election cycles did Democrats stoke the fears of senior citizens by claiming that Republicans were going to take Social Security away from them? The difference between these examples is that conservative fears are grounded in reality while liberal fears like the aforementioned are nothing more than mindless paranoia at best or bogus lies designed to grab power at worst.

Yeah, I get it. But conside... (Below threshold)
dom youngross:

Yeah, I get it. But consider the following:

Let's submit both former President Bush and current President Bush, I mean Obama, to MRI or whatever imaging, and ask Bush a series of policy questions about Iraq while asking Obama a series of policy questions about Afghanistan.

I bet all the pretty colors on the two real-time scan images would be the same and morph in the same way. There might not even be any colors. The scan images could even collapse into a line then a dot that fades away, like a 1965 Zenith TV.

The most amazing thing however would be that when it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan, the scan images would reveal that both have no more than a functioning brain stem -- save for that part of the brain that allows them to run their mouths.

For that matter, you can submit Big General Casey and the village idiot of your choice to the same scan test, and get the same result:

"And as horrific as this [Ft. Hood] tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that's worse," Casey said.

As if there could be something worse than gunning down your brothers and sisters in uniform, like they were dogs.

The struggle to get help with PTSD for active duty and vets isn't just diagnosis, it's about available resources. Remember that next time President Obama makes with the "resourcing the strategy" talk. Clearly that FPOS considers active duty, reservists, and guard just things to use then throw away when he's finished.

Just watch. His slip and... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Just watch. His slip and fall lawyer will hang out the insanity defense to make sure that this terrorist gets to spend the rest of his life in some loony bin, living off the fat of the American taxpayer. If that happens, the government should indict the lawyer as an accessory after the fact and have him sit in Ft Leavenworth

Ain't gonna happen. This was a military base incident, it gets a military tribunal, and he stands a good chance of getting the firing squad...no matter what pansies JAG sends to defend him.

jim xI mean, wtf.... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

jim x
I mean, wtf. I'm angry now. This is exactly the same kind of dismissive attitude to PTSD that led to our veterans being dumped into civilian life like discarded tools, back in the 1960's and 1970's. "Oh, they'll be fine!" "It's all in their minds."

Dude, get over it. We are not dismissing PTSD...we are dismissing the subtle cant by this article that the shooter suffered from it. He didn't. The only combat he has seen is the day he started going on a shooting rampage at Ft Hood.

I've got the perfect cure for his "PTSD"...a .44 through his head. That'll cure him right quick.

Don't forget during the fir... (Below threshold)

Don't forget during the first World Series Game, the appearance of Mrs. Biden with Mrs. Obama, pushing the "Welcome Them Home" thing, which was a campaign to show how the Troops are victims, under the guise of charitable compassion.

It seems like a worthy cause, yet pushes the same mantra, that the real battle begins when those who experienced combat return home. The ads presented in conjunction with this effort, all pushed a clear Hollywood-Democrat site called iparticipate.com. A clear take off on the trendy iTunes and Apple franchise, which allows several Democrat Celebrities to offer subtle support for Team Obama and the new Presidency.

Obama's visit to Dover for a clear exploitation effort, photographing his salute of the Bravest, is just another in the script.

Now a nutty Radical Muslim Terrorist, who posed as a Doctor, being educated and trained by the USA, is just another casualty of war?

Please, these Democrats will do anything to push a mantra to aid their own power grab.

They are stuck on a script, which vilifies the Bush Administration, who led the world to use force (the Democrats authorized in Congress), to liberate the millions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

They know the GWOT is for real, but they want to play it for their own greed.

It is ugly...

"if you want to put the bla... (Below threshold)

"if you want to put the blame on someone, blame the president that armed Saddam and the bearded one."

Ive had My fill of bearded ones thank You.

we are dismissing the su... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

we are dismissing the subtle cant by this article that the shooter suffered from it.

James Cloninger,

There is nothing in the article that even remotely refers to Nidal Malik Hasan. The aricle is about how concusions increase the risk of getting PTSD. I don't believe Nidal Malik Hasan suffered any concusions.

Tina S.... your beautiful</... (Below threshold)

Tina S.... your beautiful

kevino says the islamanazi'... (Below threshold)

kevino says the islamanazi's problem would be "Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder."

Which reminds me its once again the time of the month during which I must secure the household weaponry out of my wife's easy reach!

The narrative was already c... (Below threshold)

The narrative was already created. It PTSD. No other facts can be allowed to factor into that narrative. he did not server in combat.
it still PTSD. Well it secondary PTSD because he heard what the returning troops were going through.

The press only cares about the lives, deaths and mental condition of Airmen, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers & Guardsmen when it politically expedient for a cause.

Now that they are so concerned with PTSD. Will they do a full scale investigation of how the DOD and VA health systems deal with this.
Will they pressure congress to spend more money treatment or will it just be dropped when they realize this might be used against the current administration.

We have a man who religious beliefs led him to try and change use policy by attacking unarmed men and women. He knew that the only people armed on base were Guards & DOD police. He went to an area where people were crowed shot killed and chased them until he met a guard and exchanged gunfire.

This attack was premeditated, well thought out.
He is a murder.
He is using terror to try and affect policy
He is a terrorist .
He betrayed his oath to protect the US and support and defend the Constitution .
He is traitor.

We are hearing reports he was picked on. A man who wears the uniform and is out spoken about siding with the enemy. Should not have been picked on. He should have been thrown in the stockade.
He then should have stood tall at General Court martial.

Wow, imagine what kind of P... (Below threshold)

Wow, imagine what kind of PTSD he would have gotten had he actually seen combat!

It's disgusting how the libs have to make this guy into some kind of victim.

tina s "There is nothin... (Below threshold)

tina s "There is nothing in the article that even remotely refers to Nidal Malik Hasan. The aricle is about how concusions increase the risk of getting PTSD. I don't believe Nidal Malik Hasan suffered any concusions."

No but there damn sure is enough in the article to strongly suggest it's publishing wasn't just some happy coincidence.

It was published with the single intent to minimize the actions of a terrorist.

But hey, not to worry tina s you not only have the AP as company in perpetuating a myth you have Hasans Palestinian cousin that agrees a terrorist is not a terrorist.

Speaking from their home in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Hasan's relatives painted a picture of a man cornered into an act of "lunacy" by the repeated discrimination of his peers and an attempt by the army to force him to serve in Afghanistan.

"They discriminated against him because he was a Muslim," Mohammed Mohammed, one of Hasan's cousins, told the Daily Telegraph. "We're not trying to make excuses for him but what we were told was that he was under a lot of pressure.






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