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Hope for Hollywood?

Tonight is the second episode of the reboot of the V science fiction miniseries from my childhood. If you aren't familiar with the original, in it the earth is invaded by a group of evil aliens that claim, at first, to be benevolent. Throughout the series parallels between the visitors and Nazis are made and groups who fall for their deception are likened to youth corps of that era.

When I first heard details of the remake, I was worried. Producers and writers said they wanted to take the Nazi parallels of the original and morph them into something that made a comment on the issues of the day and the primary issue they chose was terrorism. Having no faith in Hollywood anymore, I tried to imagine just how they were going to do this. Somehow, I was convinced, they evil aliens would be made analogous to Bush and the humans fighting them would be committing bombings but would actually be freedom fighters. Or something equally offensive. As it turns out, I was dead wrong.

In this video clip, the cast is interviewed and the terrorism angle is revealed. In the revised story, the aliens have sent sleeper agents years in advance. These agents have been living among the unsuspecting human population undetected and, once the resistance against the invasion begins, will use terror tactics to keep the human population inline. Even with these comments I remained doubtful.

Then the pilot aired and the tone was even more shocking, considering the source. There parallel the writers chose to make was that the evil alien leader was akin to Obama and the initial people duped by her message are the scifi version of Obama Kool-Aid drinkers.

Color me impressed. I just didn't think it was possible for a modern Hollywood effort to be anything more than thinly veiled cheerleading for Obama. Somewhat amusingly, I think the presentation has even taken some of the actors by surprise. Morena Baccarin, who plays the alien leader, was quick to argue in an interview that she is not symbolically Obama.
I don't think we're saying Anna is President Obama. But she is the leader of her people, and she is coming down to Earth and offering healthcare, and offering cures for diseases, and things that sort of clean out and give people hope, and there are definite parallels to be drawn and our intentions are to create a show that people relate to. And I think this is something that's been on people's minds, even before Obama... finding hope again, and healthcare, and finding a leader, and someone who can save us from the hole we've gotten ourselves into.
That's some nice spin. But she neglects to mentions that this source of hope is also a duplicitous, reptilian alien who is secretly trying to mine the Earth of all its natural resources.

Things could change of course. I still assume that the producers will find a way to morph things in to a black-and-white, Bush-bad-Obama-good commentary. But until then, I'll tip my hat to ABC for the refreshing angle.


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LMAOROTF! As far as Hollyw... (Below threshold)

LMAOROTF! As far as Hollyweird people go, if "V" takes off, all is forgiven. That's one town (like Vegas), where MONEY TALKS. You can bet their liberal "principles" will be set aside for the better good of "creativity" (aka MONEY).

I wouldn't pat hollywood on... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't pat hollywood on the back just yet, and their intent wasn't specifically aimed at Obama, but Obama who has done that himself to the degree noted.


BTW there is penty of time ... (Below threshold)

BTW there is penty of time for them to FKup this new series, hopefully it works out similar (only better hopefully) to the BSG redux and catches on again. So far though I can't complain at all except I found the opening pilot rushed - fine for those who know the original, maybe not so for those that never did.

Don't get too excited. I h... (Below threshold)

Don't get too excited. I had a long argument last week with a fellow who just knew this was all about Bush.

Watch for the female leader... (Below threshold)

Watch for the female leader of the invading aliens to parallel Palin.

If you watch the Anita Dunn... (Below threshold)

If you watch the Anita Dunn / Mao video, she does flick her tongue out a lot...
Just sayin'...

That's some nice spin. B... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

That's some nice spin. But she neglects to mentions that this source of hope is also a duplicitous, reptilian alien who is secretly trying to mine the Earth of all its natural resources.

So, it's not Charles Johnson after all?

Well, if what happened to J... (Below threshold)

Well, if what happened to Jerhico is any indication, Hollywood can turn this around into anti-American BS in only a few short episodes.

Ugh nasty,hideious,disgusti... (Below threshold)

Ugh nasty,hideious,disgusting repulsive reptiles i cant stand repulsive reptiles

It's a riot that the "Unive... (Below threshold)
Victory is Ours:

It's a riot that the "Universal Health Care" from aliens joke went right over the head of the chattering class.








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